February 2022 media

Rural Australians for Refugees are ramping up activity as election season approaches
(The Area News) Feb 28

Australia promises places for refugees fleeing war in Ukraine
(Sydney Morning Herald) Feb 27

Australian premiers offer to re-home Ukraine refugees
(Nine News) Feb 27

Basma couldn’t drive when she came to Australia. Now she’s teaching others
(SBS) Feb 26

Afghan refugees living in Australia on temporary visas call on government to grant them permanent protection
(ABC News) Feb 24

Exiled from their homeland, Afghanistan’s women’s national team begins their journey back to international football
(ABC News) Feb 24

Suffer in silence, or risk speaking up? Exploited migrant workers face perverse dilemma
(The Guardian) Feb 23

Teen Parliament: Afghan asylum seeker Mobin Achakzai wants to make a difference
(The Advertiser) Feb 23

Ali Agshar Hussaini: Australian wrestling champ who can’t compete for Australia
(The Guardian) Feb 6

‘Not without my partner’: refugees forced to choose between family in Australia and chance of US visa
(The Guardian) Feb 4

Australians found to overwhelmingly support path to permanent residency for migrants on temporary visas
(The Guardian) Feb 2

Hobart Pushes To Resettle Melbourne’s Detained Refugees
(Triple M News) Feb 1

Thousands of asylum seekers from Afghanistan living in limbo on temporary visas
(SBS) Feb 1




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