May 2022 media

Young, smart and unable to pursue a future
(Sydney Morning Herald) May 16

Australia election 2022: Are Australia’s refugee releases an election ploy?
(BBC News) May 15

For 19,000 people, this election could open the door to life
(Sydney Morning Herald) May 15

Coalition, Labor back policy to charge fees for immigration detention, but experts say bills will probably never be paid
(ABC News) May 13

Proud moment for fashion designer as Afghan refugee who fled the Taliban steps onto the runway at Australian Fashion Week
(ABC News) May 13

‘Abolish Border Force’: Greens also want offshore detention royal commission
(Sydney Morning Herald) May 12

Ukraine refugee Inna Neklesa grateful for kindness of family, strangers, but wonders what is next
(ABC News) May 12

‘Unsatisfied’: Scott Morrison confronted on campaign trail over Australia’s Afghan refugee intake
(SBS) May 10

Biloela’s Tamil family inspires art exhibition as town’s residents take views to the ballot box
(ABC News) May 8

Australia can stand up for the Afghan people, and the time is now
(The Interpreter – Lowy Institute) May 6

‘Appalling disregard’: Australia’s offshore processing slammed after leaked emails show Nauru police mocking suicide, self-harm threats
(Crikey News) May 5

Immigration detainees transferred from Melbourne to Christmas Island amid heated protests
(The Guardian) May 4

Senator Lidia Thorpe demands explanation after police clash with protesters at immigration detention centre
(SBS) May 4

The Afghan and Ukraine Crises Showed How the U.S. Can Rebuild Its Refugee System
(TIME magazine) May 4

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confronted at Parramatta Eid event by Afghan woman pleading for family’s rescue
(ABC News) May 2

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April 2022 media

Australia’s Hazaras call for faster residency processing amid ‘systematic’ attacks in Afghanistan
(SBS) April 28

‘Nobody wants to run from the war’ – a voice from Ukraine’s displaced millions describes the conflicting pulls of home, family and safety
(The Conversation) April 28

Kristina Keneally grilled over Labor’s plans to abolish temporary protection visas after Anthony Albanese’s interview with Ray Hadley
(Sky News) April 28

Temporary Protection Visas achieve little in stopping boats
(Independent Australia) April 26

2022 Federal election: Refugee policies of Liberal-National Coalition, Labor and The Greens
(Refugee Council of Australia) April 26

They were trapped in immigration detention for nine years. Here’s what life after the Park Hotel looks like
(ABC News) April 25

‘We will lose more people’: warning over border policy
(ABC RN Breakfast) April 20

Three refugee issues requiring urgent change in 2022
(Refugee Council of Australia) April 13

Protesters rallying around Australia urge increase to refugee intake, ‘fairer’ policies
(SBS) April 10

Final eight asylum seekers released from Park Hotel in Melbourne
(ABC News) April 7

Final detainees at Melbourne’s Park hotel freed as refugee releases continue in lead-up to election
(The Guardian) April 7

‘Never again’: Jubilation as remaining asylum seekers freed from Park Hotel
(Sydney Morning Herald) April 7

More refugees released from detention in move ‘absolutely due’ to election
(The Guardian) April 4

South Sudan former child soldier Philip Lako shares story to inspire other WA migrants
(SBS) April 4

Authorities probing death of Villawood detainee
(Sydney Morning Herald) April 3

Shakila was a judge in Afghanistan. After fleeing Kabul, she’s found friendship with Australia’s women judges
(SBS) April 3

Another 20 detainees released from Australian immigration detention, advocates say
(SBS) April 2

Newly released Park Hotel asylum seeker looks forward to ‘new life’ after nine years in immigration detention
(SBS) April 2

Coffee and a toothbrush: How a Manus Island detainee learned to create art in an unconventional way
(SBS) April 1

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March 2022 media

Australia to take in 16,500 more refugees from Afghanistan at cost of $666 million
(ABC News) March 30

Federal budget to fund 16,500 more places for Afghan refugees over four years after pressure on Coalition
(The Guardian) March 29

Why it took Australia nine years to accept New Zealand’s refugee deal
(The Guardian) March 29

Afghan refugee family builds community connections by hosting Neighbour Day dinner
(ABC News) March 28

Australians are opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees. This Sydney couple is among them
(SBS) March 27

Death of asylum seeker in Villawood detention centre to be investigated
(SBS) March 26

‘I was lost’: Kyiose faced homelessness after arriving in Australia from Myanmar – and he’s not alone
(The Guardian) March 26

Refugee calls for improved visa support after incredible journey from war-torn Sri Lanka to central west NSW
(ABC News) March 26

Behrouz Boochani says nine-year delay to refugee resettlement ‘a tragedy’ as Jacqui Lambie breaks silence
(SBS) March 25

Australia agrees 450 refugees can be resettled in New Zealand, nine years after deal first offered
(The Guardian) March 24

Jacqui Lambie’s secret deal with Scott Morrison to release refugees revealed
( March 24

Afghan asylum seeker family sue Australian government for taking too long to approve their visas
(ABC News) March 22

‘I was shaking. I was shocked’: A bittersweet release from immigration detention after nine years
(Sydney Morning Herald) March 13

Refugees released from Park Hotel and Melbourne, Brisbane centres have ‘bittersweet’ taste of freedom
(ABC News) March 13

Refugees released from Aust detention
(7 News) March 12

Nine detainees released from immigration detention at Melbourne’s Park Hotel
(SBS) March 12

Disappointing’ difference in Australia’s responses to those fleeing Afghanistan and Ukraine
(SBS) March 11

Australia grants more than 3,000 visas to Ukrainians fleeing war
(SBS) March 11

Afghans urge Australian government not to forget their plight amid Ukraine crisis
(SBS) March 9

Biloela family and community gather to mark fourth anniversary of immigration ordeal
(ABC News) March 6

Evacuees from Afghanistan handed seven-day deadline for visa applications
(SBS) March 5

‘I forgive but I won’t forget’: Mehdi and Adnan taste freedom, but not in Australia
(Sydney Morning Herald) March 4

Iranian refugee Mehdi Ali released after nine years in Australian immigration detention
(The Guardian) March 4

Australian Christian Lobby criticises Scott Morrison for saying Ukrainians at ‘top of pile’ for visas
(The Guardian) March 3

Ukrainians could arrive in Australia from this weekend with government issuing 1,000 visas
(ABC) March 3


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February 2022 media

Rural Australians for Refugees are ramping up activity as election season approaches
(The Area News) Feb 28

Australia promises places for refugees fleeing war in Ukraine
(Sydney Morning Herald) Feb 27

Australian premiers offer to re-home Ukraine refugees
(Nine News) Feb 27

Basma couldn’t drive when she came to Australia. Now she’s teaching others
(SBS) Feb 26

Afghan refugees living in Australia on temporary visas call on government to grant them permanent protection
(ABC News) Feb 24

Exiled from their homeland, Afghanistan’s women’s national team begins their journey back to international football
(ABC News) Feb 24

Suffer in silence, or risk speaking up? Exploited migrant workers face perverse dilemma
(The Guardian) Feb 23

Teen Parliament: Afghan asylum seeker Mobin Achakzai wants to make a difference
(The Advertiser) Feb 23

Ali Agshar Hussaini: Australian wrestling champ who can’t compete for Australia
(The Guardian) Feb 6

‘Not without my partner’: refugees forced to choose between family in Australia and chance of US visa
(The Guardian) Feb 4

Australians found to overwhelmingly support path to permanent residency for migrants on temporary visas
(The Guardian) Feb 2

Hobart Pushes To Resettle Melbourne’s Detained Refugees
(Triple M News) Feb 1

Thousands of asylum seekers from Afghanistan living in limbo on temporary visas
(SBS) Feb 1




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January 2022 media

Refugee daughter motivated to give back
(The West Australian) Jan 26

Refugees who fled Syrian war become citizens in emotional Australia Day ceremony
(SBS) Jan 26

Nauru offshore regime to cost Australian taxpayers nearly $220m over next six months
(The Guardian) Jan 24

Biloela family wins case in Federal Circuit Court
(SBS) Jan 24

The Djokovic shambles highlights what refugees have long known – Australia’s ‘God powers’ are dangerously broad
(The Guardian) Jan 22

Australia to allocate 15,000 places for Afghans in humanitarian and family visa program
(SBS) Jan 21

Morrison denies suggesting there were no refugees in Melbourne hotel. Here’s what he said – video
(The Guardian) Jan 19

Renewed calls for minister to intervene in Biloela family case following Djokovic revelation
(SBS) Jan 11

Asylum seekers beg Australians: ‘Don’t forget us when Djokovic leaves’
(SBS) Jan 10

Refugee detained in same hotel as Novak Djokovic speaks about situation – video
(The Guardian) Jan 8

Park Hotel immigration detainee speaks about Novak Djokovic’s treatment – video
(The Guardian) Jan 7

Djokovic stay highlights refugee concerns at Melbourne detention hotel
(BBC) Jan 7

Worse outcomes during childbirth for Australia’s migrant and refugee women, experts say
(ABC) Jan 3

The program helping refugees learn to drive in regional Australia
(SBS) Jan 3

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December 2021 media

‘Confusion, no answers’ as Australia ends offshore asylum seeker processing deal with PNG
(SBS) Dec 31

‘Finally I can buy a candle’: 61-year-old refugee released after nine years in Australian detention
(The Guardian) Dec 28

Refugee who self-immolated still in Australian detention
(Aljazeera) Dec 21

Coalition slashes costs for sponsoring refugees as new resettlement scheme hailed as ‘watershed moment’
(The Guardian) Dec 18

Asylum seekers, families allegedly threatened after Australian immigration data breach
(The Guardian) Dec 13

‘I was squatting’: why asylum seekers so often struggle to find secure housing
(The Guardian) Dec 12

Push for new visa cancellation powers ‘incompatible’ with human rights
(SBS) Dec 11

Healthcare denied: will Australia’s ongoing cruelty towards refugees be an election issue?
(Croakey Health Media) Dec 8

Pensioners to the rescue as Afghan refugees struggle in Canberra
(The Canberra Times) Dec 7

Medevac asylum seekers forced to wait years for medical treatment, report finds
(SBS) Dec 6

UK warned not to replicate Australia’s immigration detention centres
(The Guardian) Dec 5

Didar Ali and his daughter work as a team to serve Naracoorte’s growing migrant population
(ABC) Dec 4

Why this Iranian asylum seeker burst into tears after being released from detention
(SBS) Dec 3

Tampa affair: tracing the fallout on Australia’s refugee policy
(UNSW Newsroom) Dec 2

Six asylum seekers have been offered bridging visas and will be released from detention
(SBS) Dec 1

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November 2021 media

Afghan Hazara refugees stuck in SHEV limbo while families face nightmare in Afghanistan
(ABC) Nov 29

A safe haven: refugee builders are being helped to a job by one of their own
(The Guardian) Nov 28

‘This is a torture hotel’: Inside the Park Hotel outbreak
(The Saturday Paper) Nov 27 $paywall

Partners and families to be reunited as Australia prepares to reopen for visa holders
(ABC) Nov 24

Skilled migrants, international students and refugees welcomed back to Australia from 1 December
(SBS) Nov 22

This farming experiment is helping refugees put down roots in Australia
(SBS) Nov 21

What it’s like seeking asylum in Australia when you don’t speak English
(SBS) Nov 17

Afghans who helped Australia to have visas extended every three months
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 18

International border uncertainty dashes humanitarian visa hopes
( Nov 17

Australia is reopening but thousands of humanitarian visa holders remain stranded overseas
(The Guardian) Nov 17

Human rights advocates urge government to lift travel restrictions on temporary migrants and refugees
(SBS) Nov 17

Australia frees four, but dozens of refugees remain in detention
(Al Jazeera) Nov 16

Four detained asylum seekers granted bridging visas in Melbourne
(SBS) Nov 14

From Kabul with hope: Noor’s journey from Afghanistan to Australia
(Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 14

Family’s traumatic escape from Kabul
(The Australian) Nov 12 $paywall

Extra support for Afghan asylum seekers
(Canberra Times) Nov 12

Refugee claims he was denied Covid jab
(Herald Sun) Nov 10 $paywall

Parisa is one of thousands of evacuees slowly making new lives in Melbourne after fleeing Afghanistan
(ABC News) Nov 9

Urgent Legal Support For Afghan Communities
(Mirage News) Nov 9

Cost of Australia holding each refugee on Nauru balloons to $4.3m a year
(The Guardian) Nov 7

Building career futures for refugees
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 5

Four workers ‘for every asylum-seeker on Nauru’
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Panic, fear and Covid-19 inside a Melbourne hotel
(The Guardian) Nov 3

New pathway to permanent migration encourages gaming of visa system
(Independent Australia) Nov 3

Officials fail to catch up with illegal workers
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Concern as Australia’s visa tribunal admits it can’t handle backlog of asylum cases
(SBS) Nov 2

‘Time can break your heart’: the harsh toll of eight years in Australian immigration detention
(The Guardian) Nov 1

Slow transfer to Australian hospital contributed to death of Iranian refugee on Nauru, coroner finds
(The Guardian) Nov 1

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October 2021 media

Concerns over Park Hotel asylum seeker Covid-19 outbreak in Melbourne as numbers grow
( 25 October

COVID-19 outbreak in asylum seeker hotel is a national scandal
(The Age) 25 October

Officials concerned for asylum seekers’ safety amid growing COVID-19 cluster at Park Hotel
(The Age) 24 October

Shepparton’s Nabi Baqiri on a mission to bring 60 Afghans to safety in Australia
(ABC) 24 October

Protesters urge release of asylum seekers in Melbourne hotel after COVID-19 outbreak
(SBS) 23 October

No cap on Afghan refugees in Australia: PM
(7 News) 21 October

Australian government urged to act as PNG’s COVID-19 outbreak spreads among refugees
(ABC) 21 October

‘Authoritarian-style’ law would allow Australia to use secret evidence to deport migrants
(The Guardian) 11 October

Asylum seekers in PNG say they feel ‘abandoned’ by shift in Australia’s offshore detention policy
(SBS) 9 October

Australia has the capacity to take in more Afghan refugees
(The Canberra Times) 7 October

Australia to end offshore processing in Papua New Guinea
(The Guardian) 6 October

Concern for refugees in PNG as offshore detention deal with Australia ends
(SBS) 6 October

‘It’s given me love’: connecting women from refugee backgrounds with communities through art
(The Conversation) 4 October

Help amid the heartache as Afghan refugees begin their new lives
(The Age) 3 October

Refugees in Melbourne immigration detention tested for COVID-19 after positive case
(SBS) 2 October

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September 2021 media

Australia’s immigration centre vaccination rates ‘appalling’
(SBS) 25 September

‘Over the moon’: 10 Afghan orphans start new life in Australia but fear for others still trying to flee
(The Guardian) 25 September

The volunteers supporting Afghan arrivals amid calls to end visa uncertainty
(SBS) 24 September

Australia signs new agreement with Nauru to continue offshore processing of asylum seekers
(SBS) 24 September

Australia signs deal with Nauru to keep asylum seeker detention centre open indefinitely
(The Guardian) 24 September

Three members of Biloela family granted year-long visas but they’ll have to remain in Perth
(The Guardian) 23 September

No place like home
(ABC Australian Story on the Biloela family) 20 September

Stranded Afghans granted temporary visas by Australia in fear of being forgotten
(SBS) 17 September

Biloela Tamil family to be granted new three-month bridging visas to stay in Australia
(The Guardian) 16 September

Biloela Tamil family’s complex legal battle continues with new bridging visas
(ABC) 16 September

The cruel sea
(ABC) 16 September

‘We can do it again’: Australian fashion brands offer employment for Afghan refugees
(The Guardian) 14 September

Traumatized and anxious, Afghans evacuees begin life in Australia
(Reuters) 10 September

A trauma informed response to COVID 19 and the deteriorating mental health of refugees and asylum seekers with insecure status in Australia
(Wiley Online Library – International Journal of Mental Health Nursing) 10 September

Afghan arrivals start new life in Australia after completing two weeks of quarantine
(ABC) 9 September

Photos show dozens of Afghan families being released from Adelaide quarantine after evacuation
(The Australian) 9 September

Afghan evacuees leaving Perth hotel quarantine get help adjusting to their new life in Australia
(ABC) 8 September

Fire, floods and felonies: Relocation the only option for Rohingya
(Independent Australia) 5 September

Unpicking the legacy of the Tampa 
(Inside Story) 3 September

Why resettlement is the EU’s best option to deal with the Afghanistan crisis | View
(EuroNews) 3 September

Will the Taliban’s Takeover Lead to a New Refugee Crisis from Afghanistan?
(Migration Policy) 2 September

There is no ‘right way’ for Afghan refugees to seek asylum
(The Kaldor Centre) 1 September

‘It was just mayhem and chaos’: The Afghans who made it out, and those who didn’t
(9 News) 1 September

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August 2021 media

The Tampa affair, as it became known, was an incident at sea in 2001 which changed Australia’s policy toward asylum seekers. (Audio)
(SBS) 31 August

‘Residual trauma’ of Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban will be ‘among highest levels’ Australia has resettled
(The Guardian) 31 August

Hieu Van Le uses final day as SA Governor to appeal for compassion for Afghan arrivals
(ABC) 31 August

Here’s how temporary visa holders and asylum seekers can access emergency financial support
(SBS) 30 August

Asylum seekers can wait years for visa claims to be processed. For some, lockdown makes life even harder
(ABC) 29 August

VIDEO: Supporting newly arrived Afghan refugees in your community
(ABC) 29 August

Afghanistan women’s football team captain grateful to Australia for rescue mission
(SBS) 28 August

The Tampa affair 20 years on: Fallout from refugee crisis continues today
(9 News) 28 August

This is what would have helped Ku Htee feel more at home after moving to Australia as a refugee
(ABC) 28 August

Adelaide community rallies behind arrivals from Afghanistan
(ABC) 26 August

The Tampa affair shocked the world. Twenty years on, those involved tell their stories
(ABC) 26 August

“I hope the focus on Afghanistan will continue. UNHCR is here for the long run.”
(UNHCR) 26 August

Afghan athletes praised for determination to find refuge in Australia after exhausting departure from Kabul
(ABC) 24 August

Afghanistan refugees could be housed through community sponsorship
(ABC) 24 August

Morrison warns Kabul is ‘chaotic’ as first Afghan evacuees arrive home
(9 News) 20 August

Australian government urged to expand refugee intake as Afghans seek to flee Taliban rule
(The Guardian) 19 August

Afghan refugees can no longer wait — Australia must offer permanent protection now
(The Conversation) 17 August

More than 250 ADF troops deployed to help evacuate Australians in Afghanistan
(SBS) 15 August

As the Taliban seize control, here’s what Australia can do to help our people
(Sydney Morning Herald) 15 August

Plea for Afghans in Australia to be allowed to stay as rescue mission from Taliban planned
(The Guardian) 14 August

High Court won’t hear case of Biloela child seeking visa to stay in Australia
(9 News) 12 August

Biloela asylum seeker Tharnicaa Murugappan in High Court bid for Australian visa
(ABC) 11 August

After eight years in Australian detention, the only refugee family held in Darwin centre remains in legal limbo
(The Guardian) 11 August

UN urges Australia to release dangerously ill refugee who has ‘given up on living’ after eight years
(The Guardian) 11 August

Afghan refugee may lose permanent residency in Australia – for supplying identity document
(The Guardian) 8 August

Peter Bol: The Sudanese-Australian runner who lifted a nation
(BBC) 6 August

A brief history of asylum seekers at the Olympics — and why they are sometimes misunderstood
(The Conversation) 5 August

Why financial inclusion is key to integrating and empowering refugees
(World Economic Forum) 3 August

Why human rights violations in Australia’s offshore detention centers are appalling
(Global Times) 3 August

Australia’s ‘hidden’ housing problem: Migrants and refugees are overrepresented among the homeless population
(ABC) 2 August

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July 2021 media

Parents of murdered asylum seeker sue government, security contractor
(Sydney Morning Herald) 25 July

Vaccine xenophobia against immigrants and refugees must end
(The Hill) 24 July

Doubling Down on Deterrence
(Just Security) 22 July

For eight years, Australia has been taking refugees as hostages. It’s time to ask: who has benefited?
(The Guardian) 21 July

Time to Deal with the Refugees
(Papua New Guinea Post Courier) 21 July

After eight years of offshore detention, refugees and advocates in Australia renew calls for freedom
(SBS) 20 July

Life or death for Hazaras: Australia has a moral obligation to act, now
(The Guardian) 19 July

Three countries, eight years: one refugee’s nightmare odyssey through Australia’s detention system
(The Guardian) 17 July

Eight years on from Rudd’s decision, it’s time Labor found another way on asylum seekers
(The Canberra Times) 17 July

Behrouz Boochani: ‘Human beings don’t have a place to go but to other human beings.’
(Sydney Morning Herald) 16 July

Australia: 8 Years of Abusive Offshore Asylum Processing
(Human Rights Watch) 15 July

