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2022 Updates

ARAN Update – July 2022
A new federal government, #9 Years Too Long action & advocacy, July letter writing, refugees stranded in Indonesia and more.
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ARAN Update January 2022
2022’s key dates, Afghanistan, Permanent Visa call and more.
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2021 Updates

ARAN Update December 2021
There are a couple of urgent actions before Christmas and also in January.
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ARAN Update November 2021
Response to the crisis In Afghanistan, Refugees still in detention, Australia pulls out from PNG, Permanent Protection, the ARAN Federal Election resource kit for refugee groups and more. Read the full newsletter…

ARAN Update September 2021
Response to the crisis in Afghanistan.

ARAN Update June 2021
Plans for Refugee Week

ARAN Update March 2021
Be part of the national Palm Sunday action calling for Justice and a Fair Go for Refugees: justice4refugees #GameOver.

2020 Updates

ARAN Update December 2020
Offshore policy a failure, 100+days detention for Biloela family, Free the Refugees, End Detention #TimeForAHome national campaign, Income support and more.

ARAN Update November 2020
Resettlement for refugees still held in PNG and Nauru, Onshore detention issues, Call on ALP to speak up for Refugees and more.

ARAN Update October 2020
Campaign actions, news from members groups and more.

ARAN Update September 2020
The Senate to vote on the Character Test and Prohibited Items Bills:
contact your Senators now and more.

ARAN Update August #2 2020
Urgent action on the Prohibited Items Bill, Onshore detention issues,
Income support with thousands still without income and more.

ARAN Update August #1 2020
Urgent Action re the Prohibited Items Bill, Income support; thousands
still without income and more.

ARAN Update July 2020
7 Years Too Long Update

ARAN Update June 2020
Countdown to Refugee Week: social media campaign

ARAN Update-iii May 2020
National social media campaign – Speaking Up for Refugees update,
Refugee Week – ARAN online forum and other events.

ARAN Update-ii May 2020
Current campaign issues and suggested actions: including
Speaking up for Refugees social media campaign and Refugee Week events.

ARAN Update May 2020: The COVID-19 crisis update

ARAN Update April 2020: COVID-19 crisis impact on refugees and
people seeking asylum

ARAN Update March 2020: Palm Sunday, 30 March

ARAN Update January 2020: Key campaign issues

2019 Updates

ARAN Update December 2019

ARAN Update November 2019

ARAN Update October 2019

ARAN Update August 2019

ARAN Update June 2019

ARAN Update March 2019

ARAN Update January 2019

ARAN petition January 2019
On Thursday 31 January 2019, the ARAN petition calling for Justice For Refugees, was mailed to Federal Parliament’s Standing Committee on Petitions. The petition, addressed to the House of Representatives, was signed by 8,451 people.

The Standing Committee will count the signatures and when processed, the petition will be submitted to the appropriate minister. The minister has 90 days to respond. Thank you to all those who signed it and special thanks to those who worked to collect all these signatures.

2018 Updates

ARAN Update December 2018 edition

ARAN Update November2018 edition


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