2019 Federal Elections

Election news and media updates

Labor ahead in Essential poll as voters prefer social spending to tax concessions (Guardian Australia 26/02/19).

Party policies

The Liberal Party
Policy on Border Protection.

The Australian Greens

The Australian Labor Party
• 2018-2019 ALP Platform Chapter 9 A Fair Go for  All
pages 36 – 45 Points 265 – 344 A Nation Built on Migration.

• The Full ALP Platform.

NGOs and campaign organisations’ policy and commentaries
You may be interested in The Refugee Council of Australia’s
Platform for Change.

Use Your Voice: Stop the Votes

Two members of Canberra Refugee Action Campaign (RAC) have developed an advocacy kit to download and use with politicians and community leaders:
• Use Your Voice Stop the Votes Education Kit  pdf version
• Use Your Voice Stop the Votes Education Kit  Word version.

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