Human Rights Commissioner raises alarm over potential ‘arbitrary detention’ of section 501 detainees
(SBS) 14 July

The light that failed: South Sudan’s ‘new dawn’ turns to utter nightmare
(The Guardian) 11 July

Indefinite Hosting of Rohingya Refugees a Growing Concern for Bangladesh
(The Diplomat) 9 July

A stranger to his son: Locked in limbo at a Brisbane detention centre
(WA Today) 9 July

Q&A: South-South migration has long been overlooked. Why?
(The New Humanitarian) 8 July

Priti Patel wants to imprison refugees for following international law
(The Canary) 5 July

In our national interest? Australia’s stance on Myanmar is contradictory, inconsistent, and self-defeating
(ABC) 5 July

Excluding refugees, asylum seekers and migrants undermines an inclusive vaccine roll-out
(Daily Maverick) 4 July

These refugee athletes didn’t make the Olympic team but they refuse to give up their dreams
(ABC) 2 July

‘It was like the scene of a horror movie’: how Jaivet Ealom escaped from Manus Island
(The Guardian) 2 July

Nyadol Nyuon uses National Press Club speech to denounce racism, launch survey on refugee women
(ABC) 1 July

Watchdog details concerns about treatment of detainees in Australia’s immigration system
(SBS) 1 July

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June 2021 media

VIDEO: Asylum seekers rush to meet new interview deadline
(ABC) 29 June

After years in limbo, more than 1,000 asylum seekers are racing to meet a new deadline
(ABC) 29 June

The High Court’s surrender to the Morrison-Dutton immigration detention regime
(John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 28 June

Refugees have fled to Australia seeking a better life, but many are in limbo
(ABC) 27 June

‘Discriminated, dehumanised’ – Denmark’s Syrian refugees
(EU Observer) 25 June 2021

Asylum seeker reportedly in hospital as Melbourne detention hunger strike enters seventh day
(SBS) 25 June 2021

Immigration Minister issues bridging visas to Sri Lankan Tamil family
(ABC) 24 June 2021

Australia has delivered ‘strikingly poor’ results on a new human rights scorecard
(SBS) 24 June 2021

Refugees invite community to walk 322km in their shoes
(ABC) 23 June 2021

By the time refugees can enter Australia again, some support groups will have fewer staff
(SBS) 22 June 2021

Thousands of vulnerable refugees granted protection in Australia remain stuck overseas
(SBS) 22 June 2021

Bendigo storytellers reflect diverse experience of local migrants
(ABC) 21 June 2021

Community detention: what does it mean for the Biloela children and the 181 others?
(The Guardian) 20 June 2021

Queensland restauranteur Ken Duong’s life is happy, successful and far from the brutality he fled as a child
(ABC) 20 June 2021

Taste of freedom: a Kurdish winemaker’s journey from Manus Island to the Yarra Valley
(The Guardian) 19 June 2021

Will the Federal Government use its ‘God powers’ to save the Biloela family?
(ABC Radio National) 18 June 2021

Moral bankruptcy and cruelty in the treatment of the Biloela Family.
(John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 17 June 2021

Government ‘backed into a corner’ over asylum seekers, says former Bakhtiari guardian
(ABC) 16 June 2021

Blink and the boats will restart the Government says, but that is nonsense
(John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 16 June 2021

Australian girl suffering malnutrition ‘collapses in refugee camp’
(Nine News) 15 June 2021

Sick, trapped, scared: Priya speaks from Perth hospital
(The Saturday Paper) 14 June 2021

‘Do not come, do not come’: Why the Biden administration’s blunt message to migrants sounds familiar to Australia
(SBS) 13 June 2021

Paul Bongiorno The human toll of border protection
(The Saturday Paper $-paywall) 12 June 2021

She was born in Australia and turns 4 on Saturday. The government wants
her deported
(Washington Post) 11 June 2021

In Australia, a new look at immigration: ‘it’s about our friends’
(The New York Times) 11 June 2021

RACGP calls on Government to return Biloela family to Australia
(Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – RACGP) 11 June 2021

Temporary visa holders, including international students also eligible for free COVID-19 vaccine in Australia (SBS) 11 June 2021

Family of Tamil asylum seekers deserves to know their future,
says Qld Premier
(Gold Coast Bulletin) 11 June 2021

Western Sydney council welcomes record number of new Australian citizens
(ABC) 11 June 2021

‘Losing hope’: Refugees flown to Australia for medical treatment told to return
to Nauru or stay in detention (SBS) 10 June 2021

View from The Hill: the Morrison government has escape hatch in Tamil family case – if it wants to use it (Croakey) 10 June 2021

Nauru refugees flown to Sydney for medical treatment have hopes dashed
for release (TVNZ) 10 June 2021

Arguments against the Biloela family don’t pass the sniff test
(The Australian – $paywall) 10 June 2021

Discretion on refugees ‘is not rare’
(The Australian – $paywall) 10 June 2021

Stop this cruelty now and bring the children home
(SMH) 10 June 2021

Australian authorities deny medical treatment to detained three-year-old
Tamil refugee (World Socialist website -WSWS) 9 June 2021

Australia under pressure after refugee girl airlifted to hospital
( 9 June 2021

Minister Karen Andrews rules out resettling Biloela Tamil family in
New Zealand or US, days after possibility was raised

(ABC News) 10 June 2021

Minister’s final call on Tamil detainees
(The Australian – $ paywall) 10 June 2021

Dreaming of Biloela Tharnicaa Murugappan versus 30 years of policy
(The Monthly $ -paywall) June 2021

Australia under pressure to free refugee family detained on Christmas Island
(BBC News) 9 June 2021

Australian purgatory: the permanent damage of temporary protection
(The Monthly) June 2021

Federal Court awards $350000 to unlawfully detained asylum seeker, opening door to further claims (UNSW Newsroom) 9 June 2021

Government plans to resettle Biloela asylum seekers in US or New Zealand
(The Age) 8 June 2021

Australian government ordered to pay Iraqi asylum seeker $350000 for over two years of unlawful detention
(The Guardian) 7 June 2021

Daughter of Biloela asylum seekers evacuated from Christmas Island for
urgent medical care
(The Guardian) 7 June 2021

Entry into Australia is only for the rich
(Jacobin magazine) 6 June 2021

Last female refugee evacuated from Nauru to Australia could be deported
despite ill-health
  (The Guardian) 6 June 2021

Refugee progress after eight long years
( 5 June 2021

‘Discussions are happening’ to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore
regime in New Zealand
(The Guardian) 4 June 2021

Australia’s abandoned refugees: nine years of exile in offshore purgatory
(Open Democracy) 3 June 2021

Australia considering New Zealand asylum-seeker deal
( ) 3 June 2021

DFAT urged to retract ‘inaccurate’ report saying Sri Lankans face low torture risk, following UK court finding (SBS) 3 June 2021

Walk to raise awareness of mental toll on asylum seekers
(Ballarat Courier) 2 June 2021

Limbo could end: Karen Andrews eyeing off New Zealand asylum-seeker deal
(SMH) 2 June 2021

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May 2021 media

New Zealand offer to resettle Australia’s offshore refugees still active as
US deal nears end
(The Guardian) 30 May 2021

Australian government legalises ‘a crime against humanity’
(The Saturday Paper-$) 29 May 2021

‘These people are doctors, architects, they’re just like us’: Sonny Bill Williams calls on Scott Morrison to sign off on deal allowing refugees held in Papua New Guinea to resettle in New Zealand (NewsHub) 28 May

Almost 1000 refugees in Australian detention resettled in the US
(9News) 24 May 2021

Morrison hardens law against asylum seekers
(Green Left) 24 May 2021

Stuck in transit for seven years, a lost generation of boat people loses hope
(SMH) 24 May 2021

Big profits in asylum-seeker contracts as workers say they felt ‘cheated, exploited’ (SMH) 24 May 2021

COVID vaccinations are free for everyone in Australia, but some refugees may fall through the cracks (ABC News) 23 May 2021

Almost 1000 refugees still in limbo as US deal approaches completion
(SMH) 23 May 2021

Asylum Seekers from Polaris 3 now in processing facility outside
of Brisbane
(Townsville Bulletin $-paywall) 21 May 2021

More than 140 refugees in Australian detention set to be resettled in Canada under sponsorship scheme (The Guardian) 21 May 2021

Australia passes bill that allows Government to indefinitely detain refugees
and asylum seekers
( 19 May 2021

Why I became an activist for refugee rights
(Green Left) 17 May 2021

Indefinite detention of refugees is unlawful under international law, but Australia has quietly made it legal
(The Guardian) 16 May 2021

With billions more allocated to immigration detention, it’s another bleak year for refugees (The Conversation) 13 May 2021

New law allows Australian government to indefinitely detain refugees
(The Guardian) 13 May 2021

Budget immigration costs: Australia will spend almost $3.4m for each person
in offshore detention
(The Guardian) 12 May 2021

For Muslim refugees in immigration detention, another sombre,
isolated Eid holiday (The Conversation) 11 May 2021

Migrants forced to wait four years for benefits in Australian budget’s
biggest cost-cutting measure
(The Guardian) 11 May 2021

Escape tunnel found under Western Australia immigration detention centre
(The Guardian) 11 May 2021

Biloela family: locked up by Australia for three years
(BBC News) 11 May 2021

Asylum seekers face ‘interview of their lives’ as caseload blitz launched
(The Age) 11 May 2021

Refugees, COVID-19 and the new ‘normal’
(Green Left) 10 May 2021

Asylum seekers fear rushed refugee process
(Armidale Express) 8 May 2021

In The World Is Not Big Enough, Vanessa Russell writes about looking for answers
about the death of Afghan refugee Ahmad Shad Abed

(The Canberra Times) 8 May 2021

India latest front in Morrison Government’s war on Australians
(Independent Australia) 6 May 2021

10 asylum-seekers moved to Melbourne ‘under the cover of
darkness’ at 3am
(Daily Telegraph $-paywall) 4 May 2021

Asylum seekers denied access to bridging visas work illegal jobs to survive
(ABC News) 4 May 2021

No PM’s ‘captain’s call’ for Tamil family
(Yahoo News Australia) 4 May 2021

The taste of community
(Pro Bono Australia) 3 May 2021

Refugees share the cuisine of their homelands at this new curry house in Sydney
(SBS) 3 May 2021

Asylum seekers attacked in Port Moresby
(The Saturday Paper $-paywall) 1 May 2021

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April 2021 media

A taste of country Queensland is a welcome relief for refugees
(Catholic Leader) 28 April 2021

Bring them home: why we can’t leave Australians stranded in India
(SMH) 28 April 2021

Australia needs to take action after an attack on refugees in PNG
(RNZ) 27 April 2021

Reflections on those left behind in detention
(Pearls and Irritations) 27 April 2021

Australia’s cruelty to refugees: which legal ‘straw’ might break the camel’s back?
(Pearls and Irritations) 26 April 2021

Refugees handcuffed, moved again
(The Saturday Paper) 24 April 2021

Lest we forget the KP120
(Big News Network) 24 April 2021

Asylum seekers in PNG ‘scared and devastated’ after reportedly being held
at gunpoint (SBS) 22 April 2021

I saw first-hand the terrible toll detention is taking on the Biloela family
(The Guardian) 21 April 2021

Tamworth refugees want permanent visas to remain in the North West
(The Northern Daily Leader) 20 April 2021

‘Struggling and coping’: Senator visits Tamil family on Christmas Island
(New Daily) 20 April 2021

‘I still have nightmares’: Surviving Australia’s Kangaroo Point
( 18 April 2021

‘A great disappointment’: Triggs issues rallying cry over treatment of women
(SMH) 19 April 2021

The asylum seekers who were removed from Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point last week have been flown to Melbourne  (SBS) 19 April 2021

Kangaroo Point refugees forcibly removed
(Green Left) 17 April 2021

Remaining asylum seekers at Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point hotel ‘forcibly moved’
to detention centre
(SBS) 17 April 2021

Keneally to make own way to Christmas Island after accusing Peter Dutton of ‘cancelling’ trip (SBS) 16 April 2021

Keneally books own ticket to Christmas Island to see Tamil family after Dutton
drops private flight
(SMH) 15 April 2021

Keneally to visit Biloela family on Christmas Island despite
Peter Dutton’s plane decision ( 15 April 2021

Kristina Keneally accuses Peter Dutton of ‘cancelling’ trip to Christmas Island
and Tamil family visit
(SBS) 15 April 2021

Keneally accuses Peter Dutton of cancelling her trip to meet
Biloela family (The Guardian) 14 April 2021

Biloela family’s friends ‘gobsmacked’ by cancelled Christmas
Island visit
(ABC) 15 April 2021

‘Relieved’ Senator will visit family held on Christmas Island after all
(New Daily) 15 April 2021

This just won’t fly (Crikey) 15 April 2021

Keneally accuses Peter Dutton of cancelling her trip to meet Biloela family
(The Guardian) 14 April 2021

A ‘landmark’ refugee legal battle is putting Australia’s immigration detention regime
under scrutiny
(SBS) 14 April 2021

Australia’s ‘lowest priority’: The men waiting a decade to reunite
with their families (SBS) 14 April 2021

Temporary visas for asylum seekers are no solution
(Green Left) 14 April 2021

Brisbane company paid $1.4bn to run offshore processing on Nauru
despite no arrivals since 2014
(The Guardian) 10 April 2021

Major parties have swapped sides on immigration, more or less
(Sydney Morning Herald) 10 April 2021

Safdar Ahmed, still alive (Saturday Paper – $paywall) 10 April 2021

Iranian refugee held in detention for five years sues the federal government for negligence (ABC) 7 April 2021

A list of things Peter Dutton says we shouldn’t talk about to avoid being
threatened with defamation
(Crikey) 8 April 2021

Iranian refugee held in detention for five years sues the federal government
for negligence
(ABC News) 6 April 2021

Iraqi family ‘crushed’ after four failed asylum bids in eight years
(SBS) 6 April 2021

Why are Australians so accepting of hotel quarantine? A long history of confining threats to the state (The Conversation) 5 April 2021

Kurt Fearnley interviews recently released Kurdish refugee Moz Azimitabar
on ABC TV’s
One plus One (ABC) 4 April 2021

#RacismNotWelcome campaign a visible sign of the times
(Independent Australia) 4 April 2021

Peter Dutton’s legacy – Australia’s biggest labour trafficking scam
(Independent Australia) 4 April 2021

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March 2021 media

Will new Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews bring a more
compassionate approach?
(The Conversation) 31 March 2021

Cabinet reshuffle raises many concerns, but also calls and hope for
shift on asylum seekers
(Croakey) 31 March 2021

Biloela family: new home affairs minister Karen Andrews urged to look with ‘
fresh eyes’ at plight
(The Guardian) 30 March 2021

Australia’s ill-treatment of refugees and aboriginals
(The Express Tribune) 30 March 2021

Refugees say growing number contracting COVID-19 in PNG
(ABC RN News) 30 March 2021

Refugees say growing number contracting COVID-19 in PNG
(ABC RN News) 30 March 2021

Afghan refugees ‘transform and rejuvenate’ Port Adelaide LGA
(Mirage News) 29 March 2021

Thousands still stranded
(Policy Forum) 29 March 2021

Hundreds gather in Sydney demanding justice for refugees
(Honi Soit) 28 March 2021

We’re good at giving guns but not at taking in victims of war
(Independent Australia) 28 March 2021

Wollongong Wolves coach backs refugees ahead of Palm Sunday rally
(Illawarra Mercury) 26 March 2021

Rural Australians for Refugees Bendigo lead Palm Sunday day of action vigil
(Bendigo Advertiser) 26 March 2021

How Motez’s experiences as a refugee in Iraq have shaped his music
( 26 March 2021

Legal clinic to count Australia’s stateless people as it helps give children
a place to call home
(ABC News) 25 March 2021

Home Affairs using hospitals, aged care homes as ‘alternative places of detention’
(SMH) 25 March 2021

Labor accuses Christian Porter of misleading parliament over medevac advice
(The Guardian) 24 March 2021

Locked in and locked out (Eureka Street) 23 March 2021

Christian Porter disclosed ‘limited part of legal advice’ on medevac ‘for political advantage’, tribunal finds (ABC News) 23 March 2021

UK: Refugees face risk of deportation under Patel’s ‘cruel’ asylum overhaul, charities warn: the visas were introduced in Australia in 2014 for successful asylum applicants (The Independent) 23 March 2021

Scores of medevac refugees have been released from detention. Their freedom, though, remains tenuous (The Conversation) 22 March 2021

Labor needs to change policy on refugees (Green Left) 19 March 2021

Britain mulls Australia-style offshore processing, but sees few takers
to host migrants
(SMH) 19 March

Medevac refugees return to Nauru after more than a year in
Australian hotel detention
(ABC News) 18 March 2021

Asylum seekers in PNG test positive to coronavirus, prompting
calls for them to be brought to Australia
(ABC News) 18 March 2021

Ally or no, New Zealand must stand up to callous Australia
over 501 deportees
(The Guardian) 17 March 2021

Calls mount for refugees to be ‘urgently evacuated’ to Australia
as PNG’s coronavirus crisis worsens
(SBS) 17 March 2021

The torture of Australia’s offshore immigration detention system
(Open Democracy) 16 March 2021

From little things Ballina things grow
(Echonetdaily) 16 March 2021

China urges Australia to close offshore detention centres
(CNN) 13 March 2021

Australia: Biloela residents maintain three-year fight for Tamil
refugee family’s freedom
(WSWS -World Socialist Website) 13 March 2021

China urges Australia to close offshore detention centres
(Reuters) 12 March 2021

Shut Australian detention centres: China
Ballarat Courier) 13 March 2021

Behrouz Boochani’s life is being told in song, but he’s not allowed
to hear it (SMH) 12 March 2021

Western Sydney University scholarship helped Afghan refugee Parastoo Bahrami fulfill her education dream (ABC News) 11 March 2021

Refugees and asylum seekers need targeted help to get to university
(The Australian-$) 11 March 2021

Abbott and Morrison did not stop the boats, but the media collaborated
in the spin
(Pearls and Irritations Blog) 11 March 2021

“Here’s why I won’t reveal the medevac deal I made with the PM”
(The Tasmania Examiner) 7 March 2021

The end of detention: “We are free but we need to recover from all those years”
(The Guardian) 7 March 2021

‘Incredibly onerous’: Refugees lured by hope of a visa that’s
near-impossible to secure
(The New Daily) 7 March 2021

Australian government releases refugees on limited bridging visas
(WSWS- World Socialist Web Site) 7 March 2021

A freedom fighter to celebrate on International Women’s Day
(Red Flag) 7 March 2021

A life in limbo (ABC News) 7 March 2021

Medevac refugees petition government to release detainees from hotels
(Wellington Times) 7 March 2021

Craig Foster, the former footballer saving refugees and asylum seekers’ lives
(The Athletic) 6 March 2021

Dutton is still spending billions to keep people in misery: Julian Burnside
(Independent Australia) 5 March 2021

Asylum seekers reported hurt in Brisbane
(The West Australian) 5 March 2021

Canberra is changing its approach to refugees after years of struggle
(Pro Bono Australia) 5 March 2021

Dutton is still spending billions to keep people in misery
(Independent Australia) 5 March 2021

Tough road ahead for refugees released into Australian community
(RNZ) 4 March 2021

Dateline Pacific: Australia has freed more former Nauru and Manus
refugees and asylum seekers
(RNZ) 5 March 2021

Around 50 refugees released from Australian detention sites
( 4 March 2021

Refugees released into the community (ABC RN) 3 March 2021

Judge warns medevac refugees’ detention may be unlawful, orders evidence from Peter Dutton (ABC) 3 March 2021

Potential return of refugees and people seeking asylum to Nauru and PNG proof of Government policy failure (Human Rights Law Centre) 3 March 2021

Detainees released from immigration detention speak about their
dreams for the future
(ABC News) 3 March 2021

Release of refugees welcomed, but lack of ongoing Federal Government
support “verges on cruelty”
(The Westender – Brisbane) 3 March 2021

Four Darwin hotel refugees released as remaining families plea for freedom
(ABC) 2 March 20231

Medevac detainees in Brisbane released with others in Darwin and Sydney
also expected to walk free
(ABC) 1 March 2021

Another 25 asylum seekers freed in Qld
(The West Australian) 2 March 2021

Dozens of asylum seekers released from detention in Brisbane, with more to follow, advocates say (SBS) 1 March 2021

Medevac detainees in Brisbane to be released, as others in Darwin and
Sydney expected to walk free
(ABC News) 1 March 2021

More than 20 refugees released from Brisbane detention sites
(Brisbane Times) 2 March 2021

Falafel feasts raise funds for asylum seekers through March
(Good Food) 1 March 2021

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February 2021 media

Why a ‘vaccine passport’ could further disadvantage refugees and asylum seekers
(SBS) 28 February 2021

Looking for Paradise
ArtsHub’s Looking For Paradise looks into past and present policies that different governments instigated to help or deny entry to people in need of a ‘Safe Heaven’. (ArtsHub Tasmania) 28 Feb 2021

