July 2021 media

Parents of murdered asylum seeker sue government, security contractor
(Sydney Morning Herald) 25 July

Vaccine xenophobia against immigrants and refugees must end
(The Hill) 24 July

Doubling Down on Deterrence
(Just Security) 22 July

For eight years, Australia has been taking refugees as hostages. It’s time to ask: who has benefited?
(The Guardian) 21 July

Time to Deal with the Refugees
(Papua New Guinea Post Courier) 21 July

After eight years of offshore detention, refugees and advocates in Australia renew calls for freedom
(SBS) 20 July

Life or death for Hazaras: Australia has a moral obligation to act, now
(The Guardian) 19 July

Three countries, eight years: one refugee’s nightmare odyssey through Australia’s detention system
(The Guardian) 17 July

Eight years on from Rudd’s decision, it’s time Labor found another way on asylum seekers
(The Canberra Times) 17 July

Behrouz Boochani: ‘Human beings don’t have a place to go but to other human beings.’
(Sydney Morning Herald) 16 July

Australia: 8 Years of Abusive Offshore Asylum Processing
(Human Rights Watch) 15 July

Human Rights Commissioner raises alarm over potential ‘arbitrary detention’ of section 501 detainees
(SBS) 14 July

The light that failed: South Sudan’s ‘new dawn’ turns to utter nightmare
(The Guardian) 11 July

Indefinite Hosting of Rohingya Refugees a Growing Concern for Bangladesh
(The Diplomat) 9 July

A stranger to his son: Locked in limbo at a Brisbane detention centre
(WA Today) 9 July

Q&A: South-South migration has long been overlooked. Why?
(The New Humanitarian) 8 July

Priti Patel wants to imprison refugees for following international law
(The Canary) 5 July

In our national interest? Australia’s stance on Myanmar is contradictory, inconsistent, and self-defeating
(ABC) 5 July

Excluding refugees, asylum seekers and migrants undermines an inclusive vaccine roll-out
(Daily Maverick) 4 July

These refugee athletes didn’t make the Olympic team but they refuse to give up their dreams
(ABC) 2 July

‘It was like the scene of a horror movie’: how Jaivet Ealom escaped from Manus Island
(The Guardian) 2 July

Nyadol Nyuon uses National Press Club speech to denounce racism, launch survey on refugee women
(ABC) 1 July

Watchdog details concerns about treatment of detainees in Australia’s immigration system
(SBS) 1 July

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