November 2020 media

The community program helping young migrants and refugees learn to navigate Newcastle’s iconic beaches (Newcastle Herald) 29 November 2020

‘Not our finest hour’: Cate Blanchett on the country’s ‘inhumane’ treatment of refugees (SMH) 28 November 2020

New Guardian Australia podcast series gives voice to refugees stuck in limbo
(The Guardian) 26 November 2020

Bendigo’s Rural Australians for Refugees starts fundraiser for asylum
seeker relocation project
(Bendigo Advertiser) 26 November 2020

How Australia put 30,000 people in limbo
(The Guardian) 26 November 2020

A legal limbo without end: the people who came by boat but never found home in Australia (The Guardian) 26 November 2020

The revelations of the Brereton inquiry create anguish for Afghani
refugees in Australia
(The Canberra Times) 26 November 2020

“He calls me coach”: seven-year-old bonds with detained refugee
over Taekwondo
(SBS) 26 November 2020

Temporary podcast: giving voice to refugees under temporary protection
(Mirage News) 26 November 2020

Australia could show real contrition by offering Afghan victims’ families
a pathway to resettlement
(The Guardian) 25 November 2020

Refugee says he was denied permission to visit ‘sick’ wife in hospital
(SBS) 25 November 2020

Handcuffed asylum seekers ‘paraded like criminals’ in Australian hospitals, doctors say (The Guardian) 25 November 2020

At last! a legal challenge to the inappropriate use of handcuffs
(The Guardian) 24 November 2020

Nige learned to cook in immigration detention – now he’s teaching Australians his recipes (The Guardian) 24 November 2020

Australia must avoid America’s demographic stagnation: the refugee program has been slashed to a record low of just 15,000, not much larger than Australia’s recently reduced program of 13,750 (The Mandarin ) 23 November 2020

Labor luminary Barry Jones reflects upon the origins of Australia’s “unconscionable treatment” of refugees (Sydney Lawyers) 22 November 2020

Seven Facts About Refugees in Australia
(Borgen Project) 21 November 2020

Wage theft still a big problem for the vulnerable: many migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum are often unaware of what they are entitled to or if they are being ripped off by the people who employ them (Independent Australia) 21 November 2020

Fears refugees will be denied justice under ‘exorbitant’ hike of court fees for migration cases (SBS) 20 October 2020

A new UNSW podcast series ‘Temporary’ reveals lives trapped in endless uncertainty  ( 20 November 2020

Nauru refugees corralled on 71st floor of Brisbane hotel
(RNZ) 19 November 2020

Covid-19: 19 more refugees on their way to NZ after virus halted quota program
( 18 November 2020

Temporary visa holders left in limbo call for permanent protection
for refugees, asylum seekers
(The Canberra Times) 16 November 2020

Celebs rally & demand Australia release detained gay refugee
(Star Observer) 16 November 2020

A letter from detention: help before my soul is gone
(The Saturday Paper -$ paywall) 14 November 2020

Melbourne’s COVID-19 restrictions are easing, but hundreds of refugees still face
indefinite lockdown
(ABC News) 14 November 2020

Britain’s immigration system to mimic Australia
(Green Left) 12 November 2020

Australian lawyer criticises UK Priti Patel for copying her country’s ‘cruel’ immigration policy (The New European) 12 November 2020

Texts from Nauru
(Honi Soit – Sydney University student paper ) 11 November 2020

Refugees cannot be left behind in our COVID recovery
(Canberra Times) 10 November 2020

Oran Park woman takes out 2021 NSW Australian of the Year Local Hero award:
Rosemary Kariuki has spent more than a decade helping migrant and refugee women adjust to everyday life in Australia.
(Camden Advertiser) 9 November 2020

From Iraq to Geelong: one refugee family’s path to citizenship
Geelong Advertiser – $ paywall) 6 November 2020

Life After 4 Years of Detention Hell on Nauru
(Vice) 5 November 2020

Oran Park woman nominated for 2021 NSW Local Hero award
(Camden Advertiser) 5 November 2020

Migrants, refugees and women with disabilities all shortchanged by the federal budget (Women’s Agenda) 2 November 2020

Shane Fitzsimmons, Andrew Denton, Craig Foster, Grace Brennan nominated for NSW 2021 Australian of the Year Award
(Illawarra Mercury) 2 November 2020

The Wait (Parts 1-5) (The Guardian Podcast) 1 November 2020

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