April 2019 media stories

Attempted murder charges after attack on Manus Island refugee.
(RadioNZ) 30/04/19.

Nauru contract standoff causes chaos and confusion as refugee services left in limbo. (Guardian Australia) 30/04/19.

Population growth, migration and refugees: A political headache that’s split the nation. (ABC News) 27/04/19.

Nauru denies former president’s claim offshore detention deal led to corruption. (Guardian Australia) 25/0419.

SRSS cuts leaving people homeless. (Pro Bono Australia) 23/04/19.

Cuts to asylum seeker payment causes ‘housing and hunger crisis’.
(ABC RN Breakfast podcast) 23/04/19.

Cuts to asylum seeker welfare create surge in demand for food and housing (Guardian Australia) 23/04/19.

Reports of suspected typhoid outbreak on Manus Island. (SBS News) 19/04/19.

Suspected typhoid on Manus ‘appalling’. (The Mercury) 19/04/19.

Australian Government must act following damning comments by Former President of Nauru. (Human Rights Law Centre) 18/04/19.

Former Nauruan president’s refugee regrets. (9News) 17/04/19.

Racist language can disengage and alienate voters, advocates warn.
(ABC News) 17/04/19.

Is This the End of the Line for Nationalism in Australia?
(NY Times) 16/04/19:

Man jailed over shoelace attack on refugee. (News.com.au) 16/04/19.

Lawsuit in Australia on behalf of alleged child rape victim on Nauru.
(Herdon Gazette) 15/04/19.

Have we, Australia, become a country that breeds mass murderers with our words? (Guardian Australia) 14/04/19.

Palm Sunday 2019: See more news about rallies on here.

Thousands gather across Australia for Palm Sunday refugee rallies.
(SBS News) 14/04/19.

The potential of refugee entrepreneurs is huge. But they need our help.
(Guardian Australia) 11/04/19.

Accidental Prime Minister’ has short runup to Aussie vote.
(Hastings Tribune – Nebraska). 10/0419.
Morrison’s politics are more complicated [than Turnbull’s]. Morrison is seen by some as an incongruous mix of a committed Christian who made his name through ratcheting up a refugee policy that many church groups have condemned as inhumane.

Morrison rose to public prominence when the conservative coalition government was first elected under Prime Minister Tony Abbott in 2013 as the minister who stopped asylum seekers from attempting to reach Australian shores by boat.

Australia uses the Navy to turn boats back to Indonesia, or it banishes refugees to remote immigration camps in the poor Pacific island nations of Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

The policy has been widely condemned as a callous abrogation of Australia’s international obligations to help refugees. Australia’s human rights watchdog found in 2014 that Morrison failed to act in the best interests of asylum seeker children in detention.

Morrison explained his deep belief in the righteousness of crushing the people-smuggling trade and preserving the safety of people who board rickety boats to take the long and treacherous voyage to Australia.

The Federal Budget: What it means for refugees and people seeking humanitarian protection.
(Refugee Council of Australia) 3/04/19.

Millions spent on sixday Manus contract.
(news.com.au) 8/04/19.

Interpol red notice: global arrest system at risk of abuse.
(Yahoo News) 5/04/19.

More refugees being treated in Australia than on Nauru and Manus Island.
(SBS News) 4/04/19.

Christmas Island ‘closure’ savings banked.
(9News) 2/04/19.

Home Affairs linked to controversial PNG security contract. (The Age) 1/04/19.

Settling migrants in regional areas will need more than a visa to succeed. (Domain) 1/04/19.

Ballarat RAR: Cruel, indefinite detention of refugees must end.
(Ballarat Courier) 1/04/19.

Behrouz Boochani’s mission to change offshore detention laws using a smuggled mobile phone.
(ABC News) 1/04/19.

AuditorGeneral launches probe into Home Affairs offshore contracts.
(Brisbane Times) 1/04/19.

Inquiry into Paladin expanded to cover all Manus and Nauru contracts.
(Guardian Australia) 1/04/19.

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