November 2021 media

Afghan Hazara refugees stuck in SHEV limbo while families face nightmare in Afghanistan
(ABC) Nov 29

A safe haven: refugee builders are being helped to a job by one of their own
(The Guardian) Nov 28

‘This is a torture hotel’: Inside the Park Hotel outbreak
(The Saturday Paper) Nov 27 $paywall

Partners and families to be reunited as Australia prepares to reopen for visa holders
(ABC) Nov 24

Skilled migrants, international students and refugees welcomed back to Australia from 1 December
(SBS) Nov 22

This farming experiment is helping refugees put down roots in Australia
(SBS) Nov 21

What it’s like seeking asylum in Australia when you don’t speak English
(SBS) Nov 17

Afghans who helped Australia to have visas extended every three months
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 18

International border uncertainty dashes humanitarian visa hopes
( Nov 17

Australia is reopening but thousands of humanitarian visa holders remain stranded overseas
(The Guardian) Nov 17

Human rights advocates urge government to lift travel restrictions on temporary migrants and refugees
(SBS) Nov 17

Australia frees four, but dozens of refugees remain in detention
(Al Jazeera) Nov 16

Four detained asylum seekers granted bridging visas in Melbourne
(SBS) Nov 14

From Kabul with hope: Noor’s journey from Afghanistan to Australia
(Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 14

Family’s traumatic escape from Kabul
(The Australian) Nov 12 $paywall

Extra support for Afghan asylum seekers
(Canberra Times) Nov 12

Refugee claims he was denied Covid jab
(Herald Sun) Nov 10 $paywall

Parisa is one of thousands of evacuees slowly making new lives in Melbourne after fleeing Afghanistan
(ABC News) Nov 9

Urgent Legal Support For Afghan Communities
(Mirage News) Nov 9

Cost of Australia holding each refugee on Nauru balloons to $4.3m a year
(The Guardian) Nov 7

Building career futures for refugees
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 5

Four workers ‘for every asylum-seeker on Nauru’
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Panic, fear and Covid-19 inside a Melbourne hotel
(The Guardian) Nov 3

New pathway to permanent migration encourages gaming of visa system
(Independent Australia) Nov 3

Officials fail to catch up with illegal workers
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Concern as Australia’s visa tribunal admits it can’t handle backlog of asylum cases
(SBS) Nov 2

‘Time can break your heart’: the harsh toll of eight years in Australian immigration detention
(The Guardian) Nov 1

Slow transfer to Australian hospital contributed to death of Iranian refugee on Nauru, coroner finds
(The Guardian) Nov 1

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