January 2021 media

UN member states challenge Australia’s refugee and asylum policies
(Refugee Council of Australia -RCOA) 31 January 2021
Last year, RCOA worked with a coalition of Australian NGOs to prepare a
report  about the state of human rights in Australia, endorsed by over 200 organisations, for the UN’s Universal Period Review (UPR).
The coalition also prepared a series of fact sheets.

Kangaroos and Barnesy: Former detainee Moz Azimitabar’s first days of freedom
(SMH) 31 January 2021

Treaties and blind spots: What is Australia’s record on human rights?
(SMH) 30 January 2021

Refugees close to year in hotel detention
(Nambucca Guardian News) 30 January 2021

Australia in focus at the UN Human Rights Council
(Lowy Institute -The Interpreter) 28 January 2021

More asylum seekers released from Melbourne immigration detention, a week
after dozens freed
(SBS) 28 January 2021

Could the Biden administration pressure Australia to adopt more humane refugee policies? (The Conversation) 27 January 2021

Could the Biden administration pressure Australia to adopt more humane refugee policies? (The Canberra Times) 28 January 2021 and
(UNSW Newsroom) 27 January 2021

People power prevails in release of Medevac refugees
(Pro Bono Australia) 27 January 2021

Australian government ordered to pay 1300 asylum seekers whose details were exposed (The Guardian) 27 January 2021

Free them all: the government is finally releasing the medevac detainees
(sydneycriminallawyers.com.au) 26 January 2021

The pandemic is no excuse to shut the door on refugee resettlement
(The New Humanitarian) 25 January 2021

“I never felt alone”: refugee Mostafa Azimitabar on justice, Jimmy Barnes and freedom after eight years (The Guardian) 25 January 2021

I am an Australia Day ambassador and support a change in date: Craig Foster
(The Guardian) 25 January 2021

Locked up in a hotel for a year, then a sudden taste of freedom
(Baltimore Sun) 24 January 2021

Release the rest of the detained refugees (Editorial)
(The Age) 22 January 2021

Just 14 asylum seekers remain in Melbourne hotel detention
& here’s what you can do to help
(Pedestrian TV) 22 January 2021

Medically vulnerable refugees in Australia hotels finally freed
(Aljazeera) 22 January 2021

‘Like a new person’: Refugee Moz freed after eight years in detention
(SBS) 22 January 2021

Locked Up in a Hotel for a Year, Then a Sudden Taste of Freedom
(The New York Times) 21 January 2021

‘We are out now’: more refugees released from hotel detention in Melbourne
(Brisbane Times) and (The Age) 21 January 2021

Mostafa Azimitabar says his release was ‘the most beautiful moment of
my life’
(ABC) 21 January 2021

Medevac detainees have been freed after years in Australia’s immigration detention system. Here’s why, and what may happen next (ABC) 21 January 2021

Nearly all refugees held in Melbourne hotel detention to be released,
advocates say
(The Guardian) 20 January 2021

Dozens of medevac refugees freed from detention
(ABC News) 20 January 2021

UN’s spotlight on Australia’s human rights
(Yahoo News Australia) 20 January 2021

Australia: address abuses raised at UN review
(Human Rights Watch) 20 January 2021

Editorial: Australia fails on human rights
(Echonetdaily) 20 January 2021

Medevac detainees freed from Melbourne hotel after years
in immigration detention
(ABC News) 20 January 2021

Withholding medicines an abuse of human rights
(Australian Journal of Pharmacy) 19 January 2021

Refugee Rights protest Brisbane seeks to ‘humanise the dehumanised’
(The Westender( 18 January) 2021

Detainees on Australia’s Christmas Island continue protests against appalling conditions (World Socialist Website -WSWS) 15 January 2021

Pauline Hanson website url diverted to surprising page in online prank – the Refugee Council of Australia (Yahoo News Australia) 15 January 2021

Protesters demand freedom for hotel detainees
(Green Left) 10 January 2021

Fresh disturbance at Christmas Island detention centre due to ‘inhumane’ conditions, advocates say  (The Guardian) 10 January 2021

Meet the refugee behind these memorable Sri Lankan cooking lessons
(SBS) 13 January 2021

Tear gas, rubber bullets and beating leaves men traumatised and sick at Christmas Island detention centre (The Guardian) 10 January 2021

Keeping the Biloela family exiled on Christmas Island in 2020 cost taxpayers $14 million (The Guardian) 7 January 2021

Fires at Christmas Island as detainees riot
(The West Australian) 6 December 2021

Ex-Manus detainee Amir was given a new life by sponsors in Canada. Now he’s looking to pay it forward (SBS) 5 January 2021

Australia’s national interest must be weighed when deporting refugees, court tells government (The Guardian Australia) 5 January 2021

Asylum seekers put their hands up to fill labour shortage in regional Victoria
(ABC News) 3 January 2021

Cabinet papers reveal how seeds of Australia’s divisive asylum seeker boats
policy were sown in 2000
(The Guardian) 1 January 2021

Cabinet papers: Secrets behind illegal boat arrivals revealed
(Herald Sun -$ paywall) 1 January 2021

Cabinet papers: Government warned over human rights issues
(Weekend Australian) 1 January 2021

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