May 2022 media

Young, smart and unable to pursue a future
(Sydney Morning Herald) May 16

Australia election 2022: Are Australia’s refugee releases an election ploy?
(BBC News) May 15

For 19,000 people, this election could open the door to life
(Sydney Morning Herald) May 15

Coalition, Labor back policy to charge fees for immigration detention, but experts say bills will probably never be paid
(ABC News) May 13

Proud moment for fashion designer as Afghan refugee who fled the Taliban steps onto the runway at Australian Fashion Week
(ABC News) May 13

‘Abolish Border Force’: Greens also want offshore detention royal commission
(Sydney Morning Herald) May 12

Ukraine refugee Inna Neklesa grateful for kindness of family, strangers, but wonders what is next
(ABC News) May 12

‘Unsatisfied’: Scott Morrison confronted on campaign trail over Australia’s Afghan refugee intake
(SBS) May 10

Biloela’s Tamil family inspires art exhibition as town’s residents take views to the ballot box
(ABC News) May 8

Australia can stand up for the Afghan people, and the time is now
(The Interpreter – Lowy Institute) May 6

‘Appalling disregard’: Australia’s offshore processing slammed after leaked emails show Nauru police mocking suicide, self-harm threats
(Crikey News) May 5

Immigration detainees transferred from Melbourne to Christmas Island amid heated protests
(The Guardian) May 4

Senator Lidia Thorpe demands explanation after police clash with protesters at immigration detention centre
(SBS) May 4

The Afghan and Ukraine Crises Showed How the U.S. Can Rebuild Its Refugee System
(TIME magazine) May 4

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confronted at Parramatta Eid event by Afghan woman pleading for family’s rescue
(ABC News) May 2

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April 2022 media

Australia’s Hazaras call for faster residency processing amid ‘systematic’ attacks in Afghanistan
(SBS) April 28

‘Nobody wants to run from the war’ – a voice from Ukraine’s displaced millions describes the conflicting pulls of home, family and safety
(The Conversation) April 28

Kristina Keneally grilled over Labor’s plans to abolish temporary protection visas after Anthony Albanese’s interview with Ray Hadley
(Sky News) April 28

Temporary Protection Visas achieve little in stopping boats
(Independent Australia) April 26

2022 Federal election: Refugee policies of Liberal-National Coalition, Labor and The Greens
(Refugee Council of Australia) April 26

They were trapped in immigration detention for nine years. Here’s what life after the Park Hotel looks like
(ABC News) April 25

‘We will lose more people’: warning over border policy
(ABC RN Breakfast) April 20

Three refugee issues requiring urgent change in 2022
(Refugee Council of Australia) April 13

Protesters rallying around Australia urge increase to refugee intake, ‘fairer’ policies
(SBS) April 10

Final eight asylum seekers released from Park Hotel in Melbourne
(ABC News) April 7

Final detainees at Melbourne’s Park hotel freed as refugee releases continue in lead-up to election
(The Guardian) April 7

‘Never again’: Jubilation as remaining asylum seekers freed from Park Hotel
(Sydney Morning Herald) April 7

More refugees released from detention in move ‘absolutely due’ to election
(The Guardian) April 4

South Sudan former child soldier Philip Lako shares story to inspire other WA migrants
(SBS) April 4

Authorities probing death of Villawood detainee
(Sydney Morning Herald) April 3

Shakila was a judge in Afghanistan. After fleeing Kabul, she’s found friendship with Australia’s women judges
(SBS) April 3

Another 20 detainees released from Australian immigration detention, advocates say
(SBS) April 2

Newly released Park Hotel asylum seeker looks forward to ‘new life’ after nine years in immigration detention
(SBS) April 2

Coffee and a toothbrush: How a Manus Island detainee learned to create art in an unconventional way
(SBS) April 1

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March 2022 media

Australia to take in 16,500 more refugees from Afghanistan at cost of $666 million
(ABC News) March 30

Federal budget to fund 16,500 more places for Afghan refugees over four years after pressure on Coalition
(The Guardian) March 29

Why it took Australia nine years to accept New Zealand’s refugee deal
(The Guardian) March 29

Afghan refugee family builds community connections by hosting Neighbour Day dinner
(ABC News) March 28

Australians are opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees. This Sydney couple is among them
(SBS) March 27

Death of asylum seeker in Villawood detention centre to be investigated
(SBS) March 26

‘I was lost’: Kyiose faced homelessness after arriving in Australia from Myanmar – and he’s not alone
(The Guardian) March 26

Refugee calls for improved visa support after incredible journey from war-torn Sri Lanka to central west NSW
(ABC News) March 26

