August 2019 media stories

Biloela Tamil Family Moved To Christmas Island In Dead Of Night (10 News) 31 August 2019

‘We’re a polite town’: rage in Biloela as Tamil family’s fate in Peter Dutton’s hands (Guardian Australia) 31 August 2019

Australian Government secrecy has family battling for answers over refugee who fled Taliban (ABC News) 31 August 2019

Paladin asked Home Affairs about ‘unforeseen bribes’ (AFR) 30 August 2019

Thousands of public servants want to quit Peter Dutton’s home affairs department (Guardian Australia) 30 August 2019

Deportation of Tamil asylum seeker family interrupted midair by last-minute injunction (ABC News) 30 August 2019

Deportation to Sri Lanka of Biloela Tamil family’s youngest child delayed until Wednesday (Guardian Australia) 30 August 2019

Fears asylum seekers transferred from Manus to Port Moresby will be ‘homeless, destitute’ (SBS News) 29 August 2019

Dysfunction in Home Affairs officially confirmed (Pearls and Irritations) 29 August 2019

Journalist Ben Doherty says there’s ‘no justification’ for refugee detention (Bendigo Advertiser) 29 August 2019

Manus refugees’ allowance and food rations stopped amid relocation push to Port Moresby (Guardian Australia) 29 August 2019

Detention self-harm surge claim unclear (Stawell Times-News) 29 August 2019

Refugee advocates encouraging people in detention to self-harm: Dutton (SBS  News) 29 August 2019

Raising Australia’s refugee intake would boost economy by billions, Oxfam says (Guardian Australia) 28 August 2019

RACGP provides in-principle support for continuance of Medevac laws (News GP 28 August 2019

Government slapped down for dragging sick asylum seekers through pointless legal battle (Mirage News) 28 August 2019

People smugglers take control of Australia’s visa system (MacroBusiness) 27 August 2019

‘It’s a real Yes Minister exercise’: the cost of running an empty detention centre (Canberra Times) 27 August 2019

How long can medivac last? (Crikey) 27 August 2019

Nauru’s parliament elects Lionel Aingimea as president amid refugee crisis (Guardian Australia) 27 August 2019

Nauru’s Parliament elects former human rights lawyer Lionel Aingimea as President (ABC News) 27 August 2019

Nauru’s parliament elects new president (Nine News) 27 August 2019

Australia’s ‘broken’ visa system being used for human trafficking, experts say (Guardian Australia) 26 August 2019

Asylum seekers held in Papua New Guinea blocked from talking to lawyers or doctors (Guardian Australia) 26 August 2019

Spies suppress Australia’s refugees (The Saturday Paper) 26 August 2019

Home Affairs fails to back up claim Medevac bill saw spike in asylum seeker self-harm cases (ABC News) 26 August 2019

Repealing medevac would be ‘catastrophic’ – Video  ( 26 August 2019

Intelligence agencies warn of ‘unprecedented scale’ of foreign spying within Australia (ABC News) 26 August 2019
The stark warning from the nation’s domestic intelligence agency follows accusations the east African nation of Rwanda has a network of spies working to supress political dissent in refugee communities.

No evidence for Home Affairs medevac claim ( 26 August 2019

Only four refugees transferred under ‘medevac’ laws admitted to hospital: Pezzullo (SMH) 26 August 2019

Labor accuses Dutton of losing control of Australia’s borders ‘at our airports’ (SBS News) 25 August 2019

Medevac repeal piles on the cruelty (SMH) 25 August 2019

‘Let them stay’: Melbourne protesters call to save Queensland Tamil family (SMH) 25 August 2019

‘Australia is a bigger cage’: the ongoing trauma of Nauru’s child refugees (Guardian Australia) 25 August 2019

Syrian refugees reunite with family in Italy after bureaucratic bungle (The New Daily) 24 August 2019

Most Nauru and Manus Island refugees are sick, depressed – report (The News Hub) 24 August 2019

Refugee legal services struggle to help ‘legacy caseload’ backlog ABC News) 24 August 2019

Asylum seeker reportedly airlifted from Nauru to Brisbane after self-immolation (SBS News) 24 August 2019

Scrapping refugee law risks death: doctors (The Senior) 23 August 2019

“Offshore Processing” in Guatemala: A Deeper Look at the U.S. Asylum Deal  (Just Security) 23 August 2019

Why medevac should stay: Kaldor Centre strongly opposes repeal (Kaldor Centre) 23 August 2019

Refugee law repeal a ‘dummy spit’: Phelps (7 News) 23 August 2019

Pakistani refugee on Nauru self immolates (9 News) 23 August 2019

Three quarters of refugees on Manus and Nauru seriously ill, doctors claim (SMH) 22 August 2019