Fundraising raffle to help refugees and asylum seekers on Mid North Coast
(Port Macquarie News) 27 February 2021

Man’s death years after heart attack on Nauru shows toll of Australia’s refugee policies, advocates say (ABC) 27 February 2021

A COVID ‘vaccine passport’ may further disadvantage refugees and asylum seekers (The Conversation) 25 February 2021

“They are human beings”: released Medevac detainees call for ‘permanent’ resettlement option for refugees (SBS) 25 February 2021

AI facial analysis is scientifically questionable. Should we be using it for border control?
Since last year, Frontex has operated unmanned drones to detect asylum-seekers attempting to enter various European states.
(The Conversation) 24 February 2021

“Watered down” refugee motion highlights Melbourne City Council division
(CBD News) 24 February 2021

Detained asylum seeker given bucket to shower, after dispute with authorities over medical treatment (ABC News) 23 February 2021

Peter Dutton’s push to use ‘secret evidence’ to revoke citizenship condemned
(The Guardian) 23 February 2021

Australia slides from world’s greatest country to pariah – in just ten years – continuing abuse of asylum seekers (Independent Australia) 22 February 2021

It’s time to give visas to the Biloela Tamil family and other asylum seekers stuck in the system (The Conversation) 16 February 2021

Biloela Tamil family to remain on Christmas Island after federal court upholds ruling on daughter’s visa (The Guardian) 16 February 2021

“No end to their suffering.” The Tamil family are the faces of how Australia treats refugees (Mamamia)16 February 2021

‘Trumpism’ in Australia has been overstated – our problems are mostly our own
(The Conversation) 16 February 2021

Nauru detainees cost $10000 each per day in contract bonanza
(The Australian Financial Review) 12 February 2021

Pharmacist – and refugee advocate Veronica Nou -recognised for ‘distinguished service’ (Australian Journal of Pharmacy 10) February 2021

The United States is ramping up its refugee intake. Pressure is building on
Australia to follow suit
(SBS) 10 February 2021

As 60 Medevac detainees bask in their new-found freedom, lawyers warn
they are still in ‘limbo’
(SBS) 9 February 2021

Refugees will gt COVID-19 vaccines during Australia’s $2B rollout
( 9 February 2021

How should Australia respond to asylum seekers arriving by sea during
the COVID-19 pandemic?
(International Law Assn – ILA Reporter) 6 February 2021

Asylum seekers to be vaccinated
(The Saturday Paper-$) 6 February 2021

Peter Dutton to be asked to fund lawyer for asylum seeker’s medevac challenge
(The Guardian) 5 February 2021

Refugees, asylum seekers in Australia to get free COVID-19 vaccines
(La Prensa Latina) 4 February 2021

Australia secures millions more doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: all visa holders, refugees to be vaccinated
(ABC News) 4 February 2021

Dozens of men were suddenly released from hotel detention. Behind the scenes, a tireless fight goes on (SBS) 2 February 2021

How a ruling by the Federal Court last September led to the release of
refugees previously tarred as criminals (SBS)  2 February 2021

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January 2021 media

UN member states challenge Australia’s refugee and asylum policies
(Refugee Council of Australia -RCOA) 31 January 2021
Last year, RCOA worked with a coalition of Australian NGOs to prepare a
report  about the state of human rights in Australia, endorsed by over 200 organisations, for the UN’s Universal Period Review (UPR).
The coalition also prepared a series of fact sheets.

Kangaroos and Barnesy: Former detainee Moz Azimitabar’s first days of freedom
(SMH) 31 January 2021

Treaties and blind spots: What is Australia’s record on human rights?
(SMH) 30 January 2021

Refugees close to year in hotel detention
(Nambucca Guardian News) 30 January 2021

Australia in focus at the UN Human Rights Council
(Lowy Institute -The Interpreter) 28 January 2021

More asylum seekers released from Melbourne immigration detention, a week
after dozens freed
(SBS) 28 January 2021

Could the Biden administration pressure Australia to adopt more humane refugee policies? (The Conversation) 27 January 2021

Could the Biden administration pressure Australia to adopt more humane refugee policies? (The Canberra Times) 28 January 2021 and
(UNSW Newsroom) 27 January 2021

People power prevails in release of Medevac refugees
(Pro Bono Australia) 27 January 2021

Australian government ordered to pay 1300 asylum seekers whose details were exposed (The Guardian) 27 January 2021

Free them all: the government is finally releasing the medevac detainees
( 26 January 2021

The pandemic is no excuse to shut the door on refugee resettlement
(The New Humanitarian) 25 January 2021

“I never felt alone”: refugee Mostafa Azimitabar on justice, Jimmy Barnes and freedom after eight years (The Guardian) 25 January 2021

I am an Australia Day ambassador and support a change in date: Craig Foster
(The Guardian) 25 January 2021

Locked up in a hotel for a year, then a sudden taste of freedom
(Baltimore Sun) 24 January 2021

Release the rest of the detained refugees (Editorial)
(The Age) 22 January 2021

Just 14 asylum seekers remain in Melbourne hotel detention
& here’s what you can do to help
(Pedestrian TV) 22 January 2021

Medically vulnerable refugees in Australia hotels finally freed
(Aljazeera) 22 January 2021

‘Like a new person’: Refugee Moz freed after eight years in detention
(SBS) 22 January 2021

Locked Up in a Hotel for a Year, Then a Sudden Taste of Freedom
(The New York Times) 21 January 2021

‘We are out now’: more refugees released from hotel detention in Melbourne
(Brisbane Times) and (The Age) 21 January 2021

Mostafa Azimitabar says his release was ‘the most beautiful moment of
my life’
(ABC) 21 January 2021

Medevac detainees have been freed after years in Australia’s immigration detention system. Here’s why, and what may happen next (ABC) 21 January 2021

Nearly all refugees held in Melbourne hotel detention to be released,
advocates say
(The Guardian) 20 January 2021

Dozens of medevac refugees freed from detention
(ABC News) 20 January 2021

UN’s spotlight on Australia’s human rights
(Yahoo News Australia) 20 January 2021

Australia: address abuses raised at UN review
(Human Rights Watch) 20 January 2021

Editorial: Australia fails on human rights
(Echonetdaily) 20 January 2021

Medevac detainees freed from Melbourne hotel after years
in immigration detention
(ABC News) 20 January 2021

Withholding medicines an abuse of human rights
(Australian Journal of Pharmacy) 19 January 2021

Refugee Rights protest Brisbane seeks to ‘humanise the dehumanised’
(The Westender( 18 January) 2021

Detainees on Australia’s Christmas Island continue protests against appalling conditions (World Socialist Website -WSWS) 15 January 2021

Pauline Hanson website url diverted to surprising page in online prank – the Refugee Council of Australia (Yahoo News Australia) 15 January 2021

Protesters demand freedom for hotel detainees
(Green Left) 10 January 2021

Fresh disturbance at Christmas Island detention centre due to ‘inhumane’ conditions, advocates say  (The Guardian) 10 January 2021

Meet the refugee behind these memorable Sri Lankan cooking lessons
(SBS) 13 January 2021

Tear gas, rubber bullets and beating leaves men traumatised and sick at Christmas Island detention centre (The Guardian) 10 January 2021

Keeping the Biloela family exiled on Christmas Island in 2020 cost taxpayers $14 million (The Guardian) 7 January 2021

Fires at Christmas Island as detainees riot
(The West Australian) 6 December 2021

Ex-Manus detainee Amir was given a new life by sponsors in Canada. Now he’s looking to pay it forward (SBS) 5 January 2021

Australia’s national interest must be weighed when deporting refugees, court tells government (The Guardian Australia) 5 January 2021

Asylum seekers put their hands up to fill labour shortage in regional Victoria
(ABC News) 3 January 2021

Cabinet papers reveal how seeds of Australia’s divisive asylum seeker boats
policy were sown in 2000
(The Guardian) 1 January 2021

Cabinet papers: Secrets behind illegal boat arrivals revealed
(Herald Sun -$ paywall) 1 January 2021

Cabinet papers: Government warned over human rights issues
(Weekend Australian) 1 January 2021

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December 2020 media

Zaki arrived in Australia and got a temporary protection visa. In 2021 it’s set to expire
(ABC) 30 December 2020

Australian Medical Association calls for release of Biloela Tamil asylum-seeking family
(Tamil Guardian) 27 December 2020

Fatal Shore, the sequel: the fate of Australia’s refugees
CounterPunch 25 December 2020

COVID-19 halts Canadian arrivals for refugees detained for years near Australia
( 21 December 2020

Canada to accept 100 refugees whose claims were denied by Australia
(Yahoo News Canada) 22 December 2020

Grandmothers march in time for refugees
(Mornington Peninsula News) 21 December 2020

Protesters rally outside Park Hotel Carlton where 60 refugees and asylum seekers are being held (The Australian) 21 December 2020

“We are the forgotten people in Australia”: refugee runs for charity
(The Guardian) 20 December 2020

Australia: High Court rules refugees entitled to sue the government for negligence
(Mondaq News Alerts) 19 December 2020

Hope for Australian immigration detainees after men freed under centuries-old legal principle (SBS) 19 December 2020

Fazel Chegeni wanted ‘nothing but peace’. Instead he died alone in Australia’s island prison (The Guardian) 19 December 2020

Asylum seekers on temporary visas left behind in economic recovery from coronavirus
(ABC) 18 December 2020

Australia’s refugee poverty crisis worsens
(The West Australian) 18 December 2020

Two men released from asylum detention at Kangaroo Point hotel
(Brisbane Times) 17 December 2020

‘How was I allowed to stay? It wasn’t fair’: random process the difference between freedom and detention
(The Guardian) 16 December 2020

Christmas card campaign in support of Biloela family from Sir Lanka
(ABC 7.30 Program) 15 December 2020

Refugees detained in Melbourne hotel ‘devastated’ as they await move to another site (The Guardian) 15 December 2020

Mantra Bell City hotel Preston detainees to be moved to another location
(Herald Sun) 15 December 2020

“Playing games with us”: the medevac men languishing in hotel detention
(The Guardian) 15 December 2020

Uncertainty takes deadly toll on Afghan refugees in Indonesia
(The Australian) 14 December 2020

Detainees told they’re going to be moved out of Preston hotel
(The Age) December 14 2020

Australian university offers financial support to student refugees & asylum seekers ( 14 December 2020

Australia Has Engineered New Levels of Border Cruelty — and Exported Them to Europe (Jacobin) 14 December 2020

UQ opens arms to student refugees and asylum seekers
(UQ News) 14 December 2020

Kurdish refugee ‘shocked’ by Australia’s decision to free him after seven years in detention (The Guardian) 12 December 2020

Australia: High Court rules that refugees can hold Dutton to account
(Mondaq News Alerts) 12 December 2020

“I said my last words”: Ghanieh escaped Iran by boat, now she’s helping Australia fight COVID (The New Daily) 12 December 2020

“What about my child?”: children born to refugee parents caught up in harsh offshore policy (The Guardian) 12 December 2020

Australia’s offshore processing policy has made the world less safe, not more
(The Guardian) 12 December 2020

What happened to the asylum seekers medically evacuated to Australia?
(The Guardian podcast) 11 December 2020

“On my birthday I am reborn”: refugee Farhad Bandesh released after seven years’ detention (SMH) 11 December 2020

Australia has spent $12 billion on detaining refugees for eight years
(Happymag) 11 December 2020

Vigil organised for those in indefinite detention at hotel in Melbourne’s north
( 11 December 2020

First asylum seekers brought to Australia from Manus Island, Nauru under medevac law granted visa (ABC News) 11 December 2020

Doctors ask Brisbane hospital not to send refugee back to ‘unsafe’ immigration detention (The Guardian) 11 December 2020

Interactive timeline: what happened to every person caught up in Australia’s offshore processing regime (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

Temporary: Part 5: When the answer is no
(The Guardian podcast) 10 December 2020

Griffith Rural Australians for Refugees want to see more compassion in refugee policy
(Area News) 10 December 2020

Human Rights Day: Isn’t it time to reconsider our mandatory, long-term immigration detention regime? (Mirage News) 10 December 2020

Aus High Court overules attempts to delay justice for refugees
(RNZ) 10 December 2020

Refugees sent to Nauru and PNG win legal victory against Canberra
(RNZ) 10 December 2020

‘Are they just gonna dump us here?’: refugees given a number for a name on Nauru (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

Funded by ‘extraordinary’ ordinary Australians: the people who supported this series (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

‘Fire in front of me and fire behind me’: all hope lost in the ‘green hell’ of Manus
(The Guardian) 10 December 2020

Revealed: 1500 people in limbo under Australia’s ‘bizarre and cruel’ refugee deterrence policy (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

The way refugees are used as political footballs by cardboard hardmen like Peter Dutton is shameful (The Advertiser $-paywall) 9 December 2020

Impact of Australia’s border closures laid bare
(SMH) 9 December 2020

‘Clean up your country’: China’s media attacks ‘ludicrous’ Australia
(Yahoo News Australia) 8 December 2020

Morrison’s outrage over tweet a tried and true tactic
(SMH) 7 December 2020

Labor needs to change policy on refugees
(Green Left) 7 December 2020

Medevac refugees: we face special punishment
(The Saturday Paper $-paywall) 5 December 2020

Outcry as another suburban motel is used to detain refugees
(The Age) 4 December 2020

Outcry as another suburban motel is used to detain refugees
(Brisbane Times) 4 December 2020

Lawyers claim win in detention ruling
(Riverine Herald) 3 December 2020

Immigration detention concerns deepen
(Mirage News) 3 December 2020

Voice of real Australia: when home ownership is beyond a dream
The Australian government resettled the family in Wagga as refugees three years ago.  (The Islander) 3 December 2020

High Court delivers win to asylum seekers in healthcare test case
(Brisbane Times) 2 December 2020

Refugees are settling into Australia well, but barriers to the professional job market remain (SBS) 2 December 2020

High court rejects Peter Dutton’s attempt to stop asylum seekers suing government
for neglect
(The Guardian) 2 December 2020


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November 2020 media

The community program helping young migrants and refugees learn to navigate Newcastle’s iconic beaches (Newcastle Herald) 29 November 2020

‘Not our finest hour’: Cate Blanchett on the country’s ‘inhumane’ treatment of refugees (SMH) 28 November 2020

New Guardian Australia podcast series gives voice to refugees stuck in limbo
(The Guardian) 26 November 2020

Bendigo’s Rural Australians for Refugees starts fundraiser for asylum
seeker relocation project
(Bendigo Advertiser) 26 November 2020

How Australia put 30,000 people in limbo
(The Guardian) 26 November 2020

A legal limbo without end: the people who came by boat but never found home in Australia (The Guardian) 26 November 2020

The revelations of the Brereton inquiry create anguish for Afghani
refugees in Australia
(The Canberra Times) 26 November 2020

“He calls me coach”: seven-year-old bonds with detained refugee
over Taekwondo
(SBS) 26 November 2020

Temporary podcast: giving voice to refugees under temporary protection
(Mirage News) 26 November 2020

Australia could show real contrition by offering Afghan victims’ families
a pathway to resettlement
(The Guardian) 25 November 2020

Refugee says he was denied permission to visit ‘sick’ wife in hospital
(SBS) 25 November 2020

Handcuffed asylum seekers ‘paraded like criminals’ in Australian hospitals, doctors say (The Guardian) 25 November 2020

At last! a legal challenge to the inappropriate use of handcuffs
(The Guardian) 24 November 2020

Nige learned to cook in immigration detention – now he’s teaching Australians his recipes (The Guardian) 24 November 2020

Australia must avoid America’s demographic stagnation: the refugee program has been slashed to a record low of just 15,000, not much larger than Australia’s recently reduced program of 13,750 (The Mandarin ) 23 November 2020

Labor luminary Barry Jones reflects upon the origins of Australia’s “unconscionable treatment” of refugees (Sydney Lawyers) 22 November 2020

Seven Facts About Refugees in Australia
(Borgen Project) 21 November 2020

Wage theft still a big problem for the vulnerable: many migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum are often unaware of what they are entitled to or if they are being ripped off by the people who employ them (Independent Australia) 21 November 2020

Fears refugees will be denied justice under ‘exorbitant’ hike of court fees for migration cases (SBS) 20 October 2020

A new UNSW podcast series ‘Temporary’ reveals lives trapped in endless uncertainty  ( 20 November 2020

Nauru refugees corralled on 71st floor of Brisbane hotel
(RNZ) 19 November 2020

Covid-19: 19 more refugees on their way to NZ after virus halted quota program
( 18 November 2020

Temporary visa holders left in limbo call for permanent protection
for refugees, asylum seekers
(The Canberra Times) 16 November 2020

Celebs rally & demand Australia release detained gay refugee
(Star Observer) 16 November 2020

A letter from detention: help before my soul is gone
(The Saturday Paper -$ paywall) 14 November 2020

Melbourne’s COVID-19 restrictions are easing, but hundreds of refugees still face
indefinite lockdown
(ABC News) 14 November 2020

Britain’s immigration system to mimic Australia
(Green Left) 12 November 2020

Australian lawyer criticises UK Priti Patel for copying her country’s ‘cruel’ immigration policy (The New European) 12 November 2020

Texts from Nauru
(Honi Soit – Sydney University student paper ) 11 November 2020

Refugees cannot be left behind in our COVID recovery
(Canberra Times) 10 November 2020

Oran Park woman takes out 2021 NSW Australian of the Year Local Hero award:
Rosemary Kariuki has spent more than a decade helping migrant and refugee women adjust to everyday life in Australia.
(Camden Advertiser) 9 November 2020

From Iraq to Geelong: one refugee family’s path to citizenship
Geelong Advertiser – $ paywall) 6 November 2020

Life After 4 Years of Detention Hell on Nauru
(Vice) 5 November 2020

Oran Park woman nominated for 2021 NSW Local Hero award
(Camden Advertiser) 5 November 2020

Migrants, refugees and women with disabilities all shortchanged by the federal budget (Women’s Agenda) 2 November 2020

Shane Fitzsimmons, Andrew Denton, Craig Foster, Grace Brennan nominated for NSW 2021 Australian of the Year Award
(Illawarra Mercury) 2 November 2020

The Wait (Parts 1-5) (The Guardian Podcast) 1 November 2020

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October 2020 media

Burundi to Bledisloe: The African refugee who’ll sing Australia’s anthem at Bledisloe III
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 30 October 2020

Dutton still not ditching NZ refugee deal
(7NEWS) 29 October 2020

Refugees on Manus Island and Nauru could be sent to New Zealand as Peter Dutton refuses to rule out asylum seeker deal with Jacinda Ardern
(Daily Mail) 30 October 2020

Zali Steggle asks PM to take up the NZ offer
(Zali Steggall website) 29 October 2020

Management by quarantine? (Inside Story) 29 October 2020

Rugby League: Sonny Bill Williams pleads with Aussie Government to allow refugees into NZ (Newshub NZ) 29 October 2020

‘Scotty, give them a fair go’: Sonny Bill Williams’ plea to Aussie over NZ
refugee deal (New Zealand Herald) 28 October 2020

‘Scotty, just give them a fair go’: Sonny Bill Williams calls for NZ refugee deal
(Sydney Morning Herald) 28 October 2020

Footage emerges of Queensland police officer apparently punching protester at refugee rally (The Guardian) 26 October 2020

Queensland police say officer acted appropriately in incident that injured Brisbane refugee protester
(ABC News) 26 October 2020

Hundreds of asylum seekers like Rana and her family placed on six-month final departure bridging visas (ABC News) 26 October 2020

Two dozen asylum seekers flown from Nauru to Australia for medical treatment
(The Guardian) 26 October 2020

Australian refugee treatment shames us as a nation
(Adelaide Now – $ paywall) October 2020

Photos of Nauru’s (now) mostly empty immigration detention centre
(Vice) 23 October 2020

We can no longer ignore the threats facing the Pacific – we need to support more migration to Australia (The Conversation) 22 October 2020

The Video Home Affairs didn’t want you to see leads to calls for immigration detention inquiry (SBS) 22 October 2020

“We are just waiting. We are always waiting”
(Inside Story) 22 October 2020

US, Australia hit new lows on refugee resettlement
(Human Rights Watch) 21 October 2020

Inside Australia’s asylum system – a possible model for the UK
The Guardian 21 October 2020

Hundreds of refugees are in a ‘horrible’ situation after being told to leave community detention (SBS) 21 October 2020

Boom in unsuccessful asylum seeker applications
(Independent Australia) 21 October 2020

The wait: Indonesia’s refugees describe life stuck in an interminable limbo
(The Guardian)  21 October 2020

Mamer came to Australia as a refugee. He committed a violent crime. Can he be deported back to a war-torn country? (SBS) 21 October 2020

Afghan asylum seeker sues for false imprisonment in ‘cockroach-infested’ Australian facility (The Guardian) 20 October 2020

Asylum seeker ‘unlawfully deprived’ of liberty by Alan Tudge sues for false imprisonment (ABC News) 20 October 2020

Australia: most of refugees resettled
(Arkansas Democrat Gazette Online ) 20 October 2020