Behrouz Boochani says nine-year delay to refugee resettlement ‘a tragedy’ as Jacqui Lambie breaks silence
(SBS) March 25

Australia agrees 450 refugees can be resettled in New Zealand, nine years after deal first offered
(The Guardian) March 24

Jacqui Lambie’s secret deal with Scott Morrison to release refugees revealed
( March 24

Afghan asylum seeker family sue Australian government for taking too long to approve their visas
(ABC News) March 22

‘I was shaking. I was shocked’: A bittersweet release from immigration detention after nine years
(Sydney Morning Herald) March 13

Refugees released from Park Hotel and Melbourne, Brisbane centres have ‘bittersweet’ taste of freedom
(ABC News) March 13

Refugees released from Aust detention
(7 News) March 12

Nine detainees released from immigration detention at Melbourne’s Park Hotel
(SBS) March 12

Disappointing’ difference in Australia’s responses to those fleeing Afghanistan and Ukraine
(SBS) March 11

Australia grants more than 3,000 visas to Ukrainians fleeing war
(SBS) March 11

Afghans urge Australian government not to forget their plight amid Ukraine crisis
(SBS) March 9

Biloela family and community gather to mark fourth anniversary of immigration ordeal
(ABC News) March 6

Evacuees from Afghanistan handed seven-day deadline for visa applications
(SBS) March 5

‘I forgive but I won’t forget’: Mehdi and Adnan taste freedom, but not in Australia
(Sydney Morning Herald) March 4

Iranian refugee Mehdi Ali released after nine years in Australian immigration detention
(The Guardian) March 4

Australian Christian Lobby criticises Scott Morrison for saying Ukrainians at ‘top of pile’ for visas
(The Guardian) March 3

Ukrainians could arrive in Australia from this weekend with government issuing 1,000 visas
(ABC) March 3


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February 2022 media

Rural Australians for Refugees are ramping up activity as election season approaches
(The Area News) Feb 28

Australia promises places for refugees fleeing war in Ukraine
(Sydney Morning Herald) Feb 27

Australian premiers offer to re-home Ukraine refugees
(Nine News) Feb 27

Basma couldn’t drive when she came to Australia. Now she’s teaching others
(SBS) Feb 26

Afghan refugees living in Australia on temporary visas call on government to grant them permanent protection
(ABC News) Feb 24

Exiled from their homeland, Afghanistan’s women’s national team begins their journey back to international football
(ABC News) Feb 24

Suffer in silence, or risk speaking up? Exploited migrant workers face perverse dilemma
(The Guardian) Feb 23

Teen Parliament: Afghan asylum seeker Mobin Achakzai wants to make a difference
(The Advertiser) Feb 23

Ali Agshar Hussaini: Australian wrestling champ who can’t compete for Australia
(The Guardian) Feb 6

‘Not without my partner’: refugees forced to choose between family in Australia and chance of US visa
(The Guardian) Feb 4

Australians found to overwhelmingly support path to permanent residency for migrants on temporary visas
(The Guardian) Feb 2

Hobart Pushes To Resettle Melbourne’s Detained Refugees
(Triple M News) Feb 1

Thousands of asylum seekers from Afghanistan living in limbo on temporary visas
(SBS) Feb 1




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January 2022 media

Refugee daughter motivated to give back
(The West Australian) Jan 26

Refugees who fled Syrian war become citizens in emotional Australia Day ceremony
(SBS) Jan 26

Nauru offshore regime to cost Australian taxpayers nearly $220m over next six months
(The Guardian) Jan 24

Biloela family wins case in Federal Circuit Court
(SBS) Jan 24

The Djokovic shambles highlights what refugees have long known – Australia’s ‘God powers’ are dangerously broad
(The Guardian) Jan 22

Australia to allocate 15,000 places for Afghans in humanitarian and family visa program
(SBS) Jan 21

Morrison denies suggesting there were no refugees in Melbourne hotel. Here’s what he said – video
(The Guardian) Jan 19

Renewed calls for minister to intervene in Biloela family case following Djokovic revelation
(SBS) Jan 11

Asylum seekers beg Australians: ‘Don’t forget us when Djokovic leaves’
(SBS) Jan 10

Refugee detained in same hotel as Novak Djokovic speaks about situation – video
(The Guardian) Jan 8

Park Hotel immigration detainee speaks about Novak Djokovic’s treatment – video
(The Guardian) Jan 7

Djokovic stay highlights refugee concerns at Melbourne detention hotel
(BBC) Jan 7

Worse outcomes during childbirth for Australia’s migrant and refugee women, experts say
(ABC) Jan 3

