May 2019 media stories

Bridging visas soar by 147 per cent under Coalition. (The New Daily) 31/05/19.

Armed PNG police deployed amid ‘daily’ Manus refugee suicide attempts.
(Daily Mail UK) 31/05/19.

Cruel, and no deterrent: why Australia’s policy on asylum seekers must change. (The Conversation) 31/05/19.

Manus asylum seekers treated at local hospital despite million dollar health contract. (SBS News) 31/05/19.

UN Working Group criticises Australia on immigration detention.
(ABC News) 31/05/19.

Where does the Coalition’s reelection leave refugees on Manus and Nauru? (Guardian Australia) 31/05/19.

Refugee Suicide Attempts Spike On Manus Island Following Australian Election Results. (The Organisation for World Peace) 31/05/19.

Asylum boat arrival sparks border debate. (9News) 30/05/19.

Boatload of 20 Sri Lankan asylum seekers brought to Christmas Island.
(SMH) 30/05/19.

Manus Island in ‘unprecedented crisis’ as refugee selfharm surges after Australian election. (ABC News) 29/05/19.

Palaszczuk Government strengthens asylum seeker support services.
(Mirage News). 28/03/19.

New Zealand urged to create more compassionate refugee policy.
(ProBono Australia) 27/05/19.

Ali Dorani: Iranian cartoonist on the drawings that saved his life.
(BBC) 26/05/19. 

Scott Morrison’s $9 billion mass detention plan.
(The Age) 26/03/19.

Patient Testimony from Nauru:“Refugees on Nauru are Desperately in need of . (MSF) 25/03/19.

Manus Island: Refugee ‘suicide attempts’ in wake of Australia election.
(BBC) 23/05/19.

Coalition’s plan to repeal Medevac law a ‘death warrant’ for refugees: advocacy groups.  (SBS News) 23/05/19.

More than 40 refugees transferred to Australia for urgent treatment since medevac laws passed. (Guardian Australia) 23/05/19.

‘People just lost hope’: After Australia’s election, asylum seekers attempted suicide. (Washington Post) 22/05/19.

Aus govt cannot ignore Manus Island suicide attempts advocate
(RNZ) 22/05/19.

At Least Four People on Manus Island Attempted Suicide after the Australian Election ( 22/05/19.

Government pushing ahead with medevac repeal, despite Senate opposition.
(SBS News) 22/05/19.

Refugees attempted suicide after Australia’s election, activists say. (CNN) 21/05/19.

Manus activist says detainees have ‘completely lost hope’ after election result. ( 21/05/19.

Morrison faces roadblock on refugee bill. (Canberra Times) 20/05/19.

Aust coalition win dims hope for Manus, Nauru refugees.
(PNG Post Courier) 19/05/19:

Petition supporting Tamil family delivered to Immigration Minister.
(SBS News) 18/05/19.

Biloela’s Tamil family lose high court bid to avoid deportation.
(Guardian Australia) 14/05/19.

The obscurity of consensus: Refugees in the Australian Election.
(Independent Australia) 10/05/19.

Refugees on Nauru hope for border policy change.
(The Australian) 10/05/19.

NZ refugee offer not ruled out: Dutton. (The New Daily) 9/05/19.

PM sees plenty of scope in US refugee deal . (The Australian) 9/05/19.

Federal election 2019: Border security brought into election campaign by Peter Dutton. (The West Australian) 9/05/19.

ExNauru president Sprent Dabwido who oversaw detention centre
reopening dies. (ABC News) 8/05/19.

Whatever happened to the ‘border security election’ we were supposed to have? (SMH) 5/05/19.

The issues that have swung our elections. (The Conversation) 3/05/19.

Advocates slam holding Manus Island refugee ‘in police cell’ after selfharm.
(SBS News) 2/05/19.

Trafficking in old anxieties. (The Interpreter) 1/05/19.

Partner of Deceased Refugee Sues Australian Government.
(Lexology – Legal Updates) 30/04/19.


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