Indonesia calls for inclusive talks, shared responsibility in global Rohingya response (Jakarta Post) 20 October 2020

Australia’s refugee intake falls 30% below target as pandemic takes toll
(The Guardian) 19 October 2020

NZ refugee offer under ‘consideration’ as US deal winds down
(The Australian Financial Review) 19 October 2020

Australia: Most of 1100 refugees in US deal have resettled
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) 19 October 2020

Catholic groups struggle to help refugees released into Brisbane community
(Catholic Leader) 17 October 2020

War on refugees moves to final phase onshore
(The Saturday Paper) 17 October 2020

Four to a bed and escorted by guards: Biloela family describes tough year
on Christmas Island
(SBS News) 17 October 2020

Refugee organisations react to the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget
(Catholic Outlook) 16 October 2020

Lawyers say the ‘disgraceful’ handling of an asylum seeker case raises bigger questions (SBS) 16 October 2020

“Why can’t we go back to Biloela?” Tamil family faces new legal hurdles in Australia
(Tamil Guardian) 16 October 2020

New program aims to help Hunter refugees and asylum seekers thrive in business
(Newcastle Herald) 15 October 2020

‘Nobody Left Behind’, a campaign to help temporary migrants
(Indian Link) 15 October 2020

Tamil family sees no end to immigration detention, appeal result likely to take months
(ABC News) 15 October 2020

Jacqui Lambie threatens to reveal details of secret medevac deal if Scott Morrison does not (ABC) 14 October 2020

Tamil family from Biloela fight fresh deportation appeal
(The Guardian) 14 October 2020

Who are we leaving behind?
(Mirage News) 13 October 2020

Scott Morrison’s car splashed with fake blood by refugee rights activists in Queensland
(SBS News) 13 October 2020

Who are we leaving behind? Federal Budget
(Australian Human Rights Commission) 13 October 2020

A broken promise on humanitarian policy
(Pro Bono Australia) 13 October 2020

Australia to reduce refugee intake under COVID-19 budget cuts
(New Delhi Times) 12 October 2020

Refugee advocates hurl red paint at ScoMo’s car ( 12 October 2020

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s car vandalized by protesters
(CNN) 12 October 2020

The World Needs a New Refugee Convention
(Foreign Policy) 11 October 2020

Stop offshore detention, free them
(Tasmania Examiner) 10 October 2020

Australia to reduce refugee intake under COVID-19 budget cuts
(Voice of America) 10 October 2020

Lack of mental health services for refugees is a global scandal: Australia’s deliberately punitive policy of detaining asylum seekers in Nauru led to a high incidence of suicide attempts and self-harm
(Amnesty International) 9 October 2020

The legacy of the asylum seeker phone ban
(Right Now – an independent not-for-profit media organisation focused on human rights issues in Australia.) 8 October 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers: was the federal budget a missed opportunity? (UNSW Newsroom) 8 October 2020

Self-harm in immigration detention has risen sharply. Here are 6 ways to address this health crisis (The Conversation) 8 October 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers: was the federal budget a missed opportunity?
(UNSW Newsroom) 8 October 2020

Following bad Abbotts: Asylum seekers and migrants are set to lose out on a number of fronts from Tuesday night’s budget
(Crikey) 8 October 2020

Launceston (Tas) advocates concerned about refugee visa cuts
(The Islander) 8 October 2020

Government’s decision to slash support for people seeking asylum will deepen worsening crisis, say refugee organisations
(Human Rights Law Centre) 7 October 2020

Australian government accused of cruelty over decision to cut refugee intake
(Xinhua) 7 October 2020

Australia continues detention of Sri Lanka catholic refugee for over a decade
(Tamil Guardian) 7 October 2020

Peter Dutton won’t be taking detained refugees’ phones
(The Big Smoke Australia) 7 October 2020

Refugees, migrants and displacement in the era of COVID-19
(Croakey)  7 October 2020

Shipping asylum seekers offshore may boost Priti Patel’s hardline image, but Australian example shows it’s not a policy that works
(QMUL – Queen Mary University of London) 6 October 2020

Australia dishonoured itself by offshoring asylum – now Britain looks set to do the same ( 6 October 2020

The Federal Government would not pass its own values test
(Independent Australia) 5 October 2020

Shipping asylum seekers offshore may boost Priti Patel’s hardline image, but Australian example shows it’s not a policy that works
(The Conversation) 3 October 2020

People seeking asylum evicted by Home Affairs without support
(Asylum Seekers Centre) 2 October 2020

Australia’s offshore asylum centres have been a cruel disaster. They must not be replicated by the UK (The Guardian) 2 October 2020

What would you do?’: This refugee says he’d happily work as a fruit picker, in exchange for residency (SBS) 2 October 2020

Councils sign on to help temporary visa holders
(Pro Bono) Australia 1 October 2020

UK offshore detention proposal could create ‘human rights disaster’, Australian experts warn (The Guardian) 1 October 2020

No new refugee permanent migration paths
(Yahoo News Australia) 1 October 2020

Revealed: No 10 explores sending asylum seekers to Moldova, Morocco
and Papua New Guinea
(The Guardian UK) 1 October 2020

Coronavirus hardship payment for temporary migrants, refugees
in Victoria doubled
(SBS) 1 October 2020

UK plan to ship asylum seekers to a remote island is reportedly a sign
of Tony Abbott’s influence
(SBS) 1 October 2020


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September 2020 media

The Federal Government would not pass its own values test
(Independent Australia) 28 September 2020

Refugee groups make last-ditch appeal to stop ‘self-defeating’ mobile phone ban
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 27 September 2020

106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees: Fr Frank’s Homily
(Catholic Outlook) 27 September 2020

Australia’s migration and refugee programs go under Budget microscope
(The New Daily) 25 September 2020

A judge called our immigration minister a ‘criminal’ and the government doesn’t seem to care (Junkee) 25 September 2020

Judge rules that acting immigration minister Alan Tudge unlawfully deprived an Afghan asylum seeker of his liberty
(The Saturday Paper) 24 September 2020

Immigration minister ‘criminal’ on asylum seeker’s detention, federal court rules
(The New Daily) 23 September 2020

Refugees among immigration detainees transferred to recently reopened Christmas Island (SBS) 23 September 2020

Scott Morrison faces pressure to sack Alan Tudge after scathing Federal Court decision
(Daily Telegraph) 23 September 2020

Detainee to UN secretary-general: ‘The refugee convention has lost all meaning’
(Green Left Weekly) 22 September 2020

Refugees among immigration detainees transferred to recently reopened Christmas Island (SBS) 22 September 2020

Sri Lankan refugee detained by Australia for 11 years despite government ruling he’s owed protection (The Guardian) 22 September 2020

‘White Australia’ Policy Lives On in Immigrant Detention
(The New York Times) 20 September 2020

Why the Australian Refugee Council’s residency proposal should be opposed
(Red Flag) 21 September 2020

Writing Through Fences: Behrouz Boochani
(The Saturday Paper – paywall) 19 September 2020

This man must be freed (The Saturday Paper – paywall) 19 September 2020

More refugees leave Nauru for resettlement
(Radio New Zealand RNZ) 18 September 2020

Q&A with Archibald finalist Angus McDonald who painted the Behrouz Boochani portrait (Echonetdaily- northern NSW) 18 September 2020

More refugees leave Nauru for resettlement
(RNZ) 18 September 2020

Australia should think twice before asking desperate people to pick fruit for their freedom (The Guardian) 16 September 2020

Australia to appear before UN Rights Council in January
(Human Rights Watch) 16 September 2020

With our borders shut, this is the ideal time to overhaul our asylum seeker policies (The Conversation) 15 September 2020

With our borders shut, this is the ideal time to overhaul our
asylum seeker policies
(The Conversation) 15 September 2020

MPs back proposal to give refugees residency for fruit picking
(SMH) 14 September 2020

Australians complain about weeks in quarantine. I’ve been in immigration detention for almost eight years (The Guardian) 14 September 2020

Fears for immigration detainees as new figures reveal hundreds
of self-harm incidents in 2020
(SBS) 14 September 2020

‘I need freedom’: refugees approved for resettlement stranded on Nauru as processing stalls (Guardian) 13 September 2020

What price freedom? An Afghan Hazara refugee reflects on the sacrifices needed to feel safe (ABC News) 13 September 2020

Lambie outsourcing casting vote on asylum seeker phone ban to public poll
(SMH) 13 September 2020

Dutton is turfing vulnerable refugees out onto the street mid-pandemic
(Sydney Criminal Lawyers) 11 September 2020

Refugee women and girls championing fight against human rights violations
(UNSW Newsroom) 11 September 2020

Policies should better support people trapped in long-term refugee situations
(The Conversation) 11 September 2020

Dutton set to evict asylum seekers, including 284 children
(The Big Smoke Australia) 11 September 2020

A court victory for an injured worker has brought to light other serious issues for workers at a recycling company in Dandenong
(The Age) 10 September 2020

Nauru refugees decline medical transfers out of fear
(RNZ) 10 September 2020

‘Mental torture’: Muslim immigration detainees say they haven’t been given halal food for more than a year (SBS) 10 September 2020

Women facing violence need protection and their visa status shouldn’t matter
(Crikey) 7 September 2020

The Great Escape: a daring plan to spirit a refugee out of detention
(ABC Australian Story) 7 September 2020

For the refugees Australia imprisons, music is liberation, life and defiance
(The Guardian) 7 September 2020

Stranded refugees plead with Australia to ease COVID-19 border closures
(Voice of America) 7 September 2020

Bringing relief and a hand up to refugees
The Australian Jewish News 7 September 2020

Every phone a lifeline
Green Left Weekly 3 September 2020

Refugee high schoolers offered early access to study law in Australian first
( 3 September 2020

‘We’re not criminals’: Asylum seekers fight government push to take their phones away (SBS) 1 September 2020

Doctors call on government to stop punishing refugees
(Mirage News) 2 September 2020

You can also access media releases from ARAN & other
Refugee Organisations & Support Groups.

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August 2020 media stories

A law to deprive immigration detainees of their only contact: Australia’s shame
before the world
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 31 August 2020

Asylum seeker health care test cases reach High Court
(Mirage News) 31 August 2020

How the Bachelor’s racist post is a flashback to a nation on the edge
(Daily Mail) 30 August 2020

Australia: This is indefinite detention: Councillor Jonathan Sri on the
Kangaroo Point Standoff
  (Mondaq) 24 August 2020

Council calls on state to intervene over hotel detention of asylum seekers
(The Age) 21 August 2020

Peter Dutton’s border wake-up call
(Red Flag) 21 August 2020

Peter Dutton: the logic behind the evil
(Green Left Weekly) 21 August 2020

Leading organisations sign on to add support to new migrants to Australia
It works with all people who have been vulnerable, including refugees, asylum seekers and culturally divers communities to build capacity…
(Neos Kosmos) 20 August 2020

Protesters to march on Immigration Department over Kangaroo Point hotel asylum seekers (Courier Mail – paywall) 17 August 2020

Protesters march on Brisbane hotel where refugees and asylum seekers are
being detained
(ABC News) 16 August 2020

Asylum seeker protesters call for meeting with Scott Morrison outside
Kirribilli House
( 16 August 2020

Refugees taken to high-security facility commit to a hunger strike
(Independent Australia) 16 August 2020

Rethinking regional processing: the comprehensive plan of action for Indochinese refugees as a roadmap for international cooperation
(Asylum Insight) August 2020

From Manus Island to Melbourne: we do not even know what we are being punished for
(The Guardian) 8 August 2020

The Men Australia Detained in a Secretive Detention Camp
(The New York Times) August 7 2020

‘Political propaganda’: Behrouz Boochani slams Christmas Island detention centre reopening (SBS) August 7 2020

Queensland police hopeful refugee protest called off amid heightened concerns of coronavirus outbreak (ABC News) August 7 2020

Temporal variations in the distribution of self-harm episodes and methods across the Australian asylum seeker population: An observational study
(Plos Medicine) 6 August 2020

Refugee-led organizations: the ‘time is now’
(Refugee Law Initiative) 5 August 2020

Urgent Call for Volunteers as the COVID-19 pandemic forces asylum seekers, refugees, temporary visa holders into unemployment and crippling poverty
(The Catholic Weekly) 5 August 2020

Stitching together a community for all
(Pro Bono Australia) 5 August 2020

Refugee moved to high security area after raising COVID concerns, four now on hunger strike (The Big Smoke) 4 August 2020

Behrouz Boochani just wants to be free
(New York Times Australia) 4 August 2020

Claims that Behrouz Boochani jumped the queue are a reminder of the dangers of anti-refugee politics (The Conversation) 4 August 2020

Australian government to reopen Christmas Island detention centre during Covid-19 crisis (The Guardian) 4 August 2020

ICU doctor: ‘Bring Priya, Nades and family back to Bilo’
(Green Left Weekly) 4 August 2020

Kurdish refugee and musician Moz talks detention in Melbourne hotel during COVID-19
(NME) 3 August 2020

Boochani and Collins raise unsettling questions about refugees
(Stuff -NZ) 3 August 2020

Free but restless, Behrouz Boochani takes tentative first steps into new life
(The Guardian) 1 August 2020

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July 2020 media stories

New report shows refugees and asylum seekers at risk of homelessness due to COVID-19 (Catholic Outlook) 31 July 2020

Where to shop for face masks that also support indigenous and migrant communities
(Marie Claire) 31 July 2020

Almost 20,000 refugees could lose their jobs in Australia. This mother-of-two is one of them (SBS) 31 July 2020

This family is not ‘playing funny games’, Mr Dutton; you are
(Sydney Morning Herald) 30 July 2020

Coronavirus recession puts thousands of refugees and asylum seekers at risk of job loss, homelessness (ABC News) 29 July 2020

Tamil Biloela mum Priya Murugappan ‘removed from Perth hospital by Border Force guards’ (9News) 29 July 2020

Coronavirus: Senate inquiry hears concerns for visa holders, refugees asylum seekers in pandemic (The Canberra Times) 28 July 2020

Australia’s borders are shut, so where does that leave refugees?
(Pro Bono Australia) 28 July 2020

I left Manus Island but it’s hard to feel free while my refugee brothers and sisters are still detained (The Guardian) 27 July 2020

UNHCR calls for the release of refugees and asylum seekers from detention centres (Ventures Africa) 27 July 2020

Australian Tamil refugee mother denied urgent medical treatment for weeks
(World Socialist Web Site – SWS) 27 July 2020

Behrouz Boochani decision shows respect for international law
(The Age) 26 July 2020

Protesters camp out the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel to free asylum seekers
(Independent Australia) 25 July 2020

Gov’t Putting Immigrant Detainees at COVID-19 Risk
(MedPage Today) 24 July 2020

New Zealand grants asylum to Behrouz Boochani, Kurdish-Iranian refugee who was detained on Manus Island
(ABC News) 24 July 2020

New Zealand Grants Iranian Journalist Refugee Status After 6 Years in Australian Detention Center (Time) 24 July 2020

Behrouz Boochani granted refugee status in New Zealand
(Aljazeera) 24 July 2020

Behrouz Boochani: Refugee author granted asylum in New Zealand
(BBC News) 24 July 2020

NZ extends arms to refugee Boochani
(The Canberra Times) 24 July 2020

A shortlist of Australian fashion brands offering face masks
Not-for-profit organisation Second Stitch have masks available in a fun gingham print and two-tone bold colours. The studio employs women from asylum-seeker and refugee backgrounds and each mask sold is helping to provide work for these women. (Fashion Journal) 24 July 2020

Refugee advocate charged over attempt to visit immigration detainee in Brisbane hospital (SBS) 24 July 2020

Photos: Activists rally for refugee rights
(Green Left Weekly) 23 July 2020

For Sri Lankan refugees, a free and fair Australia is a myth
(Foreign Policy) 21 July 2020

Displaced, disconnected, disregarded: the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of LGBTIQ+ people seeking asylum in Australia (Kaldor Centre) 20 July 2020

Asylum seekers moved from Brisbane hotel to detention centre despite blockade
(SBS) 20 July 2020

‘My only desire is to hold my son’: the grief of indefinite detention
(The Guardian) 19 July 2020

Protesters demand release of asylum seekers after seven years of offshore detention
(SBS) 19 July 2020

Mum of Biloela asylum-seeker family Kokilapathmapriy Nadarasa flown to hospital
(The Australian – paywall) 19 July 2020

Incoming Greens senator Lidia Thorpe wants all asylum seekers to be released as COVID-19 cases soar (Brinkwire) 19 July 2020

Biloela asylum seeker mother flown to Perth from Christmas Island
(The Australian – paywall) 19 July 2020

Mid North Coast Refugee Support Group notes seven year anniversary of “suffering”
(Port Macquarie News) 18 July 2020

Almost 200 asylum seekers and refugees are being held in Australian hotels. What does their future hold? (SBS) 18 July 2020

Border Force commissioner defends handling of coronavirus risk as global report points finger at Australia’s asylum seeker treatment
(SBS ) 17 July 2020

Chief Magistrate rejects Police attempts to prevent refugee protest
(The Westender – Brisbane) 17 July 2020

Seven Years of Suffering for Australia’s Asylum Seekers, Refugees
(Human Rights Watch) 16 July 2020

Impact of ‘cartoon thinking’ far from funny
(Newcastle Herald) 15 July 2020

Coronavirus Victoria: Security guardian’s positive evaluation increases fears for refugees (The News Pocket) 13 July 2020

Infected asylum seeker guard worked for company linked to quarantine hotel outbreak (The Sydney Morning Herald) 13 July 2020

Vic asylum seeker hotel has COVID-19 case
(The Canberra Times) 13 July 2020

‘It’s now time for them to return’, says Alan Tudge
Nearly 200 asylum-seekers and refugees medically evacuated to Australia will remain in detention indefinitely after the government vowed they would not be allowed to live in the community.
(The Australian – paywall) 13 July 2020

Seven years too long: nationwide protests on July 19 to end detention and free the refugees (Green Left Weekly) 10 July 2020

Councillors call for detained refugees to be freed
(Green Left Weekly) 10 July 2020

Morrison’s Hong Kong visa changes fall short of ‘safe haven’ (Brisbane Times) July 10 2020

Asylum or economic opportunity? The mixed messages in Australia’s new
Hong Kong visa options
(The Conversation) July 9 2020

Meet the entrepreneurs using fintech to help refugees
(Thomson Reuters Foundation) 9 July 2020

Australia welcomed my mum so I’m mystified by what’s happening during COVID
(The Sydney Morning Herald) July 9 2020

Stateless on Netflix tries to illuminate the Australian refugee crisis
(Vanity Fair – Review) 8 July 2020

Getting to know Australia’s rigorous immigration process
(SBS) July 8

Amid dramatic lockdowns in Melbourne, the Australian Medical Association calls for a pause in easing of COVID-19 restrictions: residents of the public housing towers, who include refugees, will be vulnerable in the lockdown (Croakey) 6 July 2020

Sam uses ‘scars’ to help empower others
(Fairfield City Champion) 6 July 2020

There is a politics of death in asylum system (The National) 5 July 2020

Brisbane priest speaks out against government plans to cut ‘lifeline’ for refugees and asylum seekers in detention (Catholic Leader) 3 July 2020

The Briefing: Australia as a safe haven for Hong Kong?
(The Mandarin) 3 July 2020

We need a humane policy for refugees now
(Green Left Weekly) 2 July 2020

Qld Labor government’s police arrest refugee protesters
(World Socialist Web) 2 July 2020

Sounding a pandemic alarm over an increase in numbers in detention
(Croakey) 1 July 2020

“No one cares about us”: lives of detainees in alternative places of detention
(Independent Australia) 1 July 2020

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June 2020 media stories

ABC Back Roads visits Biloela
which hit the headlines in its bid to stop a Sri Lankan Tamil family being deported
(ABC TV) 29 June 2020

Australia urged to help Rohingya refugees in limbo
(Sydney Morning Herald) 30 June 2020

Asylum seekers and immigration lawyers say Government officials routinely use social media posts to challenge an applicant’s identity and claim for protection
(ABC Science News) 30 June 2020

Indonesian fishermen praised for rescuing Rohingya travellers as pressure grows on ASEAN (ABC News) 29 June 2020

Protesters march on Brisbane asylum seeker hotel
(9News) 28 June 2020

How an inner-city motel became a detention centre for more than 100 refugees
(The Guardian) 28 June 2020

Asylum seeker rally blocks arterial road
(Brinkwire) 27 June 2020

Facebook to ban ads containing hate speech:
Chief Executive said the company will also be expanding its policies to better protect immigrants, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
(Warrnambool Standard) 27 June 2020

Australia criticised in US human traffic report:
“Immigration authorities forcibly deported some asylum-seekers who may have been vulnerable to traffickers upon their return to their home countries.”
(9News) 26 June 2020

What happens to human rights when borders are closed?
(SBS) 26 June 2020

What happened to Tasmania’s intake of Australia’s 12000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees?
(SBS) 26 June 2020

