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Please click on the petition links below. There are some you can sign online, while with others, you can print out and collect signatures before sending to the address on the petition. Please sign and share them.

Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela
( Update 4 March 2021

Three  years ago, they took Priya’s family at dawn. Today on Christmas Island, two little QLD-born girls will wake to the start of their fourth year of detention. Call the Prime Minister: Mr. Morrison could bring this family home to Biloela today by asking one Minister to circle one word in one document.

• To the Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton
In the past two months, hundreds of recognised refugees have been sent eviction notices by Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton. How can Minister Dutton justify kicking people out onto the streets in the middle of a pandemic?
Sign to demand protections to recognised refugees now on the Refugee Council of Australia website.

• To the Morrison government and the state and territory governments
Every member of our community should be able to get the support they need to be safe at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Sign the Jesuit Refugee Service ‘JRS’ Australia petition

• To Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand
Stand up for people in PNG, Australia and Nauru Seeking Asylum
Sign now on ourActionStation NZ

• Support Permanent Protection
Sign the petition.  Follow and support the campaign at

• ALP survey on the Federal Government’s proposal changes to English proficiency requirements for migrants. From Andrew Leigh ALP MP.
Complete the survey.

• Support for all during coronavirus crisis
Add your name and call on the Government to extend income support for all people on temporary visas.
Sign the GetUp petition.

•  COVID has temporarily stopped migration: it’s time to provide
permanent visas for refugees

The Iranian Women’s Association petition to Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton, David Coleman and Alan Tudge. Sign it now.

• Send Senator Lambie a message about the Mobile Ban Bill
October Update:
Senator Lambie has announced that she will block the mobile phones ban bill (Asylum Seeker resource Centre -ASRC).
Tasmanian Sentaor Jacqui Lambie want’s your opinion on the Migration
Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020
aka the Immigration Detention Mobile Phone Ban Bill.
This bill will is soon go before the Senate and Senator Lambie’s vote
will the critical.

Banning mobile phones in immigration detention would make an inhumane
system even crueler’ (The Conversation – 1 September 2020).
Tell Sentaor Lambie what you think of the Bill.
Send her a message now!

Don’t let Dutton cut off their lifeline (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – ASRC)
Phones make it possible for people to shine a light on what’s really going on inside detention centres. Phones are a lifeline for people seeking asylum and refugees held in detention. They enable access to families, loved ones, legal representation, health support and the outside world.
Without them, we wouldn’t know:
• the story of the family from Biloela,
• that people are being forced to sleep four to a room in a pandemic or
• that basic necessities like soap and alcohol-based hand sanitiser aren’t available.
Maybe that’s why Peter Dutton wants blanket powers to confiscate these phones, even without reason.  So don’t let him take away mobile phones from people in detention.
Act now and sign the petition that calls on Parliament to reject the bill.

• DialItDownDutton. Don’t take away asylum seekers’ phones! (

#11YearsTooLong – still in detention (

• Game Over Petition – Amnesty International Australia. 2020
Take action to get all those trapped by Australia on Nauru and Papua New Guinea to safety. There are options.

Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela
Refugee Action Collective Qld petition
Update – Three Today! Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home
( 11 June 2020
Queensland-born Kopika is turning 5 – in detention
( 6 April 2020

• Canadian community refugee sponsorship model for Australia
(Amnesty Australia and Community Refugee Sponsorship)

• Let’s protect health as a human right

• Demand COVID-19 Safe Accommodation for Refugees

• #Safer at Home Petition

• Extend COVID-19 relief packages to temporary visa holders

• Justice for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

Successful community sponsorship of refugees in Canada
Canada has had a successful private sponsorship scheme in place for almost 40 years. Learn more about how Australia could move in this direction – and sign the petition  (An Amnesty Australia and Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (CRSI) coalition sponsored petition).

Petition drawing attention to the exorbitant cost of detaining refugees offshore. Grandmothers for Refugees NSW. Please print copies of the petition by clicking on the link and ask your friends and family to sign.

Let’s protect health as a human right
This petition calls for an information firewall to be created between health providers and immigration agencies to prevent the sharing of sensitive information.
To the Prime Minister and State Premiers.
(Amnesty International – April 2020)

Demand COVID-19 Safe Accommodation for Refugees
(Amnesty International – April 2020)

Extend COVID-19 relief packages to temporary visa holders
( – March 2020)

ASRC Petition to protect people seeking asylum and refugees during
the COVID-19 crisis

(ASRC petition – March 2020)

Stop the spread of COVID-19 in immigration detention centres #SaferAtHome
(Human Rights for All Petition – March 2020)

Now is the time to Change the Policy for people seeking asylum
 (ASRC Petition – March 2020)

2020 Year of Welcome – Refugee Council of Australia. 2020
The Refugee Council of Australia has declared 2020, the #YearOfWelcome.
You can add your name to the cause and participate in one action each month to help foster a more welcoming and inclusive Australia towards refugees and people seeking asylum. The actions will be simple, locally-focused actions.

Petition: Grandmothers for Refugees, NSW. March 2020
… … We therefore ask the House to actively assist as a matter of urgency the process of the permanent resettlement of refugees still on Nauru and in Port Moresby.

End indefinite limbo for refugees in Indonesia!
Lift Australia’s ban on resettlement! 2019

The Indonesian government is now in the process of closing the detention centres, so asylum seekers are left to try to survive without support.
To sign this petition go to

Refugee Action Coalition NSW
End indefinite limbo for refugees in Indonesia! Lift Australia’s ban on resettlement!

Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA)
Petition regarding SRSS cuts

Refugee Action Collective Victoria
Airlines – Don’t Deport Asylum Seekers to Danger!

Refugee Action Collective Victoria
I pledge to vote for refugee rights

Amnesty International Australia
Call for Fairer Refugee Sponsorship

Angela Fredericks: Biloela
Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela, Queensland


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