The program helping refugees learn to drive in regional Australia
(SBS) Jan 3

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December 2021 media

‘Confusion, no answers’ as Australia ends offshore asylum seeker processing deal with PNG
(SBS) Dec 31

‘Finally I can buy a candle’: 61-year-old refugee released after nine years in Australian detention
(The Guardian) Dec 28

Refugee who self-immolated still in Australian detention
(Aljazeera) Dec 21

Coalition slashes costs for sponsoring refugees as new resettlement scheme hailed as ‘watershed moment’
(The Guardian) Dec 18

Asylum seekers, families allegedly threatened after Australian immigration data breach
(The Guardian) Dec 13

‘I was squatting’: why asylum seekers so often struggle to find secure housing
(The Guardian) Dec 12

Push for new visa cancellation powers ‘incompatible’ with human rights
(SBS) Dec 11

Healthcare denied: will Australia’s ongoing cruelty towards refugees be an election issue?
(Croakey Health Media) Dec 8

Pensioners to the rescue as Afghan refugees struggle in Canberra
(The Canberra Times) Dec 7

Medevac asylum seekers forced to wait years for medical treatment, report finds
(SBS) Dec 6

UK warned not to replicate Australia’s immigration detention centres
(The Guardian) Dec 5

Didar Ali and his daughter work as a team to serve Naracoorte’s growing migrant population
(ABC) Dec 4

Why this Iranian asylum seeker burst into tears after being released from detention
(SBS) Dec 3

Tampa affair: tracing the fallout on Australia’s refugee policy
(UNSW Newsroom) Dec 2

Six asylum seekers have been offered bridging visas and will be released from detention
(SBS) Dec 1

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November 2021 media

Afghan Hazara refugees stuck in SHEV limbo while families face nightmare in Afghanistan
(ABC) Nov 29

A safe haven: refugee builders are being helped to a job by one of their own
(The Guardian) Nov 28

‘This is a torture hotel’: Inside the Park Hotel outbreak
(The Saturday Paper) Nov 27 $paywall

Partners and families to be reunited as Australia prepares to reopen for visa holders
(ABC) Nov 24

Skilled migrants, international students and refugees welcomed back to Australia from 1 December
(SBS) Nov 22

This farming experiment is helping refugees put down roots in Australia
(SBS) Nov 21

What it’s like seeking asylum in Australia when you don’t speak English
(SBS) Nov 17

Afghans who helped Australia to have visas extended every three months
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 18

International border uncertainty dashes humanitarian visa hopes
( Nov 17

Australia is reopening but thousands of humanitarian visa holders remain stranded overseas
(The Guardian) Nov 17

Human rights advocates urge government to lift travel restrictions on temporary migrants and refugees
(SBS) Nov 17

Australia frees four, but dozens of refugees remain in detention
(Al Jazeera) Nov 16

Four detained asylum seekers granted bridging visas in Melbourne
(SBS) Nov 14

From Kabul with hope: Noor’s journey from Afghanistan to Australia
(Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 14

Family’s traumatic escape from Kabul
(The Australian) Nov 12 $paywall

Extra support for Afghan asylum seekers
(Canberra Times) Nov 12

Refugee claims he was denied Covid jab
(Herald Sun) Nov 10 $paywall

Parisa is one of thousands of evacuees slowly making new lives in Melbourne after fleeing Afghanistan
(ABC News) Nov 9

Urgent Legal Support For Afghan Communities
(Mirage News) Nov 9

Cost of Australia holding each refugee on Nauru balloons to $4.3m a year
(The Guardian) Nov 7

Building career futures for refugees
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 5

Four workers ‘for every asylum-seeker on Nauru’
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Panic, fear and Covid-19 inside a Melbourne hotel
(The Guardian) Nov 3

New pathway to permanent migration encourages gaming of visa system
(Independent Australia) Nov 3

Officials fail to catch up with illegal workers
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Concern as Australia’s visa tribunal admits it can’t handle backlog of asylum cases
(SBS) Nov 2

‘Time can break your heart’: the harsh toll of eight years in Australian immigration detention
(The Guardian) Nov 1

Slow transfer to Australian hospital contributed to death of Iranian refugee on Nauru, coroner finds
(The Guardian) Nov 1

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October 2021 media

Concerns over Park Hotel asylum seeker Covid-19 outbreak in Melbourne as numbers grow
( 25 October

COVID-19 outbreak in asylum seeker hotel is a national scandal
(The Age) 25 October

Officials concerned for asylum seekers’ safety amid growing COVID-19 cluster at Park Hotel
(The Age) 24 October