Australia is failing to meet its basic human rights obligations, report finds
(SBS) 25 June 2020

Protester chains himself inside a cage at refugee detention hotel in Melbourne
(SBS) 24 June 2020

Brisbane asylum seeker protesters block major road in march to demand refugees’ release (9News) 21 June 2020

Fr Frank Brennan’s Homily (Catholic Outlook – Parramatta) 21 June 2020

Refugee advocates flout coronavirus restrictions to protest in Brisbane against detention (ABC News) 21 June 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on asylum seekers
(The Saturday Paper) 20 June 2020

On World Refugee Day, Moz’s message from detention
(Kaldor Centre) 20 June 2020

Settlement Guide: What to do when your visa is cancelled
(SBS) June 20 2020

Every room in this hotel is booked. But the guests are not allowed to leave
(CNN)  19 June 2020

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is asking for support this World Refugee Day
(Junkee) 19 June 2020

Malaysia’s Coronavirus Scapegoats
(Foreign Policy blog) 19 June 2020

We can’t forget about humanity’s most vulnerable
(The Canberra Times) 19 June 2020

The neighbours were always very welcoming and warm: little things count to help refugees belong (The Conversation) 18 June 2020

This is how many people are forcibly displaced worldwide: a total of almost 80 million, nearly double the 2010 figure. An estimated 30-34 million of these were below the age of 18
(World Economic Forum -blog) 18 June 2020

Portugal’s COVID-19 strategy to treat immigrants like citizens is working
(Newsweek) 18 June 2020

Regional centres can help us attract and embrace refugees
(The Australian – paywall) 18 June 2020

Gone from bad to worse: Life of people on the bridging visa during Covid-19
(SBS Audio) 18 June 2020

A human being feels they are on a precipice: COVID-19’s threshold moment
(Kaldor Centre) 16 June 2020

Why this family has been disproportionally affected by the coronavirus pandemic
(Ballarat Courier) 16 June 2020

Protesters maintain resolve to fight for refugees
(The Westender – Brisbane) 16 June 2020

When the borders re-open, let’s increase our intake of asylum seekers and refugees (Newcastle Herald – Opinion) 15 June 2020

World warned to brace for ‘tens of thousands’ of asylum claims as China cracks down on freedoms ( 15 June 2020

Australia is being urged to see the world’s 70 million displaced people as a ‘talent pool’
(SBS) 15 June 2020

Australians join Black Lives Matter protests in Perth and Darwin as refugee rallies held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne (ABC News) 14 June 2020

Black Lives Matter, refugee protests underway in Queensland for second weekend as hundreds defy coronavirus restrictions (ABC) 14 June 2020

Brisbane Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri arrested for ignoring police orders during protest demanding refugees be released (Daily Mail) 14 June

Australia protests: thousands take part in Black Lives Matter and pro-refugee events amid Covid-19 warnings (The Guardian) 13 June 2020

Refugee rallies go ahead despite warnings
(The Age) 13 June 2020

The last refugee family on Nauru (The Saturday Paper) 13 June 2020

Black Lives Matter, refugee protests underway in Queensland for second weekend as hundreds defy coronavirus restrictions
(ABC News) 13 June 2020

More than a thousand to protest as PM rules out stripping entitlements
(Brisbane Times) 13 June 2020

Refugee Action Collective protests Melbourne: organisers to spread across city ( 13 June 2020

Coronavirus: States plan to ease restrictions further as second wave of protests sweep the nation (9News) 13 June 2020

Protester charged after effort to block refugee transfers
(Brisbane Times) 12 June 2020

Asylum seeker protesters arrested for climbing on vehicle at Brisbane apartment block
(ABC News) 12 June 2020

Young asylum seekers at school speak out about their lives in community detention in Brisbane (Catholic Leader ) 12 June 2020

Reflecting on this Refugee Week (Eureka Street) 11 June 2020

These doctors have slept outside for 300 nights to protest Australia’s refugee detention (SBS) 9 June 2020

Malaysian authorities round up thousands of migrant workers
and refugees using COVID-19 pretext
(Green Left Weekly) 5 June 2020

A Brutal Welcome: Riots and a pandemic greet Manus and Nauru refugees landing in the United States (Kaldor Centre) 4 June 2020

Seeking protection in Australia: challenges for asylum seekers during the COVID-19 crisis (Refugee Law Initiative) 4 June 2020

Refugee rights car cavalcade shows solidarity with Villawood detainees
(Green Left Weekly) 2 June 2020

Australian government put Manus staff at risk of harm in lead-up to deadly riots, court told (Guardian Australia) 1 June 2020

Coronavirus inquiry told of ‘shocking and wilful neglect’ of temporary visa holders in Australia (SBS) 1 June 2020

Organisations fear humanitarian crisis unfolding due to lack of federal support for people seeking asylum (ABC News) June 1 2020

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May 2020 media stories

Detained refugee records song with Midnight Oil’s Moginie
(Radio New Zealand) 31 May 2020

Australia’s unwanted refugees are still being resettled in the US
Immigration (Centre for Immigration Studies – CIS – blog) 29 May 2020

Golriz Ghahraman hits back at ‘baseless assertion’ Manus Island refugee Behrouz Boochani won political favour (Newshub NZ) 28 May 2020

The Iranian refugee writing songs of love from his ‘luxury torture cell’
(The Guardian) 28 May 2020

This is how they drive you mad’: refugee turns anguish into art
(Sydney Morning Herald) 29 May 2020

Refugees at increased risk of coronavirus due to barriers to healthcare
(The Conversation) 28 May 2020

Extend JobKeeper & JobSeeker to ensure nobody is left behind
(Mirage News) 25 May 2020

Greens and Labor push to expand JobKeeper payments after $60 billion underspend
(Seven News) 25 May 2020

Frydenberg rules out ‘wholesale changes’ to jobkeeper despite $60bn underspend
(The Guardian) 25 May 2020

Rohingya refugee’s right to protection in Australia recognised
(UNSW Newsroom) 25 May 2020

‘Just a disaster’: Government under pressure to pay spare JobKeeper billions to those overlooked (The New Daily) 24 May 2020

Resettled refugees in Covid-19 lockdown
(Saturday Paper -free signup) 23 May 2020

Dozens of refugees flown from Australia and PNG to US despite coronavirus travel bans (SBS) 22 May 2020

Dozens of refugees in Australian centres transferred to US
(Outlook -news scroll India) 22 May 2020

Will COVID-19 change how we think about migration and migrant workers?
(World Economic Forum) 22 May 2020

A 24-year-old who died mysteriously on Nauru should get an inquest, lawyers say (BuzzFeed) 21 May 2020

Cafe serves up soup kitchen of human kindness
(10 daily) 21 May 2020

Ballina refugee group gets $10000 donation
(Echonetdaily) 21 May 2020

This man lives less than an hour from his wife but they’ve been separated for three years (10 daily) 21 May 2020

Medical professionals: ‘COVID-19 in institutions is a significant risk’
(Green Left Weekly) 21 May 2020

This young man spent his twenties imprisoned on a pacific island before finding safety in Canada (BuzzFeed) 20 May 2020

Australia locked this man up when he asked for safety. Canada set him free.
(BuzzFeed) 20 May 2020

Indonesia, Australia seek refugee crisis solution
(Jakarta Post) 18 May 2020

Coronavirus: Rohingya refugees dying at sea as nations deny entry
(The Australian – paywall) 18 May 2020

The right to protest in Australia: covid protests and obstructing traffic laws in NSW (Lexology) 17 May 2020

Behrouz Boochani. ‘As I learn to live in freedom, Australia is still tormenting refugees’
(SMH) 17 May 2020

Indonesia, Australia explore solution to Rohingya refugee crisis under Bali Process
(Jakarta Post) 17 May 2020

Refugees the world forgot: West Papuans overcoming disadvantage
(Independent Australia) 17 May 2020

Australia dithers over starting Bali Process
(NewAge Bangladesh) 16 May 2020

Australia resisting talks to save Rohingya refugees stranded at sea
(SMH) 14 May 2020

Queensland court blocks protest picnic over plight of refugees, asylum seekers
( 15 May 2020

Federal Government pushing for greater search and seize powers in immigration detention centres (ABC) 14 May 2020

Government pushes for increased Border Force powers inside immigration facilities
(SBS) 14 May 2020

Ignored by COVID-19 responses, refugees face starvation
(Amnesty International) 13 May 2020

Now even the limited support is out of reach (BuzzFeed) 13 May 2020

Working with refugees as a volunteer doctor has made me appreciate my good fortune
(The Guardian) 13 May 2020

Another refugee attempts suicide at Mantra Hotel
(Refugee Action Coalition Sydney) 12 May 2020

Protesters demanding release of Medevac asylum seekers barricade themselves inside Melbourne hotel (The Guardian) 12 May 2020

Refugee activists occupy Preston hotel housing medivac detainees
(The Age) 12 May 2020

The US, Struggling Under The Pressure Of The Coronavirus, Is Still Taking Refugees From Australia (BuzzFeed) 9 May 2020

Nobody behind: summary of NRAAG Consultation Outcomes Report
(National Refugee Community Consultation – NRAAG – Australia) 5 May 2020

Asylum Insight facts & analysis
(Asylum Insight) 5 May 2020

COVID–19 Is No Excuse to Abandon Basic Principles Protecting Refugees
and Asylum Seekers
(The Diplomat) 4 May 2020

Open letter to PM Scott Morrison – nobody left behind
(Refugee Council of Australia) 4 May 2020

Multiculturalism is a strength in rebounding from COVID-19 crisis
(Independent Australia) 3 May 2020

Urgent support call for asylum seekers
(The Catholic Weekly) 2 May 2020

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April 2020 media stories

Kangaroo Point protest: Covid-19 is one more reason to free the refugees
(Green Left Weekly) 30 April 2020

Asylum seeker in Mantra Hotel coronavirus protest ‘forcibly removed’ and placed in detention centre (SBS) 29 April 2020

Australia’s coronavirus relief exclusions prove we are not all in this together
(Brinkwire) 29 April 2020

We are all in this together, but for some, the stakes are as high as it gets
(Probono Australia) 28 April 2020

ACT launches support package for temporary visa holders after federal government ‘refused’ to act (SBS) 28 April 2020

COVID-19: Migrant visa holders and the pain of family separation in a time
of coronavirus
(Monash University Lens) 28 April 2020

COVID-19 Watch hub focuses on refugees and other displaced people
(UNSW Newsroom) 27 April 2020

Questions the TV series ‘Stateless’ left unanswered (SMH) 26 April 2020

Refugees need protection from coronavirus too, and must be released
(The Conversation) 24 April 2020

Australia’s coronavirus relief exclusions prove we are not all in this together
(The Guardian) 23 April 2020

Australian court ruling means continued imprisonment for Tamil refugees from Biloela (World Socialist Web) 23 April 2020

Turnbull confirms NZ demand on refugees
( 22 April 2020

Asylum seekers slip through Australia’s coronvirus safety net – photo essay
(The Guardian) 22 April 2020

Legal challenge filed to protect refugee at COVID-19 risk in immigration detention (Human Rights Legal Centre) 22 April 2020

Refugee brings court case over threat of Covid-19 in Australian detention
(The Guardian) 22 April 2020

Hotels are no ‘luxury’ place to detain people seeking asylum in Australia
(Architecture and Design) 22 April 2020

SOS call for refugees hit by job losses
(Catholic Outlook – Parramatta Diocese) 21 April 2020

Enough is enough: the saga of the Biloela Four must end
(Crikey – paywall) 21 April 2020

Is protesting during the pandemic an ‘essential’ right that should be protected?
(The Conversation) 21 April 2020

By refugees, for refugees: Refugee leadership during COVID-19, and beyond
(Kaldor Centre UNSW) 20 April 2020

Reprieve for Tamil family, two-year-old daughter ‘not afforded procedural fairness’ in visa application (Catholic Leader) 20 April 2020

Pressure builds for Australia to release asylum seekers
(The Australian Financial Review) 19 April 2020

Australians want to open their homes to locked-down refugees.
The government should let them: Craig Foster
. (The Guardian) 19 April 2020

Refugee Legal’s David Manne In conversation with Tom Ballard
(YouTube video)  19 April 2020

Explainer: what does the Federal Court decision on the Tamil asylum
seeker family mean?
(The Conversation AU) 17 April 2020

Australia’s detained medical-evacuation refugees fear coronavirus
( 17 April 2020

Refugee advocates defend convoy protest as fears grow for detainees
(Independent Australia) 17 April 2020

Tamil girl ‘not afforded procedural fairness’ in Biloela family’s asylum bid,
Federal Court rules 
(ABC News) 17 April 2020

Detainees in on-shore detention fear they will die from coronavirus outbreak
(10 daily – The Project) 16 April 2020

Three men arrested as riot police end rooftop coronavirus protest at Sydney detention centre (SBS) 16 April 2020

Australian police use COVID-19 emergency powers to ban refugee detention protest (World Socialist Web) 16 April 2020

Biloela Tamil family fighting deportation from Australia to learn their fate over the phone (SBS) 16 April 2020

This man has come by boat to two countries without a visa and now he’s facing the coronavirus in an overcrowded prison Papua New Guinea’s Bomana correctional facility (BuzzFeed) 15 April 2020

A Daily Telegraph article that encouraged refugees and asylum seekers to self-harm breached four separate journalism standards, the Australian Press Council (APC) has ruled (BuzzFeed) 14 April 2020

Hotels are no ‘luxury’ place to detain people seeking asylum in Australia
(The Conversation) 14 April 2020

Coronavirus debate turns to asylum seekers on Q+A as former deputy prime minister John Anderson causes a stir (ABC) 13 April 2020

Human Rights Commissioner calls for release of detainees amid virus alarm
(Asia Pacific Report) 13 April 2020

Human Rights Commissioner calls for immigration detainees’ release over coronavirus infection fears (SBS) 13 April 2020

Coronavirus deaths rise to 13 in Victoria, Melbourne refugee protesters fined by police (ABC News) 11 April 2020

Asylum seekers protest on roof of Sydney’s Villawood detention centre over fears of coronavirus (SBS) 11 April 2020

Victoria’s coronavirus death toll rises to 14 as police issue increasing number of fines : police arrested one refugee activist and fined 26 others a total of nearly $43,000 for convoy past a hotel in Melbourne’s north where refugees and asylum seekers are being detained. (ABC News) 11 April 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers not eligible for JobKeeper payments
(ABC RN) 9 April 2020

5 questions about temporary protection visas in the age of COVID-19
(Kaldor – UNSW Newsroom) 9 April 2020

COVID-19: Australians first, foreigners second?
(The Canberra Times) 9 April 2020

COVID-19 to impact Australian refugees without access to welfare
(ABC AM) 8 April 2020

Queensland to raise hotel detention coronavirus concerns with Federal Government (SBS News) 6 April 2020

Refugees, asylum seekers flag fears over possible Brisbane virus hotspot
(Asia Pacific Report) 5 April 2020

‘Disgraceful’: Immigration minister slammed for illegal detention of
Afghan refugee
(SBS News) 5 April 2020

Calls for Australia to follow Portugal and treat migrants as residents
during coronavirus crisis
(SBS) 4 April 2020

New fears for asylum seekers in PNG and Nauru
(The Saturday Paper – free trial) 4 April 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers flag fears over possible coronavirus hotspot in Brisbane (SBS) 4 April 2020

Doctors want refugees out of hotels because of Covid-19 risk
(Radio New Zealand) 4 April 2020

Asylum seekers left on their own after coronavirus takes their livelihoods
(Adelaide Advertiser – paywall) 4 April 2014

Medical experts call for release of refugees and asylum seekers
(Green Left Weekly) 3 April 2020

Portugal gives migrants, asylum seekers residency rights during
coronavirus crisis
(SBS) 2 April 2020

Australian doctors call for refugees to be released amid coronavirus fears
(SBS) 2 April 2020

Doctors from refugee backgrounds ‘desperate’ to help Australia
fight coronavirus
(SBS) 2 April 2020

Doctors call for refugees to be released (9News) 2 April 2020

Refugee lawyers call for protection claims to be re-examined
(UNSW Newsroom) 2 April 2020

Doctors warn of deadly coronavirus risks for refugees, guests at Melbourne hotel
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 2 April 2020

Covid-19: Calls for evacuation of refugees from Nauru, PNG
(RNZ) 2 April 2020

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March 2020 media stories

“Disgraceful”: the government kept a man in detention because it disagreed with the tribunal that ordered his release (Buzzfeed) 31 March 2020

Federal court data breach sees names of protection visa applicants made public
(ABC News) 31 Mar 2020

Has the World Learned the Lessons of the 2015 Refugee Crisis?
(World Politics Review) 31 Mar 2020

Government inaction putting staff and inmates in immigration detention
at great risk
(Newcastle Herald) 31 March 2020

Federal court data breach sees names of protection visa applicants made public
(ABC News) 31 March 2020

Australia’s imprisoned refugees plead for release as coronavirus risk increases
(World Socialist Web Site) 27 Mar 2020

“We are sitting ducks for Covid 19”: asylum seekers write to PM after detainee tested in immigration  (The Guardian) 24 March 2020

Infectious disease doctors say immigration detainees should be released now as the Coronavirus spreads (Buzzfeed) 23 March 2020

Humanity in uncertain times
(Pro Bono Australia) 23 March 2020

Far right uses coronavirus to scapegoat refugees
(Mail and Guardian) 22 March 2020

Fears coronavirus could spread to asylum seekers in Australian immigration detention (SBS News) 22 March 2020

Morrison government urged to help temporary visa holders ‘trapped’ in Australia (Guardian Australia) 21 March 2020

Federal Government wins right to appeal ruling over medical transfer of refugees
(SBS News) 20 March 2020

UNHCR to suspend refugee resettlement due to coronavirus
(ABC RN) 19 March 2020

Fears for refugees after guard at Brisbane immigration detention centre tests positive for coronavirus (Guardian Australia) 19 March 2020

Guard working at Brisbane hotel housing refugees and asylum seekers tests positive for COVID-19 (SBS News) 19 March 2020

Palm Sunday Rally Cancelled, Campaign for Refugees to continue:
(Uniting Church of Australia NSW & ACT) 19 March 2020

Nauru declares ‘state of emergency’ to manage coronavirus pandemic
(SBS News) 17 March 2020

Urgent Statement from the Asia Pacific Network of Refugees 17 March 2020

Migration: The bargaining power of transit states
(Lowy Institute: The Interpreter) 17 March 2020

Warrawong Intensive English Centre swimming program helps build confidence (ABC News) 17 March 2020

Australia’s offshore detention determined cruel, inhuman and degrading, but not crimes against humanity (News Room, UNSW) 12 March 2020

National anti-racism campaign needed: Kristina Keneally
(Blue Mountains Gazette) 12 March 2020

Manus Island refugees recount violent attacks by armed locals on apartment compound (Guardian Australia) 11 March 2020

Former Manus Island detainee warns UN of Australia copycats
(RadioNZ) 11 March 2020

‘Life-changing program’ puts refugees, asylum seekers on right track
(Brisbane Times) 11 March 2020

Sudanese refugee who came to Australia with no education on road to becoming a surgeon (The Catholic Leader) 11 March 2020

How to succeed in refugee review cases: new research reveals the factors that matter (The Conversation) 10 March 2020

Game Over: Why Craig Foster’s refugee campaign matters
(The Roar) 10 March 2020

Australian high school student addresses UN, calls for end to ‘cruel, inhumane’ treatment of two Tamil refugees (SBS News) 8 March 2020

Port Moresby Refugee Hotel Attacked By Locals For A Second Time ( – Press Release – RAC Sydney) 8 March 2020

Eelam Tamil student from Australia visits Geneva seeking release of detained Tamil asylum seekers (Tamil Guardian) 6 Mar 2020

Armidale Nauru to Canada appeal to get Nauru refugee family to Canada (Armidale Express) 6 March 2020

‘Nothing to see here’: Home Affairs chief denies knowing of bribe requests
(SMH) 6 March 2020

We relied on AAP when Guardian Australia launched. Holding power to account just got a whole lot harder (Guardian Australia) 5 March 2020

These asylum seeker families are being given free childcare in Sydney
(SBS News) 5 March 2020

Refugee children succeed at school with specialist tutoring from teachers who understand their trauma (ABC News) 4 March 2020

These asylum seeker families are being given free childcare in Sydney
(SBS) 4 Mar 2020

Asylum seekers in Bell City Mantra hotel Preston (Vic) call for release
(Herald Sun – paywall) 4 Mar 2020

Manus Island guard takes own life (The Saturday Paper) 4 March 2020

Manus guard pleads with Morrison to settle claim before taking life
(The Age) 3 March 2020

The closure of AAP is yet another blow to public interest journalism in Australia (The Conversation) 3 March 2020

‘People are crying and begging’: the human cost of forced relocations in immigration detention (The Conversation) 2 Mar 2020

Labor demands answers on patrol reduction (9 News) 2 March 2020

Cornelia Rau, Australia’s immigration wars and the true story behind TV
drama Stateless
(ABC) 2 Mar 2020

