April 2020 media stories

Kangaroo Point protest: Covid-19 is one more reason to free the refugees
(Green Left Weekly) 30 April 2020

Asylum seeker in Mantra Hotel coronavirus protest ‘forcibly removed’ and placed in detention centre (SBS) 29 April 2020

Australia’s coronavirus relief exclusions prove we are not all in this together
(Brinkwire) 29 April 2020

We are all in this together, but for some, the stakes are as high as it gets
(Probono Australia) 28 April 2020

ACT launches support package for temporary visa holders after federal government ‘refused’ to act (SBS) 28 April 2020

COVID-19: Migrant visa holders and the pain of family separation in a time
of coronavirus
(Monash University Lens) 28 April 2020

COVID-19 Watch hub focuses on refugees and other displaced people
(UNSW Newsroom) 27 April 2020

Questions the TV series ‘Stateless’ left unanswered (SMH) 26 April 2020

Refugees need protection from coronavirus too, and must be released
(The Conversation) 24 April 2020

Australia’s coronavirus relief exclusions prove we are not all in this together
(The Guardian) 23 April 2020

Australian court ruling means continued imprisonment for Tamil refugees from Biloela (World Socialist Web) 23 April 2020

Turnbull confirms NZ demand on refugees
(news.com.au) 22 April 2020

Asylum seekers slip through Australia’s coronvirus safety net – photo essay
(The Guardian) 22 April 2020

Legal challenge filed to protect refugee at COVID-19 risk in immigration detention (Human Rights Legal Centre) 22 April 2020

Refugee brings court case over threat of Covid-19 in Australian detention
(The Guardian) 22 April 2020

Hotels are no ‘luxury’ place to detain people seeking asylum in Australia
(Architecture and Design) 22 April 2020

SOS call for refugees hit by job losses
(Catholic Outlook – Parramatta Diocese) 21 April 2020

Enough is enough: the saga of the Biloela Four must end
(Crikey – paywall) 21 April 2020

Is protesting during the pandemic an ‘essential’ right that should be protected?
(The Conversation) 21 April 2020

By refugees, for refugees: Refugee leadership during COVID-19, and beyond
(Kaldor Centre UNSW) 20 April 2020

Reprieve for Tamil family, two-year-old daughter ‘not afforded procedural fairness’ in visa application (Catholic Leader) 20 April 2020

Pressure builds for Australia to release asylum seekers
(The Australian Financial Review) 19 April 2020

Australians want to open their homes to locked-down refugees.
The government should let them: Craig Foster
. (The Guardian) 19 April 2020

Refugee Legal’s David Manne In conversation with Tom Ballard
(YouTube video)  19 April 2020

Explainer: what does the Federal Court decision on the Tamil asylum
seeker family mean?
(The Conversation AU) 17 April 2020

Australia’s detained medical-evacuation refugees fear coronavirus
(Aljazeera.com) 17 April 2020

Refugee advocates defend convoy protest as fears grow for detainees
(Independent Australia) 17 April 2020

Tamil girl ‘not afforded procedural fairness’ in Biloela family’s asylum bid,
Federal Court rules 
(ABC News) 17 April 2020

Detainees in on-shore detention fear they will die from coronavirus outbreak
(10 daily – The Project) 16 April 2020

Three men arrested as riot police end rooftop coronavirus protest at Sydney detention centre (SBS) 16 April 2020

Australian police use COVID-19 emergency powers to ban refugee detention protest (World Socialist Web) 16 April 2020

Biloela Tamil family fighting deportation from Australia to learn their fate over the phone (SBS) 16 April 2020

This man has come by boat to two countries without a visa and now he’s facing the coronavirus in an overcrowded prison Papua New Guinea’s Bomana correctional facility (BuzzFeed) 15 April 2020

A Daily Telegraph article that encouraged refugees and asylum seekers to self-harm breached four separate journalism standards, the Australian Press Council (APC) has ruled (BuzzFeed) 14 April 2020

Hotels are no ‘luxury’ place to detain people seeking asylum in Australia
(The Conversation) 14 April 2020

Coronavirus debate turns to asylum seekers on Q+A as former deputy prime minister John Anderson causes a stir (ABC) 13 April 2020

Human Rights Commissioner calls for release of detainees amid virus alarm
(Asia Pacific Report) 13 April 2020

Human Rights Commissioner calls for immigration detainees’ release over coronavirus infection fears (SBS) 13 April 2020

Coronavirus deaths rise to 13 in Victoria, Melbourne refugee protesters fined by police (ABC News) 11 April 2020

Asylum seekers protest on roof of Sydney’s Villawood detention centre over fears of coronavirus (SBS) 11 April 2020

Victoria’s coronavirus death toll rises to 14 as police issue increasing number of fines : police arrested one refugee activist and fined 26 others a total of nearly $43,000 for convoy past a hotel in Melbourne’s north where refugees and asylum seekers are being detained. (ABC News) 11 April 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers not eligible for JobKeeper payments
(ABC RN) 9 April 2020

5 questions about temporary protection visas in the age of COVID-19
(Kaldor – UNSW Newsroom) 9 April 2020

COVID-19: Australians first, foreigners second?
(The Canberra Times) 9 April 2020

COVID-19 to impact Australian refugees without access to welfare
(ABC AM) 8 April 2020

Queensland to raise hotel detention coronavirus concerns with Federal Government (SBS News) 6 April 2020

Refugees, asylum seekers flag fears over possible Brisbane virus hotspot
(Asia Pacific Report) 5 April 2020

‘Disgraceful’: Immigration minister slammed for illegal detention of
Afghan refugee
(SBS News) 5 April 2020

Calls for Australia to follow Portugal and treat migrants as residents
during coronavirus crisis
(SBS) 4 April 2020

New fears for asylum seekers in PNG and Nauru
(The Saturday Paper – free trial) 4 April 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers flag fears over possible coronavirus hotspot in Brisbane (SBS) 4 April 2020

Doctors want refugees out of hotels because of Covid-19 risk
(Radio New Zealand) 4 April 2020

Asylum seekers left on their own after coronavirus takes their livelihoods
(Adelaide Advertiser – paywall) 4 April 2014

Medical experts call for release of refugees and asylum seekers
(Green Left Weekly) 3 April 2020

Portugal gives migrants, asylum seekers residency rights during
coronavirus crisis
(SBS) 2 April 2020

Australian doctors call for refugees to be released amid coronavirus fears
(SBS) 2 April 2020

Doctors from refugee backgrounds ‘desperate’ to help Australia
fight coronavirus
(SBS) 2 April 2020

Doctors call for refugees to be released (9News) 2 April 2020

Refugee lawyers call for protection claims to be re-examined
(UNSW Newsroom) 2 April 2020

Doctors warn of deadly coronavirus risks for refugees, guests at Melbourne hotel
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 2 April 2020

Covid-19: Calls for evacuation of refugees from Nauru, PNG
(RNZ) 2 April 2020

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