Shepparton’s Nabi Baqiri on a mission to bring 60 Afghans to safety in Australia
(ABC) 24 October

Protesters urge release of asylum seekers in Melbourne hotel after COVID-19 outbreak
(SBS) 23 October

No cap on Afghan refugees in Australia: PM
(7 News) 21 October

Australian government urged to act as PNG’s COVID-19 outbreak spreads among refugees
(ABC) 21 October

‘Authoritarian-style’ law would allow Australia to use secret evidence to deport migrants
(The Guardian) 11 October

Asylum seekers in PNG say they feel ‘abandoned’ by shift in Australia’s offshore detention policy
(SBS) 9 October

Australia has the capacity to take in more Afghan refugees
(The Canberra Times) 7 October

Australia to end offshore processing in Papua New Guinea
(The Guardian) 6 October

Concern for refugees in PNG as offshore detention deal with Australia ends
(SBS) 6 October

‘It’s given me love’: connecting women from refugee backgrounds with communities through art
(The Conversation) 4 October

Help amid the heartache as Afghan refugees begin their new lives
(The Age) 3 October

Refugees in Melbourne immigration detention tested for COVID-19 after positive case
(SBS) 2 October

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September 2021 media

Australia’s immigration centre vaccination rates ‘appalling’
(SBS) 25 September

‘Over the moon’: 10 Afghan orphans start new life in Australia but fear for others still trying to flee
(The Guardian) 25 September

The volunteers supporting Afghan arrivals amid calls to end visa uncertainty
(SBS) 24 September

Australia signs new agreement with Nauru to continue offshore processing of asylum seekers
(SBS) 24 September

Australia signs deal with Nauru to keep asylum seeker detention centre open indefinitely
(The Guardian) 24 September

Three members of Biloela family granted year-long visas but they’ll have to remain in Perth
(The Guardian) 23 September

No place like home
(ABC Australian Story on the Biloela family) 20 September

Stranded Afghans granted temporary visas by Australia in fear of being forgotten
(SBS) 17 September

Biloela Tamil family to be granted new three-month bridging visas to stay in Australia
(The Guardian) 16 September

Biloela Tamil family’s complex legal battle continues with new bridging visas
(ABC) 16 September

The cruel sea
(ABC) 16 September

‘We can do it again’: Australian fashion brands offer employment for Afghan refugees
(The Guardian) 14 September

Traumatized and anxious, Afghans evacuees begin life in Australia
(Reuters) 10 September

A trauma informed response to COVID 19 and the deteriorating mental health of refugees and asylum seekers with insecure status in Australia
(Wiley Online Library – International Journal of Mental Health Nursing) 10 September

Afghan arrivals start new life in Australia after completing two weeks of quarantine
(ABC) 9 September

Photos show dozens of Afghan families being released from Adelaide quarantine after evacuation
(The Australian) 9 September

Afghan evacuees leaving Perth hotel quarantine get help adjusting to their new life in Australia
(ABC) 8 September

Fire, floods and felonies: Relocation the only option for Rohingya
(Independent Australia) 5 September

Unpicking the legacy of the Tampa 
(Inside Story) 3 September

Why resettlement is the EU’s best option to deal with the Afghanistan crisis | View
(EuroNews) 3 September

Will the Taliban’s Takeover Lead to a New Refugee Crisis from Afghanistan?
(Migration Policy) 2 September

There is no ‘right way’ for Afghan refugees to seek asylum
(The Kaldor Centre) 1 September

‘It was just mayhem and chaos’: The Afghans who made it out, and those who didn’t
(9 News) 1 September

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August 2021 media

The Tampa affair, as it became known, was an incident at sea in 2001 which changed Australia’s policy toward asylum seekers. (Audio)
(SBS) 31 August

‘Residual trauma’ of Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban will be ‘among highest levels’ Australia has resettled
(The Guardian) 31 August

Hieu Van Le uses final day as SA Governor to appeal for compassion for Afghan arrivals
(ABC) 31 August

Here’s how temporary visa holders and asylum seekers can access emergency financial support
(SBS) 30 August

Asylum seekers can wait years for visa claims to be processed. For some, lockdown makes life even harder
(ABC) 29 August

VIDEO: Supporting newly arrived Afghan refugees in your community
(ABC) 29 August

Afghanistan women’s football team captain grateful to Australia for rescue mission
(SBS) 28 August

The Tampa affair 20 years on: Fallout from refugee crisis continues today
(9 News) 28 August

This is what would have helped Ku Htee feel more at home after moving to Australia as a refugee
(ABC) 28 August

