ARAN Campaign Platform

At the 2017 ARAN Conference, attendees worked towards developing a common campaign platform.

The following points had broad support across the membership:

No mandatory detention
Mandatory detention, both on and offshore, for people seeking asylum violates human rights and must be prevented by legislation. People arriving as asylum seekers must be supported in Australian communities while their claims for refuge are being assessed.

A more generous intake
Australia’s refugee intake must be significantly increased in response to global need, and must not discriminate against particular people groups. People should not be denied resettlement on the basis of mode of arrival.

Fair processing
Refugee assessments must be based on the UN Refugee Convention. The process must be fair, timely, accessible, informed, sensitive and funded. Appropriate avenues for independent and judicial review of decisions must be available.

Access to work, support and permanent residency
Access to work, education, health and support services, English classes and income support must be afforded while claims are being assessed. Permanent residency visas, with clear pathways to citizenship, must be granted to those found to be refugees.

Family reunions
The Refugee Convention right to family reunification for refugees must be upheld. Families must be reunited in a timely manner to prevent prolonged separation.

Safe passage
Australia must work with the UNHCR and transit countries in our region, to provide resettlement in Australia for a significant number of refugees, thus providing safe passage as a real alternative to unsafe boat journeys.

No boat turn-backs
Boats must not be turned back. People must not be refused the right to seek asylum due to their mode of arrival. Rescue services must be provided.

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