November 2021 media

Cost of Australia holding each refugee on Nauru balloons to $4.3m a year
(The Guardian) Nov 7

Building career futures for refugees
(The Sydney Morning Herald) Nov 5

Four workers ‘for every asylum-seeker on Nauru’
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Panic, fear and Covid-19 inside a Melbourne hotel
(The Guardian) Nov 3

New pathway to permanent migration encourages gaming of visa system
(Independent Australia) Nov 3

Officials fail to catch up with illegal workers
(The Australian) Nov $paywall

Concern as Australia’s visa tribunal admits it can’t handle backlog of asylum cases
(SBS) Nov 2

‘Time can break your heart’: the harsh toll of eight years in Australian immigration detention
(The Guardian) Nov 1

Slow transfer to Australian hospital contributed to death of Iranian refugee on Nauru, coroner finds
(The Guardian) Nov 1