August 2021 media

The Tampa affair, as it became known, was an incident at sea in 2001 which changed Australia’s policy toward asylum seekers. (Audio)
(SBS) 31 August

‘Residual trauma’ of Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban will be ‘among highest levels’ Australia has resettled
(The Guardian) 31 August

Hieu Van Le uses final day as SA Governor to appeal for compassion for Afghan arrivals
(ABC) 31 August

Here’s how temporary visa holders and asylum seekers can access emergency financial support
(SBS) 30 August

Asylum seekers can wait years for visa claims to be processed. For some, lockdown makes life even harder
(ABC) 29 August

VIDEO: Supporting newly arrived Afghan refugees in your community
(ABC) 29 August

Afghanistan women’s football team captain grateful to Australia for rescue mission
(SBS) 28 August

The Tampa affair 20 years on: Fallout from refugee crisis continues today
(9 News) 28 August

This is what would have helped Ku Htee feel more at home after moving to Australia as a refugee
(ABC) 28 August

Adelaide community rallies behind arrivals from Afghanistan
(ABC) 26 August

The Tampa affair shocked the world. Twenty years on, those involved tell their stories
(ABC) 26 August

“I hope the focus on Afghanistan will continue. UNHCR is here for the long run.”
(UNHCR) 26 August

Afghan athletes praised for determination to find refuge in Australia after exhausting departure from Kabul
(ABC) 24 August

Afghanistan refugees could be housed through community sponsorship
(ABC) 24 August

Morrison warns Kabul is ‘chaotic’ as first Afghan evacuees arrive home
(9 News) 20 August

Australian government urged to expand refugee intake as Afghans seek to flee Taliban rule
(The Guardian) 19 August

Afghan refugees can no longer wait — Australia must offer permanent protection now
(The Conversation) 17 August

More than 250 ADF troops deployed to help evacuate Australians in Afghanistan
(SBS) 15 August

As the Taliban seize control, here’s what Australia can do to help our people
(Sydney Morning Herald) 15 August

Plea for Afghans in Australia to be allowed to stay as rescue mission from Taliban planned
(The Guardian) 14 August

High Court won’t hear case of Biloela child seeking visa to stay in Australia
(9 News) 12 August

Biloela asylum seeker Tharnicaa Murugappan in High Court bid for Australian visa
(ABC) 11 August

After eight years in Australian detention, the only refugee family held in Darwin centre remains in legal limbo
(The Guardian) 11 August

UN urges Australia to release dangerously ill refugee who has ‘given up on living’ after eight years
(The Guardian) 11 August

Afghan refugee may lose permanent residency in Australia – for supplying identity document
(The Guardian) 8 August

Peter Bol: The Sudanese-Australian runner who lifted a nation
(BBC) 6 August

A brief history of asylum seekers at the Olympics — and why they are sometimes misunderstood
(The Conversation) 5 August

Why financial inclusion is key to integrating and empowering refugees
(World Economic Forum) 3 August

Why human rights violations in Australia’s offshore detention centers are appalling
(Global Times) 3 August

Australia’s ‘hidden’ housing problem: Migrants and refugees are overrepresented among the homeless population
(ABC) 2 August

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