Border force authorities stop boat from Indonesia targeting Australia ( -paywall) 2 March 2020

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February 2020 media stories

‘I never said I want to go to Australia’: Behrouz Boochani rejects Peter Dutton barring him from the country (SBS) 29 Feb 2020

Behrouz Boochani’s book, No Friend But The Mountains, to be made into a film
(The Guardian) 24 Feb 20

Refugee and Indigenous Australian experiences drawn together in exhibition by artist Vernon Ah Kee (ABC) 24 Feb 2020

Meet the Aussie Expats Fighting to Give Asylum Seekers A Fair Go
(Marie Claire) 23 Feb 2020

As a co-creator of the new ABC series Stateless, Cate Blanchett hopes to challenge Australian attitudes towards asylum seekers
(The Saturday Paper) 22 Feb 2020

‘The only one who made it out’: Incredible Manus Island escape revealed
(Brisbane Times) 22 Feb 2020

Scott Morrison’s politics of division
(Independent Australia) 20 Feb 2020

Manus Island refugees injured by mob attack in Port Moresby
(RadioNZ) 20 Feb 2020

Cate Blanchett on global politics and immigration detention: ‘You’re living in a system that’s gone mad’ The Guardian (20 Feb 2020)

Hopes detained Tamil family may be moved to Christmas Island duplex
The Australian – paywall (20 Feb 2020)

Refugee lobbyists take aim at Labor over ‘work scam’ plane arrivals crackdown (The Australian) 18 February 2020

Almost 900,000 Syrians are displaced with nowhere to go amid conflict in north-west, UN says (ABC News) 18 February 2020

Judge concerned with Biloela redactions (Western Australian) 16 February 2020

Australia’s offshore detention is unlawful, says international criminal court prosecutor (Guardian Australia) 15 February 2020

Government stalling on Howard refugee compo
(The Saturday Paper) 15 February 2020

The abuse of people in detention happens in secret; OPCAT findings must be made public (Jesuit Social Services) 14 February 2020

Refugee scholarship winner calls for more ‘stories empowered by women’
(SBS News) 14 February 2020

Offshore detention conditions may constitute a breach of international law, but Australia won’t be prosecuted (SBS News) 14 February 2020

Nhill is $105m the richer for taking refugees (The Australian) 14 February 2020

Concerns about systemic cruelty and arbitrariness in Australia’s immigration detention system raised with two United Nations bodies ahead of their visits to Australia
(Refugee Council of Australia) 11 February 2020

At least 15 refugees drown after boat sinks off Bangladesh
(Yahoo News) 11 February 2020

‘Creeping normalisation of hate’: Labor calls for national anti-racism campaign
(SMH) 11 February 2020

Indonesians jailed as children in Australia take case to Federal Court
(ABC) 11 February 2020

Iranian-Kurdish metal musician among 80 refugees holed up in Brisbane hotel
(ABC News )  11 February 2020

Concerns about systemic cruelty and arbitrariness in Australia’s immigration detention system raised with two United Nations bodies ahead of their visits to Australia (Refugee Council of Australia) 11 February 2020

Australian OPCAT Network reports on immigration issues
(Kaldor Centre) 10 February 2020

Rohingya justice: Why the ICJ’s public rebuke of Myanmar matters
(Aljazeera) 8 February 2020

A refugee’s remarkable escape story from war to Australia
(SBS News) 8 February 2020; see People share the one item they brought from their homeland (SBS) 7 March 2018

Christmas Island and the rise of mandatory detention
(The Saturday Paper) 8 February 2020

‘We must do better’: Government plans overhaul of English language courses for refugees (SBS News) 7 February 2020

Aust to trial English classes for refugees (Canberra Times) 7 February 2020

Syrian camp removal needed as trials start (Nine News) 7 February 2020

Refugee Resettlement: ‘Tremendous Gap’ persists between Needs, and Spaces on offer (UN Victoria News) 6 February 2020

Peter Dutton’s trifecta of border protection failures
(Independent Australia) 6 February 2020

Go bush for jobs, humanitarian refugees told (The Australian) 6 February 2020

Reuniting refugee families (Sanctuary Australia Foundation) 5 February 2020

More resettlement needed as only 4.5 per cent of global resettlement needs met in 2019 (UNHCR) 5 February 2020

Keeping the Australian Government accountable: a guide (RCOA) 4 February 2020

2020’s ‘wind of madness’ indicates growing instability: UN chief
(UN News) 4 February 2020

Germany: Half of refugees find jobs within five years (DW News) 4 February 2020

Transforming refugee policies in Indonesia (The Asean Post) 2 February 2020


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January 2020 media stories

‘Now we’ll be a leper colony’: Christmas Island, forever a troubled paradise
(The Age) 31 January 2020

Coronavirus ‘shock’: Biloela family knew nothing of Christmas Island evacuation plan (Guardian Australia) 30 January 2020

Biloela family is ‘very worried’ about coronavirus Christmas Island plan
(Crikey – paywall) 30 January 2020

UN ruling could be a game-changer for climate refugees and climate action
(SBS News) 30 January 2020

PNG’s Canberra-built Bomana immgration centre likened to WW2-era camps
(The Bog Smoke) 29 January 2020

Coronavirus: detained Tamils on Christmas Island plead for return to Australia
(The Australian – paywall) 29 January 2020

Home affairs department racked up $6.1m bill transferring refugees and asylum seekers (The Guardian Australia) 29 January 2020

Ex-director of controversial security company Paladin willing to tell all
(The Age) 27 January 2020

Inside Christmas Island: the Australian detention centre with four asylum seekers and a $26m price tag (Guardian Australia) 26 January 2020

Last asylum seekers held in Papua New Guinea detention centre released
(Guardian Australia) 24 January 2020

National security laws threaten freedom of government whistleblowers and journalists (Catholic Leader) 24 January 2020

Peter Dutton’s office was suspected of leaking ‘classified’ medevac information
(ABC News) 23 January 2020

Davos: World needs to prepare for ‘millions’ of climate refugees
(Aljazerra) 22 January 2020

House of Lords votes to reunite lone refugee children with families
(The London Economic) 21 January 2020

‘We owe Australia alot’: Refugee community donates $160,000 to bushfire relief, offers up tradies (SBS News) 21 January 2020

Landmark decision from UN Human Rights Committee paves way for climate refugees (ABC News) 21 January 2020

From toilet-cleaning refugee to orthopaedic surgeon, meet NSW’s Australian of the Year (The New daily) 21 January 2020

‘Australia ruined them’: Asylum seeker ‘torture’ at PNG’s Bomana
(Radio New Zealand) 17 January 2020

Seeking Asylum: A Christian Issue (UCA’s Insight Magazine) 15 January 2020

Dutton slammed for locking up a blind, mentally ill refugee for a decade (Mondaq News Alerts – legal firm) 15 January 2020

“Repealing the medevac law was a cruel political maneuver that makes it more difficult for refugees and asylum seekers with serious illnesses – victims of offshore processing operations – to get the care they need”
(Human Rights Watch World Report 2020) 15 January 2020

Leaked photos of Papua New Guinea prison reveal ‘torture’ of 18 asylum seekers cut off from world (The Guardian) 15 January 2020

Strict character test used to deport thousands from Australia doesn’t apply to refugees: Court (SBS) 15 January 2020

Strict character test used to deport thousands from Australia doesn’t apply to refugees, court rules (SBS News) 14 January 2020

Dutton and Pezzullo’s Asylum Seeker Bungle – November Update
(Pearls and Irritations) 14 January 2020

From one prison to another: Medevac detainees face uncertain future
(Mondaq News Alerts) 11 January 2020

A Blind Refugee With Schizophrenia Was In Detention For The Entire 2010s. He Just Won A Huge Court Case. (BuzzFeed News) 10 January 2019

Journalists punished in Australia for fleeing Saudi regime
(The Socialist) 10 January 2020

The Australian government continues the slow torture of refugees, in our name (Mondaq News Alerts) 8 January 2020

Refugee diaries: 10 years in immigration detention in Australia
(Aljazerra) 8 January 2020

The facts on boat arrivals that the media won’t face (A repost)
(Pearls and Irritations) 6 January 2020 [Originally published 8 March 2019]

Ocean 12 asylum-seeker cricket team embrace sport in Australia to ‘forget past life’ (ABC News) 4 January 2020

Illegal boat arrivals defining issue (The Australian-PW) 1 January 2020

As a refugee detained indefinitely by Australia, I wish you a happy new year
(Guardian Australia) 1 January 2020

Mr Morrison, please do not abandon innocent Aussie children in Syria.
(Repost from 1.11.2019)
(Pearls and Irritations) 1 January 2020

Reflections on the year for people seeking asylum
(Pearls and Irritations) 1 January 2020

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Dec 2019 media stories

‘Looking back, I realise I was naive’: reporting on the refugee crisis (The Guardian) 31 December 2019

China took their parents: the Uighur refugee children of Turkey (Yahoo News) 31 December 2019

Darebin City Council Offers Refugees and Asylum Seekers Free Access to Leisure Services (Australian Leisure Management) 30 December 2019

More asylum seekers arrive on planes amid trafficking fears (SMH) 30 December 2019

This is what happened to Australia’s 12,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq (SBS News) 29 December 2019

From Nauru to limbo: the anguish of Australia’s last asylum seeker in Cambodia (Guardian Australia) 29 December 2019

Coalition loses control of visa system (Independent Australia) 27 December 2019

Melbourne council offers refugees and asylum seekers detained in hotel free access to services (ABC) 25 December 2019

New Zealand would be honoured to take Behrouz Boochani. Australia be damned (Guardian Australia) 24 December 2019

‘They Give Us No Clear Answers’: Medevac Asylum Seeker reportedly Detained in Melbourne Hotel Speaks Out (SBS News) 23 December 2019

The truth about the Medevac ‘four-star’ asylum seekers
(Independent Australia) 23 December 2019

The Canada Project (The Saturday Paper) 21 December 2019

Refugees held inside Melbourne hotel face uncertain future
(ABC Melbourne) 19 December 2019

Refugees and asylum seekers in Australia under medevac laws detained in Melbourne hotel for months (ABC News) 19 December 2019

Refugees in PNG’s Bomana face grim conditions
(RNZ) 19 December 2019

UN targets electrifying all of world’s refugee camps
(SpaceDaily) 19 December 2019

Refugee’s overstay in New Zealand could fuel Aussie tensions
(ABCNews) 19 December 2019

After medevac was scrapped, what now for the sick refugees stranded on Nauru?
(SBS News) 18 December 2019

Australian govt uses comic strips & fake horoscopes to scare off asylum-seeking Sri Lankans (Washington Post) 18 December 2019

Medevac asylum seekers detained in a Melbourne hotel for months
(SMH) 18 December 2019

Australia should lead way on refugees (The Saturday Paper) 14 December 2019

Immigration Minister David Coleman takes indefinite personal leave,
hands over duties
(SBS News) 13 December 2019

Good food was never hard to come by, until I became an asylum seeker in Australia
(SBS News) 12 December 2019

A ‘Fair Share Agreement’ for refugee resettlements (Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation) 11 December 2019

Labor MP calls for Australia to lead global refugee resettlement push
(9 News SMH) 9 December 2019

Asylum-seeker test case ‘even more vital’ after medevac repeal: lawyer
(9 News SMH) 6 December 2019

UNHCR statement on Australia’s repeal of Medevac legislation
(UNHCR) 5 December 2019

‘Ball in Australia’s court’: Jacinda Ardern open to resettling Nauru refugees in NZ
(SBS News) 5 December 2019

Medevac deal with Lambie clears ground for New Zealand solution
(The Age) 5 December 2019

MSF: Medevac repeal entrenches dangerous precedents on denial of medical care (ReliefWeb) 4 December 2019

Scott Morrison leaves door open to New Zealand refugee offer in medevac repeal (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

Medevac repeal gives Morrison a political win, but prompts intense moral discomfort (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

Senate calls on government to expedite asylum claim of two gay Saudi journalists in ‘arbitrary’ detention (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

‘Medevac’ law: Australia denies medical evacuations for refugees
(BBC News) 4 December 2019

Explainer: the medevac repeal and what it means for asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru (The Conversation) 4 December 2019

Medevac: Senate votes blind, Lambie offers no light (The Age) 4 December 2019

Iraqi interpreters who served beside Australians say they’re prevented from applying for visas (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

Scott Morrison denies ‘secret deal’ with Jacqui Lambie as Senate votes to overturn medevac laws (SBS News) 4 December 2019

Testimonies after deportation – What happens after Australia deports Tamils
(Tamil Guardian) 4 December 2019

Coalition braces for medevac fight after surprise loss on ‘union-busting’ bill
(SBS) 2 December 2019.

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Nov 2019 media stories

More than 5,000 doctors urge Jacqui Lambie to ‘save medevac’ in open letter to Parliament (SBS) 28 November 2019.

Federal Court throws out government’s Nauru medevac appeal
(SBS News) 28 November 2019.

Catholic religious call for government to protect Medevac bill
(Catholic Leader) 27 November 201.

This is what it’s like to be a refugee transferred to Australia for medical treatment (SBS) 27 November 2019.

No written record of advice that led to Biloela family’s detention on Christmas Island (The Guardian) 27 November 2019.

‘There have been some very protracted delays’: Concerns aired about asylum applications (SBS) 26 November 2019.

Dozens of refugee medical transfers held up by Nauru’s controversial approval system (Guardian Australia) 25 November 2019

Wilson Security settles out of court with refugee who alleges Nauru guard raped her (Guardian Australia) 25 November 2019

Secret refugee settlement report reveals plans to better support migrants
(SBS News) 23 November 2019.

Pope Francis says ‘every nation’ should be fighting to protect rights of migrants and refugees (Newsweek) 22 November 2019.

Inside Australia’s refugee prison camp in PNG
(Green Left Weekly) 21 November, 2019.

A visit among the men of Manus
(Catholic Outlook) 19 November 2019.

‘See the devastation’: Craig Foster pleads for medevac to be preserved (Guardian Australia) 19 November 2019

Peter Dutton says Behrouz Boochani will never be let into Australia
(Junkee) 19 November 2019.

‘People will die’ – Behrouz Boochani’s grim warning to Bomana asylum seekers
(1NewsNow NZ) 18 November 2019.

Conditions in Australian-funded PNG immigration centre ‘worse than prison’
(SBS) 17 November 2019.

Manus Island freedom fighter: I want safety, and a simple life
( 17 November 2019.

Conditions in Australian-funded PNG immigration centre ‘worse than prison’, human rights groups say (SBS News) 16 November 2019

Newly-freed Behrouz Boochani slams Australian refugee policies
(Aljazeera) 16 November 2019.

This is what it’s like to be an LGBTIQ+ asylum seeker in Australia
(SBS) 16 November 2019.

Defend Medevac to save lives, say protesters
(Green Left Weekly) 15 November 2019.

Please, Jacqui Lambie, it’s down to you: let Medevac go on saving lives
(Sydney Morning Herald) 14 November 2019.

A long flight to freedom: how refugee Behrouz Boochani finally left his island jail behind (Guardian Australia) 14 November 2019.

New policy brief takes an in-depth look at protected entry for refugees
(Newsroom – UNSW) 14 November 2019.

Inside ScoMo’s billion-dollar visa privatisation
( 14 November 2019.

Behrouz Boochani, voice of Manus Island refugees, is free in New Zealand (Guardian Australia) 14 November 2019.

Papua New Guinea: detainees denied lawyers, family access
(Human Rights Watch) 13 November 2019.

‘Designed to torture’: asylum seeker chooses Iranian prison over PNG
detention centre
(The Guardian ) 11 November 2019.

Medevac supporters take to the streets.
(7NEWS) 9 November 2019.

Canada ‘like a dream’ for refugee who spent 6 years in Australia’s Manus Island camp. (CBC – Canada) 8 November 2019.

PNG visit affirms need for safe, secure pathways for refugees and people seeking asylum. (Catholic Outlook) 8 November 2019.

National Refugee rallies say “hands off Medevac”.
(Scoop NZ) 8 November 2019.

Canadian Aussies save refugees from PNG prison fate.
(Radio New Zealand) 8 November 2019.

Asylum seekers: Armidale residents to hold overnight vigil for Medevac.
(The Armidale Express) 7 November 2019.

Canada welcomes asylum seeker who spent 6 years in Australian detention centre. (CTV News – Canada) 6 November 2019.

Against Our Oath: disturbing doco depicting dark truths for refugee doctors opens in Tasmania. (P) (Hobart Mercury) 6 November 2019.

‘Someone has to do it’: Australians sponsor refugees into Canada
A unique program that allows individuals to privately sponsor refugees.
(9News-SMH) 3 November 2019.

Australia flew a refugee with a contaminated cavity from an island detention camp to Taiwan
The details lay bare the incredible and high priced lengths Australia has absent to in order to hold ill detainees absent from its shores.
(GoTechDaily – blog) 3 November 2019.

A hundred twenty five individuals were staffing an empty detention centre
This is what they all did.
(GoTechDaily – blog) 2 November 2019.

Another Labor Of Lies On ‘Plane Arrivals’ And Worker Exploitation
Even on its own terms, the ‘plane arrival’ rhetoric does not hang together.
(New Matilda) 1 November 2019.

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Oct 2019 media stories

The silent struggle of refugees in Indonesia
Registered asylum seekers pitch tents in Central Jakarta; most were previously housed but faced little option following declining support from the Australian government and the Indonesian Organization for Migration.
(Jakarta Post) 31 October 2019.

Queensland coroner orders Nauru refugee death inquest to resume for more evidence (SBS News) 30 October 2019

This mother still doesn’t know how her son died on Nauru, a year after she buried him (SBS News) 30 October 2019

WMA Statement on Medical Age Assessment of Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers (World Medical Association) October 2019

Manus Island has shut – but hundreds of asylum seekers say they’re now stranded (SBS News) 28 October 2019

How #SaveHakeem people power freed refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi ABC News) 28 October 2019

Hundreds of Commonwealth Games athletes and officials ‘have asylum claims rejected’ (SBS News) 29 October 2019

Australia’s immigration detention system is cruel and damaging by its very nature (Guardian Australia) 28 October 2019

Mining company gets $20m contract to maintain Christmas Island detention centre that is holding four people (Guardian Australia) 27 October 2019

Manus Island Refugees’ Lives Of Misery Revealed In New Documentary (10 Daily) 27 October 2019

Bangladeshi asylum seeker dies by suicide at a Lakemba mosque (SBS News) 26 October 2019

Self-harm rates on Nauru, Manus Island ‘exceptionally high’ (RNZ) 25 October 2019

Catholic preschools open doors to asylum seeker children (Catholic Weekly) 25 October 2019

Qantas stares down activists on asylum seeker transportation (SMH) 25 October 2019

Qantas Faces Questions on Asylum Seeker Transfers at AGM ( 25 October 2019

Medivac sham weakens border (The Australian) 23 October 2019

Australia ‘coercing’ Manus Island asylum seekers to go home (RNZ) 23 October 2019

Australia urged to pay compensation for unjustified use of force in immigration detention (Guardian Australia) 23 October 2019

Scott Morrison’s captain’s call inserts medevac critic Sarah Henderson as chair of human rights committee (ABC News) 23 October 2019

Medevac is about health not migration outcomes (Eureka Street) 23 October 2019

Women honoured at Qantas awards call out CEO Alan Joyce on refugees (7 News) 23 October 2019

Christmas Island detention centre cost $27 million to ‘detain four people’ (SBS News) 22 October 2019

The evidence is clear: the medevac law saves lives. But even this isn’t enough to alleviate refugee suffering (The Conversation) 22 October 2019

Fewer than one in 10 medivac refugees need hospital care (The Australian) 22 October 2019

Dutton lashes ‘back door’ asylum seeker laws allowing medical transfer and says Australians have been ‘conned’ (7 News) 22 October 2019

Bangladeshi asylum seeker dies by suicide at Lakemba mosque (SBS Bews) 22 October 2019

PNG officials making brazen demands for kickbacks from Manus operator (SMH) 21 October 2019

Up to 10 refugees remain in PNG despite Medevac approval (SBS News) 21 October 2019

More refugees in Australia than offshore (9News) 21 October 2019

Men approved for ‘medevac’ transfer detained in Port Moresby prison (SMH) 21 October 2019

From wrecking ball to kingmaker: why all eyes are on Jacqui Lambie (Guardian Australia) 20 October 2019

The challenges of gay asylum seekers (Malta Times) 20 October 2019

Bangladesh says thousands of Rohingya agree relocation to island (Aljazeera) 20 October 2019

Australian police arrest Iraqi man over 350 asylum-seeker deaths (DW) 19 October 2019

Migration policy enters uncharted waters (Inside Story) 18 October 2019

Meet the migrants speaking out about wage theft (The Feed – SBS) 18 October 2019

Manus Island refugee dies in Brisbane (RNZ) 18 October 2019

Lambie stays mute on medevac vote after Senate inquiry splits on party lines (The Conversation) 18 October 2019

Labor and the Coalition are arguing about asylum seekers coming by plane. Here are the facts (ABC Fact Check) 18 October 2019

