October 2020 media

Burundi to Bledisloe: The African refugee who’ll sing Australia’s anthem at Bledisloe III
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 30 October 2020

Dutton still not ditching NZ refugee deal
(7NEWS) 29 October 2020

Refugees on Manus Island and Nauru could be sent to New Zealand as Peter Dutton refuses to rule out asylum seeker deal with Jacinda Ardern
(Daily Mail) 30 October 2020

Zali Steggle asks PM to take up the NZ offer
(Zali Steggall website) 29 October 2020

Management by quarantine? (Inside Story) 29 October 2020

Rugby League: Sonny Bill Williams pleads with Aussie Government to allow refugees into NZ (Newshub NZ) 29 October 2020

‘Scotty, give them a fair go’: Sonny Bill Williams’ plea to Aussie over NZ
refugee deal (New Zealand Herald) 28 October 2020

‘Scotty, just give them a fair go’: Sonny Bill Williams calls for NZ refugee deal
(Sydney Morning Herald) 28 October 2020

Footage emerges of Queensland police officer apparently punching protester at refugee rally (The Guardian) 26 October 2020

Queensland police say officer acted appropriately in incident that injured Brisbane refugee protester
(ABC News) 26 October 2020

Hundreds of asylum seekers like Rana and her family placed on six-month final departure bridging visas (ABC News) 26 October 2020

Two dozen asylum seekers flown from Nauru to Australia for medical treatment
(The Guardian) 26 October 2020

Australian refugee treatment shames us as a nation
(Adelaide Now – $ paywall) October 2020

Photos of Nauru’s (now) mostly empty immigration detention centre
(Vice) 23 October 2020

We can no longer ignore the threats facing the Pacific – we need to support more migration to Australia (The Conversation) 22 October 2020

The Video Home Affairs didn’t want you to see leads to calls for immigration detention inquiry (SBS) 22 October 2020

“We are just waiting. We are always waiting”
(Inside Story) 22 October 2020

US, Australia hit new lows on refugee resettlement
(Human Rights Watch) 21 October 2020

Inside Australia’s asylum system – a possible model for the UK
The Guardian 21 October 2020

Hundreds of refugees are in a ‘horrible’ situation after being told to leave community detention (SBS) 21 October 2020

Boom in unsuccessful asylum seeker applications
(Independent Australia) 21 October 2020

The wait: Indonesia’s refugees describe life stuck in an interminable limbo
(The Guardian)  21 October 2020

Mamer came to Australia as a refugee. He committed a violent crime. Can he be deported back to a war-torn country? (SBS) 21 October 2020

Afghan asylum seeker sues for false imprisonment in ‘cockroach-infested’ Australian facility (The Guardian) 20 October 2020

Asylum seeker ‘unlawfully deprived’ of liberty by Alan Tudge sues for false imprisonment (ABC News) 20 October 2020

Australia: most of refugees resettled
(Arkansas Democrat Gazette Online ) 20 October 2020

Indonesia calls for inclusive talks, shared responsibility in global Rohingya response (Jakarta Post) 20 October 2020

Australia’s refugee intake falls 30% below target as pandemic takes toll
(The Guardian) 19 October 2020

NZ refugee offer under ‘consideration’ as US deal winds down
(The Australian Financial Review) 19 October 2020

Australia: Most of 1100 refugees in US deal have resettled
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) 19 October 2020

Catholic groups struggle to help refugees released into Brisbane community
(Catholic Leader) 17 October 2020

War on refugees moves to final phase onshore
(The Saturday Paper) 17 October 2020

Four to a bed and escorted by guards: Biloela family describes tough year
on Christmas Island
(SBS News) 17 October 2020

Refugee organisations react to the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget
(Catholic Outlook) 16 October 2020

Lawyers say the ‘disgraceful’ handling of an asylum seeker case raises bigger questions (SBS) 16 October 2020

“Why can’t we go back to Biloela?” Tamil family faces new legal hurdles in Australia
(Tamil Guardian) 16 October 2020

New program aims to help Hunter refugees and asylum seekers thrive in business
(Newcastle Herald) 15 October 2020

‘Nobody Left Behind’, a campaign to help temporary migrants
(Indian Link) 15 October 2020