Rohingya refugees shun Myanmar return (Canberra Times) 22 August 2019

Ex-Nauru nurse urges Senate to block government’s Medevac repeal (SBS News) 22 August 2019

Manus Island processing centre set to close (The Autrslian) 21 August 2019

NZ urged to lift ‘unfair’ restrictions on Middle Eastern and African refugees (SBS News) 21 August 2019

Operation Sovereign Borders monthly update: July 2019 (Australian Border Force Newsroom) 20 August 2019

Dumping Medevac will lead to ‘unnecessary deaths’, Kerryn Phelps warns crossbench (SBS News) 19 August 2019

Talks under way to close Australia’s Manus detention camp (The Sun Daily) 19 August 2019

Advocates lash ‘cruel’ refugee bill repeal (Nine News) 19 August 2019

Fears fewer migrants will report family violence over deportation fears (SBS News) 19 August 2019

Schindler’s List author compares Australia’s asylum seeker policy to Holocaust lead-up (SBS News) 15 August 2019

Manus Island non-refugees victims of ‘a farce’ (RNZ) 14 August 2019

Australians raise $100k to resettle Manus Island and Nauru refugees in Canada (ABC News) 14 August 2019

‘Having a job sets you free’: Refugees’ long slog to find employment (SMH) 14 August 2019

Protesters demand policy overhaul for Temporary Protection Visas (SBS News) 13 August 2019

Asylum seekers moved from Manus Island to new PNG detention facility, pending deportation (SMH) 12 August 2019

Refugee lawyers warn temporary protection visas are breaking people (Mirage News) 12 August 2019

Successful Mingoola refugee settlement program on hold as African families move away (ABC News) 12 August 2019

‘We are a part of this country’: refugees protest in Sydney over temporary visas (Guardian Australia) 12 August 2019

Gillian Triggs says ‘vindictive point-scoring’ behind Coalition’s medevac repeal (Guardian Australia) 11 August 2019

Asylum seekers moved to a prison complex in PNG (Guardian Australia) 10 August 2019

The Sydney bakery equipping refugees with the skills to thrive in Australia (SBS News) 10 August 2019

The Kaldor Centre’s Jane McAdam (The Saturday Paper) 10 August

Former asylum seekers launch simulated refugee experience (ABC) 9 August 2019

Detention centre maltreatment revealed while Home Affairs avoids charges (Independent Australia) 9 August 2019

Refugees could be sent back to countries where they face persecution under proposed new laws (SBS News) 8 August 2019

Family facing deportation from Australia due to son’s disability fear he could die if they leave (SBS News) 8 August 2019

Craig Foster welcomes corporate-backed social activism (AFR) 7 August 2019

This Syrian refugee spent months stuck in a Malaysian airport. Now he wants to bring 200 refugees to Canada (CBC) 7 August 2019

Mid North Coast Refugee Support Group concerned by MP David Gillespie’s support of Medevac Bill repeal (Macquarie Port News) 7 August 2019

‘They are cleansing our people’: Melbourne Rohingya refugee shares life story of oppression (SBS News) 6 August 2019

It was the best of days; it was the worst of days (Pearls and Irritations) 6 August 2019

Migrants and refugees bring energy and dynamism, says Bishop Vincent Long at Brisbane conference (The Catholic Leader) 6 August 2019

Craig Foster’s big gamble that paid off (AFR) 6 August 2019

Australia urged to help refugees stranded for years in Indonesia (SBS News) 5 August 2019

LGBTIQ Australians pressure Qantas on refugees (QNews) 5 August 2019

Visa character test change ‘could mean fivefold rise in deportations’ (Guardian Australia) 5 August 2019

‘The land where we lived has gone’ – the life story of a Rohingya refugee (Guardian Australia) 4 August 2019

Deportation of a Uighur asylum seeker to China temporarily halted after outcry (SBS News) 4 August 2019

Tim, seeking to protect borders is not hateful (The Australian) 3 August 2019

Humanitarian crisis in Maxmur refugee camp (Green Left Weekly) 3 August 2019

Five years on from ‘the black day’, Australia’s Yazidi refugees reflect on IS terror (SBS News) 3 August 2019

Writing on the wall: Street artist Peter Drew tells his story (The Advertiser) 3 August 2019

Destitute Refugees In Indonesia Show Australia Must Lift Ban On Resettlement (New Matilda) 2 August 2019

Government moves to repeal Medevac Bill (Mirage News) 2 August 2019

More Refugees Leave PNG shores (Loop) 2 August 2019

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