Adelaide community rallies behind arrivals from Afghanistan
(ABC) 26 August

The Tampa affair shocked the world. Twenty years on, those involved tell their stories
(ABC) 26 August

“I hope the focus on Afghanistan will continue. UNHCR is here for the long run.”
(UNHCR) 26 August

Afghan athletes praised for determination to find refuge in Australia after exhausting departure from Kabul
(ABC) 24 August

Afghanistan refugees could be housed through community sponsorship
(ABC) 24 August

Morrison warns Kabul is ‘chaotic’ as first Afghan evacuees arrive home
(9 News) 20 August

Australian government urged to expand refugee intake as Afghans seek to flee Taliban rule
(The Guardian) 19 August

Afghan refugees can no longer wait — Australia must offer permanent protection now
(The Conversation) 17 August

More than 250 ADF troops deployed to help evacuate Australians in Afghanistan
(SBS) 15 August

As the Taliban seize control, here’s what Australia can do to help our people
(Sydney Morning Herald) 15 August

Plea for Afghans in Australia to be allowed to stay as rescue mission from Taliban planned
(The Guardian) 14 August

High Court won’t hear case of Biloela child seeking visa to stay in Australia
(9 News) 12 August

Biloela asylum seeker Tharnicaa Murugappan in High Court bid for Australian visa
(ABC) 11 August

After eight years in Australian detention, the only refugee family held in Darwin centre remains in legal limbo
(The Guardian) 11 August

UN urges Australia to release dangerously ill refugee who has ‘given up on living’ after eight years
(The Guardian) 11 August

Afghan refugee may lose permanent residency in Australia – for supplying identity document
(The Guardian) 8 August

Peter Bol: The Sudanese-Australian runner who lifted a nation
(BBC) 6 August

A brief history of asylum seekers at the Olympics — and why they are sometimes misunderstood
(The Conversation) 5 August

Why financial inclusion is key to integrating and empowering refugees
(World Economic Forum) 3 August

Why human rights violations in Australia’s offshore detention centers are appalling
(Global Times) 3 August

Australia’s ‘hidden’ housing problem: Migrants and refugees are overrepresented among the homeless population
(ABC) 2 August

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July 2021 media

Parents of murdered asylum seeker sue government, security contractor
(Sydney Morning Herald) 25 July

Vaccine xenophobia against immigrants and refugees must end
(The Hill) 24 July

Doubling Down on Deterrence
(Just Security) 22 July

For eight years, Australia has been taking refugees as hostages. It’s time to ask: who has benefited?
(The Guardian) 21 July

Time to Deal with the Refugees
(Papua New Guinea Post Courier) 21 July

After eight years of offshore detention, refugees and advocates in Australia renew calls for freedom
(SBS) 20 July

Life or death for Hazaras: Australia has a moral obligation to act, now
(The Guardian) 19 July

Three countries, eight years: one refugee’s nightmare odyssey through Australia’s detention system
(The Guardian) 17 July

Eight years on from Rudd’s decision, it’s time Labor found another way on asylum seekers
(The Canberra Times) 17 July

Behrouz Boochani: ‘Human beings don’t have a place to go but to other human beings.’
(Sydney Morning Herald) 16 July

Australia: 8 Years of Abusive Offshore Asylum Processing
(Human Rights Watch) 15 July

Human Rights Commissioner raises alarm over potential ‘arbitrary detention’ of section 501 detainees
(SBS) 14 July

The light that failed: South Sudan’s ‘new dawn’ turns to utter nightmare
(The Guardian) 11 July

Indefinite Hosting of Rohingya Refugees a Growing Concern for Bangladesh
(The Diplomat) 9 July

A stranger to his son: Locked in limbo at a Brisbane detention centre
(WA Today) 9 July

Q&A: South-South migration has long been overlooked. Why?
(The New Humanitarian) 8 July

Priti Patel wants to imprison refugees for following international law
(The Canary) 5 July

In our national interest? Australia’s stance on Myanmar is contradictory, inconsistent, and self-defeating
(ABC) 5 July

Excluding refugees, asylum seekers and migrants undermines an inclusive vaccine roll-out
(Daily Maverick) 4 July

These refugee athletes didn’t make the Olympic team but they refuse to give up their dreams
(ABC) 2 July

‘It was like the scene of a horror movie’: how Jaivet Ealom escaped from Manus Island
(The Guardian) 2 July

Nyadol Nyuon uses National Press Club speech to denounce racism, launch survey on refugee women
(ABC) 1 July

Watchdog details concerns about treatment of detainees in Australia’s immigration system
(SBS) 1 July

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