Manus Island refugee doctor dies in Australia (Cora Courier) 18 October 2019

Mentally ill asylum seeker sent away from promised treatment on 5,400km Qantas round trip (Guardian Australia) 17 October 2019

Peter Dutton claims Australian veterans want refugee medevac laws scrapped (SBS News) 17 October 2019

Peter Dutton blocks asylum seeker’s ‘violent’ and ‘criminal’ dad from Australia as daughter seeks medical treatment (7 News) 16 October 2019

Tamil family remain in detention as Australia mulls UN request (Aljazeera) 16 October 2019

Kurdish refugee Behrouz Boochani warns of ‘genocide’ in northern Syria (SBS News) 16 October 2019

Qantas faces mounting pressure to cease assisting government in deporting asylum seekers (7 News) 16 October 2019

These asylum seekers want to give back by teaching others how to cook their food (SBS) 16 October 2019

Iranian refugee Behrouz Boochani may no longer be on Manus Island, but he is not yet free (The National) 15 October 2019

High self-harm rates among detained asylum seekers prompts calls for action (Phys Org) 15 October 2019

Last asylum seekers exiting Manus Island (9 News) 15 October 2019

Asylum seekers in detention 200 times more likely to commit self-harm than Australians, research finds (ABC News) 14 October 2019

Coalition digs in over refugee transfers (The New Daily) 14 October 2019

Asylum seekers have a right to higher education and academics can be powerful advocates (The Conversation) 14 October 2019

‘Lost ability to do basic maths’: Asylum seeker number bungle means ‘plane people’ not a record (SMH) 14 October 2019

There’s no airport border ‘crisis’, only management failure of the Home Affairs department (The Conversation) 14 October 2019

Peak medical authorities issue joint plea to save refugee medevac laws (SBS News) 13 October 2019

Jacqui Lambie rules out horse-trading her vote on bill to repeal medevac (Guardian Australia) 13 October 2019

Experts urge Senate to hold the line on refugee medical help (SMH) 13 October 2019

The invisible people (The Week) 12 October 2019

Australia-PNG need to find a solution for failed asylum seekers: UN (ASBS News) 11 October 2019

MANUS, the film, puts the spotlight on the government’s total absence of respect for the stranger (Newcastle Herald) 11 October 2019

Papers reveal bungles over refugee arrest (Northern Daily Leader) 11 October 2019

Do we really care about ‘plane people’? (Brisbane Times) 11 October 2019

New approach to refugee support is a ‘game changer’ – says UNHCR’s Gillian Triggs (UNHCR News) 10 October 2019

New refugee data centre can inform policies, solutions worldwide: Guterres (UN News) 10 October 2019

Asylum seekers approved for medevac transfers detained in Port Moresby (Guardian Australia) 10 October 2019

Manus Island detention centre to become a school (RNZ) 10 October 2019

UN human rights chief slams Australia for making asylum seekers ‘convenient scapegoats’ (SBS News) 9 October 2019

Asylum seeker processing wait time blows out to two years (SMH) 9 October 2019

Manus Island needs Australian restoration – journalist (RNZ) 9 October 2019

Coalition woos Jacqui Lambie to back migration character test crackdown (Guardian Australia) 9 October 2019

United Nations human rights commissioner criticises Australia’s asylum-seeker policies (ABC News) 9 October 2019

Australia on track for record number of asylum seekers arriving by plane, Labor says (Guardian Australia) 8 October 2019

European Court: Denying journalist access to asylum-seeker centre violated right to freedom of expression (the Spofia Globe) 8 October 2019

‘It’s time to act’: Oscar winner Cate Blanchett gives a passionate speech about refugees at a UNHCR committee meeting in Geneva (Daily Mail) 8 October 2019

‘We all feel the shame and guilt’: Aussie Canadians campaign to sponsor refugees detained Down Under (The Star) 7 October 2019

What the Safe Third Country Deals Mean for The Future of Asylum in the U.S. ( 7 October 2019

Massive wage underpayments at major recycler a ‘national disgrace’ (SMH) 5 October 2019

Acclaimed human rights activist compares Australian incarceration in infamous detention centre to I, Daniel Blake (The London Economy) 4 October 2019

The Fate Of Refugee Families Is In America’s Hands (Cognoscenti) 4 October 2019

Jacqui Lambie should not horse trade on medevac repeal bill (The Conversation) 3 October 2019

Manus refugees in PNG hotel pressured to relocate (RNZ News) 3 October 2019

Public views on asylum and refugee policies similar across European countries (European University Institute) 2 October 2019

‘UN human rights chief must address Manus, Nauru during Australian visit,’ psychologist says (SBS Spanish) 2 October 2019

Australia must stop discriminating against refugees with disabilities (Mirage News) 2 October 2019

Smoke and Mirrors (Harvard Politics) 2 October 2019

UN urges Australia to release Tamil asylum seeker family from offshore detention (The Straits Times) 2 October 2019

Asylum seekers transferred from Manus Island to Port Moresby being ‘forced into poverty’ (SBS News) 2 October 2019

Manus men’s ‘dehumanising’ detention continues (RNZ News) 1 October 2019

Former teacher sues Nauru detention centre operator for ‘devastating’ black mould illness (Guardian Australia) 1 October 2019

Refugee movements in South East Asia decrease, but threats on their journey rise (UNHCR News) 1 October 2019

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Sept 2019 media stories

Manus men’s ‘dehumanising’ detention continues (RNZ News) 1 October 2019

Refugee groups ‘deeply concerned’ by ‘secret report’ on resettlement of humanitarian migrants (SBS News) 30 September 2019

Flight from Manus (ABC News) 30 September 2019

Secret report urged Morrison government to create ‘more positive narrative’ on refugees SMH 29 September 2019

‘Feel like I’m living on death row’: refugees forced to choose between visa limbo or family separation (Guardian Australia) 29 September 2019

Labor demands government release ‘secret report’ on refugee resettlement (Guardian Australia) 29 September 2019

Peter Dutton appeals federal court ruling over medical transfer of refugees (Guardian Australia) 27 September 2019

Coalition blocking release of major review into refugee resettlement (Guardian Australia) 25 September 2019

Tamil torture survivor appeals to live in UK after ‘hellish’ detention in Manus Island (Tamil Guardian) 22 September 2019

In New York, Muhyiddin calls for developed countries to help bear refugee management costs (Malay Mail) 22 September 2019

Snap judgment: why Sandy Street’s record on asylum cases stands out (Guardian Australia) 22 September 2019

Sweetshop or sweatshop? Jury to decide on forced labour claims at Melbourne bakery (ABC News) 22 September 2019

Resistance grows against asylum seekers at shelter, sidewalks (The Jakarta Post) 21 September 2019

Australian government awards Serco $9.9m contract to help non-citizens return home (Guardian Australia) 20 September 2019

Healthcare for struggling refugee communities in Malaysia (Relief Web) 20 September 2019

Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela granted final hearing, deportation delayed (Nine News) 19 September 2019

Why Manus leaves Australia compromised in the Middle East coalition (UNSW Newsroom) 19 September 2019

How the Biloela Tamil family deportation case highlights the failures of our refugee system (The Conversation) 19 September 2019

I am a Tamil asylum seeker in Australia. I don’t hold hope (SBS) 18 September 2019

Tamil family wins fresh injunction against deportation (The Age) 18 September 2019

Paladin forced to pay back $3.1m for failures in offshore detention services (Guardian Australia) 17 September 2019

Essential poll: majority of Australians support medevac or better asylum care (Guardian Australia) 17 September 2019

From Manus Island to Port Moresby (The Saturday Paper) 14 September 2019

Inquiry backs plan for lifetime ban on asylum seeker boat arrivals (SBS News) 14 September 2019

Rallies call for better refugee treatment (Mandurah Mail) 14 September 2019

Coalition loses control of visa system (Independent Australia) 14 September 2019

Sending children to Nauru was a ‘human rights breach’, commission finds (SBS News) 13 September 2019

Manus detainee Behrouz Boochani appointed visiting professor at top UK university (SBS) 13 September 2019

Doctors backed majority of medevac transfer refusals (SBS News) 13 September 2019

Palestinians are tired of being the only refugees denied the right to resettlement (JWire) 11 September 2019

Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island quietly emptied (SBS News) 11 September 2019

Manus Island refugee processing is coming to an end — but what happens now? (ABC News) 11 September 2019

Independent doctors backed most medevac transfer refusals (SMH) 11 September 2019

Biloela residents travel to Canberra to plead Tamil family’s case (SBS News) 11 September 2019

Sweet shop ‘slave’ worked 100 hours a week, court told (The Age) 9 September 9 2019

States step up funding for asylum seekers after federal cuts hit people on bridging visas (SBS News) 9 September 2019

Tamils’ stay in national interest: Labor (The Australian) 8 September 2019

Victoria gives $3m to cover payments to 6,000 asylum seekers on bridging visas (Guardian Australia) 8 September 2019

Greeks in Ballarat Honor George Treloar, the Savior of Pontian Greek Refugees (Greek Reporter Australia) 8 September 2019

Home affairs data ‘gives lie’ to Coalition’s refusal to let Biloela Tamil family stay (Guardian Australia) 7 September 2019

The 8000 ‘forced movements’ on Australian flights in two years (Brisbane Times) 7 September 2019

Biloela showing community spirit (The Saturday Paper) 7 September 2019

Labor in uncharted waters on boats as rightwing media scrambles to mock and ridicule Keneally (Guardian Australia) 7 September 2019

Paladin is a Pacific own goal for Australia (AFR) 7 September 2019

Home Affairs: too scared to visit Manus (AFR) 7 September 2019

Cruelties unconfined: Humanising refugees and the Biloela Tamil family (Independent Australia) 7 September 2019

Rohingya refugee families torn apart as loved ones trapped on opposite sides of the world (ABC News) 7 September 2019

Australia to pressure Myanmar over safe return of Rohingya refugees (SMH) 7 September 2019

‘Sri Lanka not safe for Tamils’: Refugee group sounds alarm on deportation (SBS News) 6 September 2019

Almost 99 per cent of protection visa review applications fail when heard by controversial judge, new figures reveal (ABC News) 6 September 2019

Manus and Nauru refugees in Australia on medical grounds can apply for US move (Guardian Australia) 6 September 2019

Who might care if a family was deported and no one saw the tears? (SMH) 6 September 2019

Tamils wins deportation reprieve as minister ordered to provide more evidence (New Daily) 6 September 2019

What’s next for the Tamil family fighting to stay in Australia? (SMH) 6 September 2019

Refugee rejection is more complex than a soundbite: why Tamil family should stay (WAToday) 6 September 2019

Warnings of ‘looming disaster’ in Port Moresby as last asylum seekers to leave Manus Island (SBS News) 5 September 2019

After six years we leave Manus Island to go to ‘nowhere’: an asylum seeker’s story (SMH) 5 September 2019

Biloela Tamil family deportation case: removal delayed until at least Friday (Guardian Australia) 4 September 2019

Government facing multimillion-dollar refugee compensation claims (SMH) 3 September 2019

Immigration deadlock as 50 asylum seekers detained indefinitely for being stateless (7 News) 3 September 2019

Are recent Sri Lankan boat arrivals really economic refugees? (ABC) 3 September 2019

No exceptions any more (The Australian) 3 September 2019

Peter Dutton could grant visas to the Biloela family – his powers are broad and sweeping (Guardian Australia) 3 September 2019

Deportation of Tamil family not just a matter of compassion but of law (ABC) 3 September 2019

Scores of Tamil kids’ asylum cases in the pipeline, advocates say (AFR) 3 September 2019

‘Sri Lankan asylum surge’ story comes at a convenient moment for the government (Guardian Australia) 2 September 2019

Jacqui Lambie warns coalition against fast-tracking Medevac repeal bill (SBS News) 2 September 2019

Commissioners call for compassionate approach for Tamil family. AHRC Report, 2 Sept 2019

Manus refugee centre finally closes (The Loop) 2 September 2019

Papua New Guinea cancels Australia migrant camp contract (The Straits Times) 2 September 2019

Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela could be undone by father’s travel history and refugee activism, immigration lawyer says (ABC News) 2 September 2019

Australia intercepts Sri Lankan boat with 13 asylum seekers: government (Yahoo News) 2 September 2019

Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela ‘terrified’ for children after move to Christmas Island (ABC News) 1 September 2019

Albanese calls on PM to let Biloela Tamil family stay as rallies held across Australia (Guardian Australia) 1 September 2019

Malaysia urges citizens to obey Australian immigration law after report of 33,000 asylum claims (ABC News) 1 September 2019

Australia’s Harsh Immigration Policy (The Diplomat) 1 September 2019

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August 2019 media stories

Biloela Tamil Family Moved To Christmas Island In Dead Of Night (10 News) 31 August 2019

‘We’re a polite town’: rage in Biloela as Tamil family’s fate in Peter Dutton’s hands (Guardian Australia) 31 August 2019

Australian Government secrecy has family battling for answers over refugee who fled Taliban (ABC News) 31 August 2019

Paladin asked Home Affairs about ‘unforeseen bribes’ (AFR) 30 August 2019

Thousands of public servants want to quit Peter Dutton’s home affairs department (Guardian Australia) 30 August 2019

Deportation of Tamil asylum seeker family interrupted midair by last-minute injunction (ABC News) 30 August 2019

Deportation to Sri Lanka of Biloela Tamil family’s youngest child delayed until Wednesday (Guardian Australia) 30 August 2019

Fears asylum seekers transferred from Manus to Port Moresby will be ‘homeless, destitute’ (SBS News) 29 August 2019

Dysfunction in Home Affairs officially confirmed (Pearls and Irritations) 29 August 2019

Journalist Ben Doherty says there’s ‘no justification’ for refugee detention (Bendigo Advertiser) 29 August 2019

Manus refugees’ allowance and food rations stopped amid relocation push to Port Moresby (Guardian Australia) 29 August 2019

Detention self-harm surge claim unclear (Stawell Times-News) 29 August 2019

Refugee advocates encouraging people in detention to self-harm: Dutton (SBS  News) 29 August 2019

Raising Australia’s refugee intake would boost economy by billions, Oxfam says (Guardian Australia) 28 August 2019

RACGP provides in-principle support for continuance of Medevac laws (News GP 28 August 2019

Government slapped down for dragging sick asylum seekers through pointless legal battle (Mirage News) 28 August 2019

People smugglers take control of Australia’s visa system (MacroBusiness) 27 August 2019

‘It’s a real Yes Minister exercise’: the cost of running an empty detention centre (Canberra Times) 27 August 2019

How long can medivac last? (Crikey) 27 August 2019

Nauru’s parliament elects Lionel Aingimea as president amid refugee crisis (Guardian Australia) 27 August 2019

Nauru’s Parliament elects former human rights lawyer Lionel Aingimea as President (ABC News) 27 August 2019

Nauru’s parliament elects new president (Nine News) 27 August 2019

Australia’s ‘broken’ visa system being used for human trafficking, experts say (Guardian Australia) 26 August 2019

Asylum seekers held in Papua New Guinea blocked from talking to lawyers or doctors (Guardian Australia) 26 August 2019

Spies suppress Australia’s refugees (The Saturday Paper) 26 August 2019

Home Affairs fails to back up claim Medevac bill saw spike in asylum seeker self-harm cases (ABC News) 26 August 2019

Repealing medevac would be ‘catastrophic’ – Video  ( 26 August 2019

Intelligence agencies warn of ‘unprecedented scale’ of foreign spying within Australia (ABC News) 26 August 2019
The stark warning from the nation’s domestic intelligence agency follows accusations the east African nation of Rwanda has a network of spies working to supress political dissent in refugee communities.

No evidence for Home Affairs medevac claim ( 26 August 2019

Only four refugees transferred under ‘medevac’ laws admitted to hospital: Pezzullo (SMH) 26 August 2019

Labor accuses Dutton of losing control of Australia’s borders ‘at our airports’ (SBS News) 25 August 2019

Medevac repeal piles on the cruelty (SMH) 25 August 2019

‘Let them stay’: Melbourne protesters call to save Queensland Tamil family (SMH) 25 August 2019

‘Australia is a bigger cage’: the ongoing trauma of Nauru’s child refugees (Guardian Australia) 25 August 2019

Syrian refugees reunite with family in Italy after bureaucratic bungle (The New Daily) 24 August 2019

Most Nauru and Manus Island refugees are sick, depressed – report (The News Hub) 24 August 2019

Refugee legal services struggle to help ‘legacy caseload’ backlog ABC News) 24 August 2019

Asylum seeker reportedly airlifted from Nauru to Brisbane after self-immolation (SBS News) 24 August 2019

Scrapping refugee law risks death: doctors (The Senior) 23 August 2019

“Offshore Processing” in Guatemala: A Deeper Look at the U.S. Asylum Deal  (Just Security) 23 August 2019

Why medevac should stay: Kaldor Centre strongly opposes repeal (Kaldor Centre) 23 August 2019

Refugee law repeal a ‘dummy spit’: Phelps (7 News) 23 August 2019

Pakistani refugee on Nauru self immolates (9 News) 23 August 2019

Three quarters of refugees on Manus and Nauru seriously ill, doctors claim (SMH) 22 August 2019

Rohingya refugees shun Myanmar return (Canberra Times) 22 August 2019

Ex-Nauru nurse urges Senate to block government’s Medevac repeal (SBS News) 22 August 2019

Manus Island processing centre set to close (The Autrslian) 21 August 2019

NZ urged to lift ‘unfair’ restrictions on Middle Eastern and African refugees (SBS News) 21 August 2019

Operation Sovereign Borders monthly update: July 2019 (Australian Border Force Newsroom) 20 August 2019

Dumping Medevac will lead to ‘unnecessary deaths’, Kerryn Phelps warns crossbench (SBS News) 19 August 2019

Talks under way to close Australia’s Manus detention camp (The Sun Daily) 19 August 2019

Advocates lash ‘cruel’ refugee bill repeal (Nine News) 19 August 2019

Fears fewer migrants will report family violence over deportation fears (SBS News) 19 August 2019

Schindler’s List author compares Australia’s asylum seeker policy to Holocaust lead-up (SBS News) 15 August 2019

Manus Island non-refugees victims of ‘a farce’ (RNZ) 14 August 2019

Australians raise $100k to resettle Manus Island and Nauru refugees in Canada (ABC News) 14 August 2019

‘Having a job sets you free’: Refugees’ long slog to find employment (SMH) 14 August 2019

Protesters demand policy overhaul for Temporary Protection Visas (SBS News) 13 August 2019

Asylum seekers moved from Manus Island to new PNG detention facility, pending deportation (SMH) 12 August 2019

Refugee lawyers warn temporary protection visas are breaking people (Mirage News) 12 August 2019

Successful Mingoola refugee settlement program on hold as African families move away (ABC News) 12 August 2019

‘We are a part of this country’: refugees protest in Sydney over temporary visas (Guardian Australia) 12 August 2019

Gillian Triggs says ‘vindictive point-scoring’ behind Coalition’s medevac repeal (Guardian Australia) 11 August 2019

Asylum seekers moved to a prison complex in PNG (Guardian Australia) 10 August 2019

The Sydney bakery equipping refugees with the skills to thrive in Australia (SBS News) 10 August 2019

The Kaldor Centre’s Jane McAdam (The Saturday Paper) 10 August

Former asylum seekers launch simulated refugee experience (ABC) 9 August 2019

Detention centre maltreatment revealed while Home Affairs avoids charges (Independent Australia) 9 August 2019

Refugees could be sent back to countries where they face persecution under proposed new laws (SBS News) 8 August 2019

Family facing deportation from Australia due to son’s disability fear he could die if they leave (SBS News) 8 August 2019

Craig Foster welcomes corporate-backed social activism (AFR) 7 August 2019

This Syrian refugee spent months stuck in a Malaysian airport. Now he wants to bring 200 refugees to Canada (CBC) 7 August 2019

Mid North Coast Refugee Support Group concerned by MP David Gillespie’s support of Medevac Bill repeal (Macquarie Port News) 7 August 2019

‘They are cleansing our people’: Melbourne Rohingya refugee shares life story of oppression (SBS News) 6 August 2019

It was the best of days; it was the worst of days (Pearls and Irritations) 6 August 2019

Migrants and refugees bring energy and dynamism, says Bishop Vincent Long at Brisbane conference (The Catholic Leader) 6 August 2019

Craig Foster’s big gamble that paid off (AFR) 6 August 2019

Australia urged to help refugees stranded for years in Indonesia (SBS News) 5 August 2019

LGBTIQ Australians pressure Qantas on refugees (QNews) 5 August 2019

Visa character test change ‘could mean fivefold rise in deportations’ (Guardian Australia) 5 August 2019

‘The land where we lived has gone’ – the life story of a Rohingya refugee (Guardian Australia) 4 August 2019

Deportation of a Uighur asylum seeker to China temporarily halted after outcry (SBS News) 4 August 2019

