June 2021 media

VIDEO: Asylum seekers rush to meet new interview deadline
(ABC) 29 June

After years in limbo, more than 1,000 asylum seekers are racing to meet a new deadline
(ABC) 29 June

The High Court’s surrender to the Morrison-Dutton immigration detention regime
(John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 28 June

Refugees have fled to Australia seeking a better life, but many are in limbo
(ABC) 27 June

‘Discriminated, dehumanised’ – Denmark’s Syrian refugees
(EU Observer) 25 June 2021

Asylum seeker reportedly in hospital as Melbourne detention hunger strike enters seventh day
(SBS) 25 June 2021

Immigration Minister issues bridging visas to Sri Lankan Tamil family
(ABC) 24 June 2021

Australia has delivered ‘strikingly poor’ results on a new human rights scorecard
(SBS) 24 June 2021

Refugees invite community to walk 322km in their shoes
(ABC) 23 June 2021

By the time refugees can enter Australia again, some support groups will have fewer staff
(SBS) 22 June 2021

Thousands of vulnerable refugees granted protection in Australia remain stuck overseas
(SBS) 22 June 2021

Bendigo storytellers reflect diverse experience of local migrants
(ABC) 21 June 2021

Community detention: what does it mean for the Biloela children and the 181 others?
(The Guardian) 20 June 2021

Queensland restauranteur Ken Duong’s life is happy, successful and far from the brutality he fled as a child
(ABC) 20 June 2021

Taste of freedom: a Kurdish winemaker’s journey from Manus Island to the Yarra Valley
(The Guardian) 19 June 2021

Will the Federal Government use its ‘God powers’ to save the Biloela family?
(ABC Radio National) 18 June 2021

Moral bankruptcy and cruelty in the treatment of the Biloela Family.
(John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 17 June 2021

Government ‘backed into a corner’ over asylum seekers, says former Bakhtiari guardian
(ABC) 16 June 2021

Blink and the boats will restart the Government says, but that is nonsense
(John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 16 June 2021

Australian girl suffering malnutrition ‘collapses in refugee camp’
(Nine News) 15 June 2021

Sick, trapped, scared: Priya speaks from Perth hospital
(The Saturday Paper) 14 June 2021

‘Do not come, do not come’: Why the Biden administration’s blunt message to migrants sounds familiar to Australia
(SBS) 13 June 2021

Paul Bongiorno The human toll of border protection
(The Saturday Paper $-paywall) 12 June 2021

She was born in Australia and turns 4 on Saturday. The government wants
her deported
(Washington Post) 11 June 2021

In Australia, a new look at immigration: ‘it’s about our friends’
(The New York Times) 11 June 2021

RACGP calls on Government to return Biloela family to Australia
(Royal Australian College of General Practitioners – RACGP) 11 June 2021

Temporary visa holders, including international students also eligible for free COVID-19 vaccine in Australia (SBS) 11 June 2021

Family of Tamil asylum seekers deserves to know their future,
says Qld Premier
(Gold Coast Bulletin) 11 June 2021

Western Sydney council welcomes record number of new Australian citizens
(ABC) 11 June 2021

‘Losing hope’: Refugees flown to Australia for medical treatment told to return
to Nauru or stay in detention (SBS) 10 June 2021

View from The Hill: the Morrison government has escape hatch in Tamil family case – if it wants to use it (Croakey) 10 June 2021

Nauru refugees flown to Sydney for medical treatment have hopes dashed
for release (TVNZ) 10 June 2021

Arguments against the Biloela family don’t pass the sniff test
(The Australian – $paywall) 10 June 2021

Discretion on refugees ‘is not rare’
(The Australian – $paywall) 10 June 2021

Stop this cruelty now and bring the children home
(SMH) 10 June 2021

Australian authorities deny medical treatment to detained three-year-old
Tamil refugee (World Socialist website -WSWS) 9 June 2021

Australia under pressure after refugee girl airlifted to hospital
(Aljazeera.com) 9 June 2021

Minister Karen Andrews rules out resettling Biloela Tamil family in
New Zealand or US, days after possibility was raised

(ABC News) 10 June 2021

Minister’s final call on Tamil detainees
(The Australian – $ paywall) 10 June 2021

Dreaming of Biloela Tharnicaa Murugappan versus 30 years of policy
(The Monthly $ -paywall) June 2021

Australia under pressure to free refugee family detained on Christmas Island
(BBC News) 9 June 2021

Australian purgatory: the permanent damage of temporary protection
(The Monthly) June 2021

Federal Court awards $350000 to unlawfully detained asylum seeker, opening door to further claims (UNSW Newsroom) 9 June 2021

Government plans to resettle Biloela asylum seekers in US or New Zealand
(The Age) 8 June 2021

Australian government ordered to pay Iraqi asylum seeker $350000 for over two years of unlawful detention
(The Guardian) 7 June 2021

Daughter of Biloela asylum seekers evacuated from Christmas Island for
urgent medical care
(The Guardian) 7 June 2021

Entry into Australia is only for the rich
(Jacobin magazine) 6 June 2021

Last female refugee evacuated from Nauru to Australia could be deported
despite ill-health
  (The Guardian) 6 June 2021

Refugee progress after eight long years
(Stuff.co.nz) 5 June 2021

‘Discussions are happening’ to resettle refugees from Australia’s offshore
regime in New Zealand
(The Guardian) 4 June 2021

Australia’s abandoned refugees: nine years of exile in offshore purgatory
(Open Democracy) 3 June 2021

Australia considering New Zealand asylum-seeker deal
(Stuff.co.nz ) 3 June 2021

DFAT urged to retract ‘inaccurate’ report saying Sri Lankans face low torture risk, following UK court finding (SBS) 3 June 2021

Walk to raise awareness of mental toll on asylum seekers
(Ballarat Courier) 2 June 2021

Limbo could end: Karen Andrews eyeing off New Zealand asylum-seeker deal
(SMH) 2 June 2021

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