Tamil family sees no end to immigration detention, appeal result likely to take months
(ABC News) 15 October 2020

Jacqui Lambie threatens to reveal details of secret medevac deal if Scott Morrison does not (ABC) 14 October 2020

Tamil family from Biloela fight fresh deportation appeal
(The Guardian) 14 October 2020

Who are we leaving behind?
(Mirage News) 13 October 2020

Scott Morrison’s car splashed with fake blood by refugee rights activists in Queensland
(SBS News) 13 October 2020

Who are we leaving behind? Federal Budget
(Australian Human Rights Commission) 13 October 2020

A broken promise on humanitarian policy
(Pro Bono Australia) 13 October 2020

Australia to reduce refugee intake under COVID-19 budget cuts
(New Delhi Times) 12 October 2020

Refugee advocates hurl red paint at ScoMo’s car (News.com.au) 12 October 2020

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s car vandalized by protesters
(CNN) 12 October 2020

The World Needs a New Refugee Convention
(Foreign Policy) 11 October 2020

Stop offshore detention, free them
(Tasmania Examiner) 10 October 2020

Australia to reduce refugee intake under COVID-19 budget cuts
(Voice of America) 10 October 2020

Lack of mental health services for refugees is a global scandal: Australia’s deliberately punitive policy of detaining asylum seekers in Nauru led to a high incidence of suicide attempts and self-harm
(Amnesty International) 9 October 2020

The legacy of the asylum seeker phone ban
(Right Now – an independent not-for-profit media organisation focused on human rights issues in Australia.) 8 October 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers: was the federal budget a missed opportunity? (UNSW Newsroom) 8 October 2020

Self-harm in immigration detention has risen sharply. Here are 6 ways to address this health crisis (The Conversation) 8 October 2020

Refugees and asylum seekers: was the federal budget a missed opportunity?
(UNSW Newsroom) 8 October 2020

Following bad Abbotts: Asylum seekers and migrants are set to lose out on a number of fronts from Tuesday night’s budget
(Crikey) 8 October 2020

Launceston (Tas) advocates concerned about refugee visa cuts
(The Islander) 8 October 2020

Government’s decision to slash support for people seeking asylum will deepen worsening crisis, say refugee organisations
(Human Rights Law Centre) 7 October 2020

Australian government accused of cruelty over decision to cut refugee intake
(Xinhua) 7 October 2020

Australia continues detention of Sri Lanka catholic refugee for over a decade
(Tamil Guardian) 7 October 2020

Peter Dutton won’t be taking detained refugees’ phones
(The Big Smoke Australia) 7 October 2020

Refugees, migrants and displacement in the era of COVID-19
(Croakey)  7 October 2020

Shipping asylum seekers offshore may boost Priti Patel’s hardline image, but Australian example shows it’s not a policy that works
(QMUL – Queen Mary University of London) 6 October 2020

Australia dishonoured itself by offshoring asylum – now Britain looks set to do the same (Politics.co.uk) 6 October 2020

The Federal Government would not pass its own values test
(Independent Australia) 5 October 2020

Shipping asylum seekers offshore may boost Priti Patel’s hardline image, but Australian example shows it’s not a policy that works
(The Conversation) 3 October 2020

People seeking asylum evicted by Home Affairs without support
(Asylum Seekers Centre) 2 October 2020

Australia’s offshore asylum centres have been a cruel disaster. They must not be replicated by the UK (The Guardian) 2 October 2020

What would you do?’: This refugee says he’d happily work as a fruit picker, in exchange for residency (SBS) 2 October 2020

Councils sign on to help temporary visa holders
(Pro Bono) Australia 1 October 2020

UK offshore detention proposal could create ‘human rights disaster’, Australian experts warn (The Guardian) 1 October 2020

No new refugee permanent migration paths
(Yahoo News Australia) 1 October 2020

Revealed: No 10 explores sending asylum seekers to Moldova, Morocco
and Papua New Guinea
(The Guardian UK) 1 October 2020

Coronavirus hardship payment for temporary migrants, refugees
in Victoria doubled
(SBS) 1 October 2020

UK plan to ship asylum seekers to a remote island is reportedly a sign
of Tony Abbott’s influence
(SBS) 1 October 2020


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