February 2021 media

Why a ‘vaccine passport’ could further disadvantage refugees and asylum seekers
(SBS) 28 February 2021

Looking for Paradise
ArtsHub’s Looking For Paradise looks into past and present policies that different governments instigated to help or deny entry to people in need of a ‘Safe Heaven’. (ArtsHub Tasmania) 28 Feb 2021

Fundraising raffle to help refugees and asylum seekers on Mid North Coast
(Port Macquarie News) 27 February 2021

Man’s death years after heart attack on Nauru shows toll of Australia’s refugee policies, advocates say (ABC) 27 February 2021

A COVID ‘vaccine passport’ may further disadvantage refugees and asylum seekers (The Conversation) 25 February 2021

“They are human beings”: released Medevac detainees call for ‘permanent’ resettlement option for refugees (SBS) 25 February 2021

AI facial analysis is scientifically questionable. Should we be using it for border control?
Since last year, Frontex has operated unmanned drones to detect asylum-seekers attempting to enter various European states.
(The Conversation) 24 February 2021

“Watered down” refugee motion highlights Melbourne City Council division
(CBD News) 24 February 2021

Detained asylum seeker given bucket to shower, after dispute with authorities over medical treatment (ABC News) 23 February 2021

Peter Dutton’s push to use ‘secret evidence’ to revoke citizenship condemned
(The Guardian) 23 February 2021

Australia slides from world’s greatest country to pariah – in just ten years – continuing abuse of asylum seekers (Independent Australia) 22 February 2021

It’s time to give visas to the Biloela Tamil family and other asylum seekers stuck in the system (The Conversation) 16 February 2021

Biloela Tamil family to remain on Christmas Island after federal court upholds ruling on daughter’s visa (The Guardian) 16 February 2021

“No end to their suffering.” The Tamil family are the faces of how Australia treats refugees (Mamamia)16 February 2021

‘Trumpism’ in Australia has been overstated – our problems are mostly our own
(The Conversation) 16 February 2021

Nauru detainees cost $10000 each per day in contract bonanza
(The Australian Financial Review) 12 February 2021

Pharmacist – and refugee advocate Veronica Nou -recognised for ‘distinguished service’ (Australian Journal of Pharmacy 10) February 2021

The United States is ramping up its refugee intake. Pressure is building on
Australia to follow suit
(SBS) 10 February 2021

As 60 Medevac detainees bask in their new-found freedom, lawyers warn
they are still in ‘limbo’
(SBS) 9 February 2021

Refugees will gt COVID-19 vaccines during Australia’s $2B rollout
(globalcitizen.org) 9 February 2021

How should Australia respond to asylum seekers arriving by sea during
the COVID-19 pandemic?
(International Law Assn – ILA Reporter) 6 February 2021

Asylum seekers to be vaccinated
(The Saturday Paper-$) 6 February 2021

Peter Dutton to be asked to fund lawyer for asylum seeker’s medevac challenge
(The Guardian) 5 February 2021

Refugees, asylum seekers in Australia to get free COVID-19 vaccines
(La Prensa Latina) 4 February 2021

Australia secures millions more doses of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine: all visa holders, refugees to be vaccinated
(ABC News) 4 February 2021

Dozens of men were suddenly released from hotel detention. Behind the scenes, a tireless fight goes on (SBS) 2 February 2021

How a ruling by the Federal Court last September led to the release of
refugees previously tarred as criminals (SBS)  2 February 2021

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