Tim, seeking to protect borders is not hateful (The Australian) 3 August 2019

Humanitarian crisis in Maxmur refugee camp (Green Left Weekly) 3 August 2019

Five years on from ‘the black day’, Australia’s Yazidi refugees reflect on IS terror (SBS News) 3 August 2019

Writing on the wall: Street artist Peter Drew tells his story (The Advertiser) 3 August 2019

Destitute Refugees In Indonesia Show Australia Must Lift Ban On Resettlement (New Matilda) 2 August 2019

Government moves to repeal Medevac Bill (Mirage News) 2 August 2019

More Refugees Leave PNG shores (Loop) 2 August 2019

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July 2019 media stories

$5 million for a piece of paper: Major review of Home Affairs did not produce an actual report (The Age) 31 July 2019

Australia’s Practice of Boat Turnbacks (Asylum Insight) July 2019

A refugee pushed a boy under a train and reignited Germany’s race debate (SMH) 31 July 2019

Kindergarten language lessons provide a home for refugee preschoolers (Education HQ Australia) 31 July 2019

Migrants, refugees encouraged to ‘tell their stories’ to Aged Care Royal Commission (SBS News) 31 July 2019

Home affairs department failed to keep track of those claiming asylum at airports (Guardian Australia) 30 July 2019

Classified ‘medevac’ advice was sent to just a handful of senior officials before it was leaked (SMH) 30 July 2019

Rohingya refugees refusing to return to Myanmar (The Australian) 30 July 2019

Without School, a ‘Lost Generation’ of Rohingya Refugee Children Face Uncertain Future (Sight Magazine) 30 July 2019

Refugee and TPV rally outside Parliament House, Canberra – Canberra Times  – 29 July

Hundreds of refugees protest outside Australian Parliament – MSN News (AAP) – 30 July

The Government wants to Repeal Australia’s Only Humane Refugee Law (GQ Australia) 29 July 2019

Larger ethnic communities help new refugees find work, Stanford research shows (Stanford News Service) 29 July 2019

Unaccompanied asylum seeker children in Australia urgently need an Independent Guardian (UNSW Newsroom) 26 July 2019

One family’s horrific story shows why the medevac regime should stay (Guardian Australia) 25 July 2019

Australia, PNG Agree To Schedule Close Of Detention Camps On Manus Island (Hawaii Public Radio) 23 July 2019

Iraqi asylum seeker sews his lips together amid mounting despair at MITA, lawyer says (Brisbane Times) 23 July 2019

Mental health dominates refugee admissions (7 News) 23 July 2019

Mental health conditions behind most Nauru and Manus refugee medical admissions (Guardian Australia) 22 July 2019

PNG calls for end of offshore processing on Manus Island (SMH) 22 July 2019

Ardern’s refugee resettlement offer still stands (The Saturday Paper) 22 July 2019

Another chance looms to transfer refugees to New Zealand (SMH) 21 July 2019

Australians protest six years of offshore detention (SBS News) 20 July 2019

Australian protesters urge release of refugees detained on Manus Island, Nauru (SBS News) 20 July 2019

Refugee rallies mark six years offshore (Port Lincoln Times) 19/07/19

Senator Nick McKim has been deported from Papua New Guinea after trying to gain access to a detention centre (Blue Mountains Gazette) 19/070/19

Six years of my life lost on Manus Island: refugee writes on anniversary of ‘PNG solution’ (SMH) 19/07/19

‘As soon as possible’: PNG PM demands timeline for closing Manus centre (SBS News) 19/07/2019

Greens senator Nick McKim facing deportation from PNG after trying to visit Manus Island asylum seeker camp (ABC News) 18/07/19

Australia’s onshore refugees stuck in legal limbo (Yahoo News) 17/07/19

‘Our world has collapsed’: Asylum seeker’s family demands answers of Australia (SMH) 17/07/19

Refugees on Manus to receive Australian First Nations ‘passports’ from activists aboard sail boat (ABC News) 17/07/19

Fifteen-month-old girl held in immigration detention since birth hospitalised (Guardian Australia) 17/07/19

Living in the shadows: Asylum seekers wait years for protection claims (SMH) 16/07/19

Australia’s Orwellian anti-refugee system hints at what’s to come for climate refugees (Guardian Australia) 16/07/19

Asylum seeker tries to set himself on fire at Melbourne detention facility (SBS News) 16/07/19

Defence chief sounds warning on surge of climate change refugees (SBS News) 15/07/19

Justice is slow in the ‘fast’ asylum regime (Eureka Street) 15/07/19

Nauru refugees still waiting for medical care months after ‘urgent’ warnings about threat to life (Guardian Australia) 15/07/19

The buck stops with you, Peter Dutton, and these secrets aren’t yours to keep (SMH) 15/07/19

Police say death of 23-year-old Afghanistan man in Melbourne detention centre is not suspicious (ABC News) 13/07/19

Manus refugee says most of the remaining detainees don’t want to come to Australia (SBS News) 11 July 2019

Federal Treasury slams PR firm for human rights breach (AFR) 11 July 2019

United Nations to investigate potential human rights abuses in Australia (ABC News) 10/0719

Rohingya People In Australian Visa Red Tape Limbo (Aus Bulletin) 9 July 2019

Two-year-old Tamil girl back in detention and recovering after delayed treatment for head injury (SBS News) 6/07/19

Family say two-year-old detainee ‘recovering’, government denies she was hurt (The Age) 6/07/19

A young man grappled with survivor’s guilt for being resettled in the US from Manus Island (9News) 6/07/19

Judge says Australia putting relations with Nauru ahead of refugee’s medical transfer (SBS) 6/07/19

Dutton’s stance on citizenship laws (The Saturday Paper) 6/07/19

Court raises concerns Australia putting relations with Nauru before health of refugees (ABC News) 6/07/19

Judge accuses Australia of putting relationship with Nauru before the law (Guardian Australia) 6/07/19

Federal court judge pressures Peter Dutton to break Nauru medevac deadlock (SMH) 5/07/19

What it’s like for refugees trying to find work in regional Australia (ABC News) 5/07/19

Australia’s Forgotten Asylum Seekers (IPS) 4/07/19

Border Force says detention of refugees in Brisbane hotel ‘appropriate’ (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

National interest undermined by firms like Palladium, Julie Bishop’s new employer, aid groups say (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

Peter Dutton’s move to abolish medevac regime delayed by Senate inquiry (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

Dutton ready to repeal asylum seeker medevac laws (SBS News) 3/07/17

Dozens more Manus Island refugees sent to the US, hundreds remain (RNZ) 3/07/19

Australia’s new independent MPs vow to keep pressure on the Morrison government (SBS News) 3/07/19

Manus security contract extension ‘recognises the professionalism of Paladin,’ company says (SBS News) 2/07/19

‘The boats are coming’ is one of the greatest lies told to the Australian people (Guardian Australia) 2/07/19

Julie Bishop joins Palladium board (AFR) 2/07/19

Paladin’s contract extension may be worth $100m (AFR) 1/07/19

Coalition accused of ‘cruelty for cruelty’s sake’ over medevac refugees (Guardian Australia) 1/07/19

Refugee advocates ramp up lobbying efforts (SBS) 1/07/19

Australian visas: What’s changing from 1st July 2019 (SBS) 1/07/19

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June 2019 media stories

The little-known visa project bringing highly skilled refugees to Australia (SBS) 30/06/19

Planning for possible refugee settlement in regional towns (Weekly Times) 29/06/19

No truth behind Dutton’s medivac rhetoric (Saturday Paper) 29/06/19

A Timeline of Despair in Australia’s Offshore Detention Centers (NY Times) 26/06/19

Time has come for an amnesty for those suffering on Manus and Nauru(SMH) 25/06/19

PNG wants Australia to end security firm Paladin’s Manus contract immediately (ABC News) 25/06/19

Labor says Peter Dutton must release ‘secret’ audit of Manus Island contracts (Guardian Australia) 24/06/19

Australia won’t meet Nauru, Manus resettlement target (Asia Pacific Report) 17/06/19

Papua New Guinea defies Dutton and says it will cancel Paladin contract
on Manus Island
. (Guardian Australia) 17/06/19.

Albanese pushes New Zealand refugee offer. (The Australian) 17/06/19.

Federal Government under mounting pressure to resettle refugees on
Manus Island and Nauru
. (ABC News) 17/06/19.

How did Mike Pezzullo become Australia’s most powerful bureaucrat?
(Guardian Australia) 16/06/19.

Keneally backs medevac laws after Dutton claims Labor may help repeal bill. (Guardian Australia) 16/06/19.

Refugee compensation could prompt Manus Island exit – lawyer.
(RNZ) 14/06/19.

Department of dysfunction. (Inside Story) 13/06/19:

Manus Governor demands action from Australia as Behrouz Boochani says self-harm has spiked. (ABC News) 11/06/19.

Refugee sets fire to himself on Manus .(Northern Daily Leader) 10/06/19.

Keneally exposes visa system chaos under Dutton.
(Independent Australia) 10/06/19.

‘I never thought this day would come’: Manus Island refugee granted
asylum in Switzerland
. (SBS News) 8/09/19.

Chaos in our Visa System Continues. (Pearls and Irritations) 7/06/19.

Breathtaking development’: AFP drops investigation into who leaked classified ‘medevac’ advice. (SMH) 7/06/19

UN condemns Australia for detaining blind Tamil refugee for nine years (Guardian Australia) 6 June 2019

Manus Island police chief calls for govt action over suicidal refugees.
(RNZ) 6/06/19.

Separating refugee policy from politics. (Eureka Street) 6/06/19.

Government rolls out anti-people smuggler campaign as it reveals asylum seekers rescue .(SBS News) 5/06/19.

Labor’s new leadership team stays firm in support of medevac law.
(Guardian Australia) 5/06/19.

The Keneally blunder. (Inside Story) 4/06/19.

Notorious PNG police unit deployed at Manus refugee camp as tensions rise. (Guardian Australia) 4/06/19.

Two more refugee suicide and self-harm incidents increase tally since Australia election. (SBS News) 3/06/19.

How many more people must die on Manus before Australia ends indefinite detention? Behourz Boochani. (Guardian Australia) 3/06/19.

‘Highly embarrassing’: UN group slams Australia for detaining Vietnamese woman and her baby. (SBS News) 3/06/19.

Anthony Albanese says Kristina Keneally’s previous attacks on offshore processing are because of her Catholic faith. (The Australian) 3/06/19.

Keneally vows ‘blowtorch’ on Dutton over asylum-seeker arrivals by plane.
(SMH) 2/06/19.

Canada expanding cap on LGBTQ2 refugee sponsorship program.
(Global News) 1/06/19.

UN group urges release of mother and baby from immigration detention.
(Brisbane Times) 1/06/19.

Saving asylum seekers’ lives: Kon Karapanagiotidis & Jana Favero – ASRC.
(The Saturday Paper) 1/06/19.

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May 2019 media stories

Bridging visas soar by 147 per cent under Coalition. (The New Daily) 31/05/19.

Armed PNG police deployed amid ‘daily’ Manus refugee suicide attempts.
(Daily Mail UK) 31/05/19.

Cruel, and no deterrent: why Australia’s policy on asylum seekers must change. (The Conversation) 31/05/19.

Manus asylum seekers treated at local hospital despite million dollar health contract. (SBS News) 31/05/19.

UN Working Group criticises Australia on immigration detention.
(ABC News) 31/05/19.

Where does the Coalition’s reelection leave refugees on Manus and Nauru? (Guardian Australia) 31/05/19.

Refugee Suicide Attempts Spike On Manus Island Following Australian Election Results. (The Organisation for World Peace) 31/05/19.

Asylum boat arrival sparks border debate. (9News) 30/05/19.

Boatload of 20 Sri Lankan asylum seekers brought to Christmas Island.
(SMH) 30/05/19.

Manus Island in ‘unprecedented crisis’ as refugee selfharm surges after Australian election. (ABC News) 29/05/19.

Palaszczuk Government strengthens asylum seeker support services.
(Mirage News). 28/03/19.

New Zealand urged to create more compassionate refugee policy.
(ProBono Australia) 27/05/19.

Ali Dorani: Iranian cartoonist on the drawings that saved his life.
(BBC) 26/05/19. 

Scott Morrison’s $9 billion mass detention plan.
(The Age) 26/03/19.

Patient Testimony from Nauru:“Refugees on Nauru are Desperately in need of . (MSF) 25/03/19.

Manus Island: Refugee ‘suicide attempts’ in wake of Australia election.
(BBC) 23/05/19.

Coalition’s plan to repeal Medevac law a ‘death warrant’ for refugees: advocacy groups.  (SBS News) 23/05/19.

More than 40 refugees transferred to Australia for urgent treatment since medevac laws passed. (Guardian Australia) 23/05/19.

‘People just lost hope’: After Australia’s election, asylum seekers attempted suicide. (Washington Post) 22/05/19.

Aus govt cannot ignore Manus Island suicide attempts advocate
(RNZ) 22/05/19.

At Least Four People on Manus Island Attempted Suicide after the Australian Election ( 22/05/19.

Government pushing ahead with medevac repeal, despite Senate opposition.
(SBS News) 22/05/19.

Refugees attempted suicide after Australia’s election, activists say. (CNN) 21/05/19.

Manus activist says detainees have ‘completely lost hope’ after election result. ( 21/05/19.

Morrison faces roadblock on refugee bill. (Canberra Times) 20/05/19.

Aust coalition win dims hope for Manus, Nauru refugees.
(PNG Post Courier) 19/05/19:

Petition supporting Tamil family delivered to Immigration Minister.
(SBS News) 18/05/19.

Biloela’s Tamil family lose high court bid to avoid deportation.
(Guardian Australia) 14/05/19.

The obscurity of consensus: Refugees in the Australian Election.
(Independent Australia) 10/05/19.

Refugees on Nauru hope for border policy change.
(The Australian) 10/05/19.

NZ refugee offer not ruled out: Dutton. (The New Daily) 9/05/19.

PM sees plenty of scope in US refugee deal . (The Australian) 9/05/19.

Federal election 2019: Border security brought into election campaign by Peter Dutton. (The West Australian) 9/05/19.

ExNauru president Sprent Dabwido who oversaw detention centre
reopening dies. (ABC News) 8/05/19.

Whatever happened to the ‘border security election’ we were supposed to have? (SMH) 5/05/19.

The issues that have swung our elections. (The Conversation) 3/05/19.

Advocates slam holding Manus Island refugee ‘in police cell’ after selfharm.
(SBS News) 2/05/19.

Trafficking in old anxieties. (The Interpreter) 1/05/19.

Partner of Deceased Refugee Sues Australian Government.
(Lexology – Legal Updates) 30/04/19.


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April 2019 media stories

Attempted murder charges after attack on Manus Island refugee.
(RadioNZ) 30/04/19.

Nauru contract standoff causes chaos and confusion as refugee services left in limbo. (Guardian Australia) 30/04/19.

Population growth, migration and refugees: A political headache that’s split the nation. (ABC News) 27/04/19.

Nauru denies former president’s claim offshore detention deal led to corruption. (Guardian Australia) 25/0419.

SRSS cuts leaving people homeless. (Pro Bono Australia) 23/04/19.

Cuts to asylum seeker payment causes ‘housing and hunger crisis’.
(ABC RN Breakfast podcast) 23/04/19.

Cuts to asylum seeker welfare create surge in demand for food and housing (Guardian Australia) 23/04/19.

Reports of suspected typhoid outbreak on Manus Island. (SBS News) 19/04/19.

Suspected typhoid on Manus ‘appalling’. (The Mercury) 19/04/19.

Australian Government must act following damning comments by Former President of Nauru. (Human Rights Law Centre) 18/04/19.

Former Nauruan president’s refugee regrets. (9News) 17/04/19.

Racist language can disengage and alienate voters, advocates warn.
(ABC News) 17/04/19.

Is This the End of the Line for Nationalism in Australia?
(NY Times) 16/04/19:

Man jailed over shoelace attack on refugee. ( 16/04/19.

Lawsuit in Australia on behalf of alleged child rape victim on Nauru.
(Herdon Gazette) 15/04/19.

Have we, Australia, become a country that breeds mass murderers with our words? (Guardian Australia) 14/04/19.

Palm Sunday 2019: See more news about rallies on here.

Thousands gather across Australia for Palm Sunday refugee rallies.
(SBS News) 14/04/19.

The potential of refugee entrepreneurs is huge. But they need our help.
(Guardian Australia) 11/04/19.

Accidental Prime Minister’ has short runup to Aussie vote.
(Hastings Tribune – Nebraska). 10/0419.
Morrison’s politics are more complicated [than Turnbull’s]. Morrison is seen by some as an incongruous mix of a committed Christian who made his name through ratcheting up a refugee policy that many church groups have condemned as inhumane.

Morrison rose to public prominence when the conservative coalition government was first elected under Prime Minister Tony Abbott in 2013 as the minister who stopped asylum seekers from attempting to reach Australian shores by boat.

Australia uses the Navy to turn boats back to Indonesia, or it banishes refugees to remote immigration camps in the poor Pacific island nations of Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

The policy has been widely condemned as a callous abrogation of Australia’s international obligations to help refugees. Australia’s human rights watchdog found in 2014 that Morrison failed to act in the best interests of asylum seeker children in detention.

Morrison explained his deep belief in the righteousness of crushing the people-smuggling trade and preserving the safety of people who board rickety boats to take the long and treacherous voyage to Australia.

The Federal Budget: What it means for refugees and people seeking humanitarian protection.
(Refugee Council of Australia) 3/04/19.

Millions spent on sixday Manus contract.
( 8/04/19.

Interpol red notice: global arrest system at risk of abuse.
(Yahoo News) 5/04/19.

More refugees being treated in Australia than on Nauru and Manus Island.
(SBS News) 4/04/19.

Christmas Island ‘closure’ savings banked.
(9News) 2/04/19.

Home Affairs linked to controversial PNG security contract. (The Age) 1/04/19.

Settling migrants in regional areas will need more than a visa to succeed. (Domain) 1/04/19.

Ballarat RAR: Cruel, indefinite detention of refugees must end.
(Ballarat Courier) 1/04/19.

Behrouz Boochani’s mission to change offshore detention laws using a smuggled mobile phone.
(ABC News) 1/04/19.

AuditorGeneral launches probe into Home Affairs offshore contracts.
(Brisbane Times) 1/04/19.

Inquiry into Paladin expanded to cover all Manus and Nauru contracts.
(Guardian Australia) 1/04/19.

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March 2019 media stories

Media reports about refugees: March 2019 

Please note: some links to stories in these documents may be broken.

Palaszczuk Government strengthens asylum seeker support services.
(Mirage News) 28/03/19.

Scott Morrison’s $9 billion mass detention plan. (The Age) 26/03/19.

Patient Testimony from Nauru:“Refugees on Nauru are Desperately in need of
Freedom.” (MSF) 25/03/19.

Six facts that tell a different immigration story than we hear from politicians. (ABC News) 21/03/19.

Morrison government faces first test under new refugee medical transfer laws. (The Age) 20/03/19.

Nauru refugees exposed to asbestos after shipping containers dumped just metres away (ABC News March 19 2019).

PM pushes mixed messages on migration (InDaily March 19 2019).

Exclusive: Former Nauru president’s dying wish is to end offshore processing (SBS News March 18 2019).

Australia’s citizenship backlog is taking a toll on the country’s refugees
(SBS News March 17 2019).

Hero refugee chased gunman away from NZ mosque
(Yahoo News March 17 2019).

High risk and inflated: Australia’s contract for food on Manus Island
(Canberra Times March 14 2019).

Rally opposes Christmas Island plan (Green Left Weekly March 11 2019).

Toll paid $9m to do nothing after Canberra scrapped the Manus project
(AFR March 11 2019).

A decade in detention: refugees face indefinite time on Christmas Island (March 8, 2019). More from The Age.

Babies of refugees on Manus Island eligible for transfer under Medevac Bill, but confusion reigns (March 9, 2019) . Read more from ABC News.

PM, stop the cynical charade on asylum-seeker boats (March 9, 2019). Read more from The Age.

Bring Aussie kids home from Syria says Save the Children (March 9, 2019). More from SBS News.

Put ‘politics above lives’ (March 9, 2019). Read more from the Jeffersen Journal.

Two men arrested over attack on refugee at Adelaide CBD bus stop
(March 8, 2019). Read more from The Adelaide Advertiser.

Villawood detainee self-harms: advocates (March 7, 2019).
Read more from 9News. Read more from SBS News.

Second Villawood death raises concerns (March 7, 2019).
More from Independent Australia.

UN human rights chief blasts PM’s Christmas Island plans.
(March 7, 2019). More from SBS News.

Christmas Island to do asylum processing  (March 6, 2019).
More from 9News.

Sick asylum seekers deemed ‘a risk’ to Australia to be sent to Christmas Island (March 6, 2019). Read more from ABC News.

Qld town demands Tamil family’s release (March 5, 2019).
Read more from the Illawarra Mercury.

Time’s up for the Home Affairs experiment (March 5, 2019).
Read more from Fairfax media.

Man dies inside Sydney detention centre (March 4 2019).
Read more from 9News.





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