July 2019 media stories

$5 million for a piece of paper: Major review of Home Affairs did not produce an actual report (The Age) 31 July 2019

Australia’s Practice of Boat Turnbacks (Asylum Insight) July 2019

A refugee pushed a boy under a train and reignited Germany’s race debate (SMH) 31 July 2019

Kindergarten language lessons provide a home for refugee preschoolers (Education HQ Australia) 31 July 2019

Migrants, refugees encouraged to ‘tell their stories’ to Aged Care Royal Commission (SBS News) 31 July 2019

Home affairs department failed to keep track of those claiming asylum at airports (Guardian Australia) 30 July 2019

Classified ‘medevac’ advice was sent to just a handful of senior officials before it was leaked (SMH) 30 July 2019

Rohingya refugees refusing to return to Myanmar (The Australian) 30 July 2019

Without School, a ‘Lost Generation’ of Rohingya Refugee Children Face Uncertain Future (Sight Magazine) 30 July 2019

Refugee and TPV rally outside Parliament House, Canberra – Canberra Times  – 29 July

Hundreds of refugees protest outside Australian Parliament – MSN News (AAP) – 30 July

The Government wants to Repeal Australia’s Only Humane Refugee Law (GQ Australia) 29 July 2019

Larger ethnic communities help new refugees find work, Stanford research shows (Stanford News Service) 29 July 2019

Unaccompanied asylum seeker children in Australia urgently need an Independent Guardian (UNSW Newsroom) 26 July 2019

One family’s horrific story shows why the medevac regime should stay (Guardian Australia) 25 July 2019

Australia, PNG Agree To Schedule Close Of Detention Camps On Manus Island (Hawaii Public Radio) 23 July 2019

Iraqi asylum seeker sews his lips together amid mounting despair at MITA, lawyer says (Brisbane Times) 23 July 2019

Mental health dominates refugee admissions (7 News) 23 July 2019

Mental health conditions behind most Nauru and Manus refugee medical admissions (Guardian Australia) 22 July 2019

PNG calls for end of offshore processing on Manus Island (SMH) 22 July 2019

Ardern’s refugee resettlement offer still stands (The Saturday Paper) 22 July 2019

Another chance looms to transfer refugees to New Zealand (SMH) 21 July 2019

Australians protest six years of offshore detention (SBS News) 20 July 2019

Australian protesters urge release of refugees detained on Manus Island, Nauru (SBS News) 20 July 2019

Refugee rallies mark six years offshore (Port Lincoln Times) 19/07/19

Senator Nick McKim has been deported from Papua New Guinea after trying to gain access to a detention centre (Blue Mountains Gazette) 19/070/19

Six years of my life lost on Manus Island: refugee writes on anniversary of ‘PNG solution’ (SMH) 19/07/19

‘As soon as possible’: PNG PM demands timeline for closing Manus centre (SBS News) 19/07/2019

Greens senator Nick McKim facing deportation from PNG after trying to visit Manus Island asylum seeker camp (ABC News) 18/07/19

Australia’s onshore refugees stuck in legal limbo (Yahoo News) 17/07/19

‘Our world has collapsed’: Asylum seeker’s family demands answers of Australia (SMH) 17/07/19

Refugees on Manus to receive Australian First Nations ‘passports’ from activists aboard sail boat (ABC News) 17/07/19

Fifteen-month-old girl held in immigration detention since birth hospitalised (Guardian Australia) 17/07/19

Living in the shadows: Asylum seekers wait years for protection claims (SMH) 16/07/19

Australia’s Orwellian anti-refugee system hints at what’s to come for climate refugees (Guardian Australia) 16/07/19

Asylum seeker tries to set himself on fire at Melbourne detention facility (SBS News) 16/07/19

Defence chief sounds warning on surge of climate change refugees (SBS News) 15/07/19

Justice is slow in the ‘fast’ asylum regime (Eureka Street) 15/07/19

Nauru refugees still waiting for medical care months after ‘urgent’ warnings about threat to life (Guardian Australia) 15/07/19

The buck stops with you, Peter Dutton, and these secrets aren’t yours to keep (SMH) 15/07/19

Police say death of 23-year-old Afghanistan man in Melbourne detention centre is not suspicious (ABC News) 13/07/19

Manus refugee says most of the remaining detainees don’t want to come to Australia (SBS News) 11 July 2019

Federal Treasury slams PR firm for human rights breach (AFR) 11 July 2019

United Nations to investigate potential human rights abuses in Australia (ABC News) 10/0719

Rohingya People In Australian Visa Red Tape Limbo (Aus Bulletin) 9 July 2019

Two-year-old Tamil girl back in detention and recovering after delayed treatment for head injury (SBS News) 6/07/19

Family say two-year-old detainee ‘recovering’, government denies she was hurt (The Age) 6/07/19

A young man grappled with survivor’s guilt for being resettled in the US from Manus Island (9News) 6/07/19

Judge says Australia putting relations with Nauru ahead of refugee’s medical transfer (SBS) 6/07/19

Dutton’s stance on citizenship laws (The Saturday Paper) 6/07/19

Court raises concerns Australia putting relations with Nauru before health of refugees (ABC News) 6/07/19

Judge accuses Australia of putting relationship with Nauru before the law (Guardian Australia) 6/07/19

Federal court judge pressures Peter Dutton to break Nauru medevac deadlock (SMH) 5/07/19

What it’s like for refugees trying to find work in regional Australia (ABC News) 5/07/19

Australia’s Forgotten Asylum Seekers (IPS) 4/07/19

Border Force says detention of refugees in Brisbane hotel ‘appropriate’ (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

National interest undermined by firms like Palladium, Julie Bishop’s new employer, aid groups say (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

Peter Dutton’s move to abolish medevac regime delayed by Senate inquiry (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

Dutton ready to repeal asylum seeker medevac laws (SBS News) 3/07/17

Dozens more Manus Island refugees sent to the US, hundreds remain (RNZ) 3/07/19

Australia’s new independent MPs vow to keep pressure on the Morrison government (SBS News) 3/07/19

Manus security contract extension ‘recognises the professionalism of Paladin,’ company says (SBS News) 2/07/19

‘The boats are coming’ is one of the greatest lies told to the Australian people (Guardian Australia) 2/07/19

Julie Bishop joins Palladium board (AFR) 2/07/19

Paladin’s contract extension may be worth $100m (AFR) 1/07/19

Coalition accused of ‘cruelty for cruelty’s sake’ over medevac refugees (Guardian Australia) 1/07/19

Refugee advocates ramp up lobbying efforts (SBS) 1/07/19

Australian visas: What’s changing from 1st July 2019 (SBS) 1/07/19

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