March 2021 media

Will new Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews bring a more
compassionate approach?
(The Conversation) 31 March 2021

Cabinet reshuffle raises many concerns, but also calls and hope for
shift on asylum seekers
(Croakey) 31 March 2021

Biloela family: new home affairs minister Karen Andrews urged to look with ‘
fresh eyes’ at plight
(The Guardian) 30 March 2021

Australia’s ill-treatment of refugees and aboriginals
(The Express Tribune) 30 March 2021

Refugees say growing number contracting COVID-19 in PNG
(ABC RN News) 30 March 2021

Refugees say growing number contracting COVID-19 in PNG
(ABC RN News) 30 March 2021

Afghan refugees ‘transform and rejuvenate’ Port Adelaide LGA
(Mirage News) 29 March 2021

Thousands still stranded
(Policy Forum) 29 March 2021

Hundreds gather in Sydney demanding justice for refugees
(Honi Soit) 28 March 2021

We’re good at giving guns but not at taking in victims of war
(Independent Australia) 28 March 2021

Wollongong Wolves coach backs refugees ahead of Palm Sunday rally
(Illawarra Mercury) 26 March 2021

Rural Australians for Refugees Bendigo lead Palm Sunday day of action vigil
(Bendigo Advertiser) 26 March 2021

How Motez’s experiences as a refugee in Iraq have shaped his music
( 26 March 2021

Legal clinic to count Australia’s stateless people as it helps give children
a place to call home
(ABC News) 25 March 2021

Home Affairs using hospitals, aged care homes as ‘alternative places of detention’
(SMH) 25 March 2021

Labor accuses Christian Porter of misleading parliament over medevac advice
(The Guardian) 24 March 2021

Locked in and locked out (Eureka Street) 23 March 2021

Christian Porter disclosed ‘limited part of legal advice’ on medevac ‘for political advantage’, tribunal finds (ABC News) 23 March 2021

UK: Refugees face risk of deportation under Patel’s ‘cruel’ asylum overhaul, charities warn: the visas were introduced in Australia in 2014 for successful asylum applicants (The Independent) 23 March 2021

Scores of medevac refugees have been released from detention. Their freedom, though, remains tenuous (The Conversation) 22 March 2021

Labor needs to change policy on refugees (Green Left) 19 March 2021

Britain mulls Australia-style offshore processing, but sees few takers
to host migrants
(SMH) 19 March

Medevac refugees return to Nauru after more than a year in
Australian hotel detention
(ABC News) 18 March 2021

Asylum seekers in PNG test positive to coronavirus, prompting
calls for them to be brought to Australia
(ABC News) 18 March 2021

Ally or no, New Zealand must stand up to callous Australia
over 501 deportees
(The Guardian) 17 March 2021

Calls mount for refugees to be ‘urgently evacuated’ to Australia
as PNG’s coronavirus crisis worsens
(SBS) 17 March 2021

The torture of Australia’s offshore immigration detention system
(Open Democracy) 16 March 2021

From little things Ballina things grow
(Echonetdaily) 16 March 2021

China urges Australia to close offshore detention centres
(CNN) 13 March 2021

Australia: Biloela residents maintain three-year fight for Tamil
refugee family’s freedom
(WSWS -World Socialist Website) 13 March 2021

China urges Australia to close offshore detention centres
(Reuters) 12 March 2021

Shut Australian detention centres: China
Ballarat Courier) 13 March 2021

Behrouz Boochani’s life is being told in song, but he’s not allowed
to hear it (SMH) 12 March 2021

Western Sydney University scholarship helped Afghan refugee Parastoo Bahrami fulfill her education dream (ABC News) 11 March 2021

Refugees and asylum seekers need targeted help to get to university
(The Australian-$) 11 March 2021

Abbott and Morrison did not stop the boats, but the media collaborated
in the spin
(Pearls and Irritations Blog) 11 March 2021

“Here’s why I won’t reveal the medevac deal I made with the PM”
(The Tasmania Examiner) 7 March 2021

The end of detention: “We are free but we need to recover from all those years”
(The Guardian) 7 March 2021

‘Incredibly onerous’: Refugees lured by hope of a visa that’s
near-impossible to secure
(The New Daily) 7 March 2021

Australian government releases refugees on limited bridging visas
(WSWS- World Socialist Web Site) 7 March 2021

A freedom fighter to celebrate on International Women’s Day
(Red Flag) 7 March 2021

A life in limbo (ABC News) 7 March 2021

Medevac refugees petition government to release detainees from hotels
(Wellington Times) 7 March 2021

Craig Foster, the former footballer saving refugees and asylum seekers’ lives
(The Athletic) 6 March 2021

Dutton is still spending billions to keep people in misery: Julian Burnside
(Independent Australia) 5 March 2021

Asylum seekers reported hurt in Brisbane
(The West Australian) 5 March 2021

Canberra is changing its approach to refugees after years of struggle
(Pro Bono Australia) 5 March 2021

Dutton is still spending billions to keep people in misery
(Independent Australia) 5 March 2021

Tough road ahead for refugees released into Australian community
(RNZ) 4 March 2021

Dateline Pacific: Australia has freed more former Nauru and Manus
refugees and asylum seekers
(RNZ) 5 March 2021

Around 50 refugees released from Australian detention sites
( 4 March 2021

Refugees released into the community (ABC RN) 3 March 2021

Judge warns medevac refugees’ detention may be unlawful, orders evidence from Peter Dutton (ABC) 3 March 2021

Potential return of refugees and people seeking asylum to Nauru and PNG proof of Government policy failure (Human Rights Law Centre) 3 March 2021

Detainees released from immigration detention speak about their
dreams for the future
(ABC News) 3 March 2021

Release of refugees welcomed, but lack of ongoing Federal Government
support “verges on cruelty”
(The Westender – Brisbane) 3 March 2021

Four Darwin hotel refugees released as remaining families plea for freedom
(ABC) 2 March 20231

Medevac detainees in Brisbane released with others in Darwin and Sydney
also expected to walk free
(ABC) 1 March 2021

Another 25 asylum seekers freed in Qld
(The West Australian) 2 March 2021

Dozens of asylum seekers released from detention in Brisbane, with more to follow, advocates say (SBS) 1 March 2021

Medevac detainees in Brisbane to be released, as others in Darwin and
Sydney expected to walk free
(ABC News) 1 March 2021

More than 20 refugees released from Brisbane detention sites
(Brisbane Times) 2 March 2021

Falafel feasts raise funds for asylum seekers through March
(Good Food) 1 March 2021

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