May 2021 media

New Zealand offer to resettle Australia’s offshore refugees still active as
US deal nears end
(The Guardian) 30 May 2021

Australian government legalises ‘a crime against humanity’
(The Saturday Paper-$) 29 May 2021

‘These people are doctors, architects, they’re just like us’: Sonny Bill Williams calls on Scott Morrison to sign off on deal allowing refugees held in Papua New Guinea to resettle in New Zealand (NewsHub) 28 May

Almost 1000 refugees in Australian detention resettled in the US
(9News) 24 May 2021

Morrison hardens law against asylum seekers
(Green Left) 24 May 2021

Stuck in transit for seven years, a lost generation of boat people loses hope
(SMH) 24 May 2021

Big profits in asylum-seeker contracts as workers say they felt ‘cheated, exploited’ (SMH) 24 May 2021

COVID vaccinations are free for everyone in Australia, but some refugees may fall through the cracks (ABC News) 23 May 2021

Almost 1000 refugees still in limbo as US deal approaches completion
(SMH) 23 May 2021

Asylum Seekers from Polaris 3 now in processing facility outside
of Brisbane
(Townsville Bulletin $-paywall) 21 May 2021

More than 140 refugees in Australian detention set to be resettled in Canada under sponsorship scheme (The Guardian) 21 May 2021

Australia passes bill that allows Government to indefinitely detain refugees
and asylum seekers
( 19 May 2021

Why I became an activist for refugee rights
(Green Left) 17 May 2021

Indefinite detention of refugees is unlawful under international law, but Australia has quietly made it legal
(The Guardian) 16 May 2021

With billions more allocated to immigration detention, it’s another bleak year for refugees (The Conversation) 13 May 2021

New law allows Australian government to indefinitely detain refugees
(The Guardian) 13 May 2021

Budget immigration costs: Australia will spend almost $3.4m for each person
in offshore detention
(The Guardian) 12 May 2021

For Muslim refugees in immigration detention, another sombre,
isolated Eid holiday (The Conversation) 11 May 2021

Migrants forced to wait four years for benefits in Australian budget’s
biggest cost-cutting measure
(The Guardian) 11 May 2021

Escape tunnel found under Western Australia immigration detention centre
(The Guardian) 11 May 2021

Biloela family: locked up by Australia for three years
(BBC News) 11 May 2021

Asylum seekers face ‘interview of their lives’ as caseload blitz launched
(The Age) 11 May 2021

Refugees, COVID-19 and the new ‘normal’
(Green Left) 10 May 2021

Asylum seekers fear rushed refugee process
(Armidale Express) 8 May 2021

In The World Is Not Big Enough, Vanessa Russell writes about looking for answers
about the death of Afghan refugee Ahmad Shad Abed

(The Canberra Times) 8 May 2021

India latest front in Morrison Government’s war on Australians
(Independent Australia) 6 May 2021

10 asylum-seekers moved to Melbourne ‘under the cover of
darkness’ at 3am
(Daily Telegraph $-paywall) 4 May 2021

Asylum seekers denied access to bridging visas work illegal jobs to survive
(ABC News) 4 May 2021

No PM’s ‘captain’s call’ for Tamil family
(Yahoo News Australia) 4 May 2021

The taste of community
(Pro Bono Australia) 3 May 2021

Refugees share the cuisine of their homelands at this new curry house in Sydney
(SBS) 3 May 2021

Asylum seekers attacked in Port Moresby
(The Saturday Paper $-paywall) 1 May 2021

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