Sept 2019 media stories

Manus men’s ‘dehumanising’ detention continues (RNZ News) 1 October 2019

Refugee groups ‘deeply concerned’ by ‘secret report’ on resettlement of humanitarian migrants (SBS News) 30 September 2019

Flight from Manus (ABC News) 30 September 2019

Secret report urged Morrison government to create ‘more positive narrative’ on refugees SMH 29 September 2019

‘Feel like I’m living on death row’: refugees forced to choose between visa limbo or family separation (Guardian Australia) 29 September 2019

Labor demands government release ‘secret report’ on refugee resettlement (Guardian Australia) 29 September 2019

Peter Dutton appeals federal court ruling over medical transfer of refugees (Guardian Australia) 27 September 2019

Coalition blocking release of major review into refugee resettlement (Guardian Australia) 25 September 2019

Tamil torture survivor appeals to live in UK after ‘hellish’ detention in Manus Island (Tamil Guardian) 22 September 2019

In New York, Muhyiddin calls for developed countries to help bear refugee management costs (Malay Mail) 22 September 2019

Snap judgment: why Sandy Street’s record on asylum cases stands out (Guardian Australia) 22 September 2019

Sweetshop or sweatshop? Jury to decide on forced labour claims at Melbourne bakery (ABC News) 22 September 2019

Resistance grows against asylum seekers at shelter, sidewalks (The Jakarta Post) 21 September 2019

Australian government awards Serco $9.9m contract to help non-citizens return home (Guardian Australia) 20 September 2019

Healthcare for struggling refugee communities in Malaysia (Relief Web) 20 September 2019

Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela granted final hearing, deportation delayed (Nine News) 19 September 2019

Why Manus leaves Australia compromised in the Middle East coalition (UNSW Newsroom) 19 September 2019

How the Biloela Tamil family deportation case highlights the failures of our refugee system (The Conversation) 19 September 2019

I am a Tamil asylum seeker in Australia. I don’t hold hope (SBS) 18 September 2019

Tamil family wins fresh injunction against deportation (The Age) 18 September 2019

Paladin forced to pay back $3.1m for failures in offshore detention services (Guardian Australia) 17 September 2019

Essential poll: majority of Australians support medevac or better asylum care (Guardian Australia) 17 September 2019

From Manus Island to Port Moresby (The Saturday Paper) 14 September 2019

Inquiry backs plan for lifetime ban on asylum seeker boat arrivals (SBS News) 14 September 2019

Rallies call for better refugee treatment (Mandurah Mail) 14 September 2019

Coalition loses control of visa system (Independent Australia) 14 September 2019

Sending children to Nauru was a ‘human rights breach’, commission finds (SBS News) 13 September 2019

Manus detainee Behrouz Boochani appointed visiting professor at top UK university (SBS) 13 September 2019

Doctors backed majority of medevac transfer refusals (SBS News) 13 September 2019

Palestinians are tired of being the only refugees denied the right to resettlement (JWire) 11 September 2019

Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island quietly emptied (SBS News) 11 September 2019

Manus Island refugee processing is coming to an end — but what happens now? (ABC News) 11 September 2019

Independent doctors backed most medevac transfer refusals (SMH) 11 September 2019

Biloela residents travel to Canberra to plead Tamil family’s case (SBS News) 11 September 2019

Sweet shop ‘slave’ worked 100 hours a week, court told (The Age) 9 September 9 2019

States step up funding for asylum seekers after federal cuts hit people on bridging visas (SBS News) 9 September 2019

Tamils’ stay in national interest: Labor (The Australian) 8 September 2019

Victoria gives $3m to cover payments to 6,000 asylum seekers on bridging visas (Guardian Australia) 8 September 2019

Greeks in Ballarat Honor George Treloar, the Savior of Pontian Greek Refugees (Greek Reporter Australia) 8 September 2019

Home affairs data ‘gives lie’ to Coalition’s refusal to let Biloela Tamil family stay (Guardian Australia) 7 September 2019

The 8000 ‘forced movements’ on Australian flights in two years (Brisbane Times) 7 September 2019

Biloela showing community spirit (The Saturday Paper) 7 September 2019

Labor in uncharted waters on boats as rightwing media scrambles to mock and ridicule Keneally (Guardian Australia) 7 September 2019

Paladin is a Pacific own goal for Australia (AFR) 7 September 2019

Home Affairs: too scared to visit Manus (AFR) 7 September 2019

Cruelties unconfined: Humanising refugees and the Biloela Tamil family (Independent Australia) 7 September 2019

Rohingya refugee families torn apart as loved ones trapped on opposite sides of the world (ABC News) 7 September 2019

Australia to pressure Myanmar over safe return of Rohingya refugees (SMH) 7 September 2019

‘Sri Lanka not safe for Tamils’: Refugee group sounds alarm on deportation (SBS News) 6 September 2019

Almost 99 per cent of protection visa review applications fail when heard by controversial judge, new figures reveal (ABC News) 6 September 2019

Manus and Nauru refugees in Australia on medical grounds can apply for US move (Guardian Australia) 6 September 2019

Who might care if a family was deported and no one saw the tears? (SMH) 6 September 2019

Tamils wins deportation reprieve as minister ordered to provide more evidence (New Daily) 6 September 2019

What’s next for the Tamil family fighting to stay in Australia? (SMH) 6 September 2019

Refugee rejection is more complex than a soundbite: why Tamil family should stay (WAToday) 6 September 2019

Warnings of ‘looming disaster’ in Port Moresby as last asylum seekers to leave Manus Island (SBS News) 5 September 2019

After six years we leave Manus Island to go to ‘nowhere’: an asylum seeker’s story (SMH) 5 September 2019

Biloela Tamil family deportation case: removal delayed until at least Friday (Guardian Australia) 4 September 2019

Government facing multimillion-dollar refugee compensation claims (SMH) 3 September 2019

Immigration deadlock as 50 asylum seekers detained indefinitely for being stateless (7 News) 3 September 2019

Are recent Sri Lankan boat arrivals really economic refugees? (ABC) 3 September 2019

No exceptions any more (The Australian) 3 September 2019

Peter Dutton could grant visas to the Biloela family – his powers are broad and sweeping (Guardian Australia) 3 September 2019

Deportation of Tamil family not just a matter of compassion but of law (ABC) 3 September 2019

Scores of Tamil kids’ asylum cases in the pipeline, advocates say (AFR) 3 September 2019

‘Sri Lankan asylum surge’ story comes at a convenient moment for the government (Guardian Australia) 2 September 2019

Jacqui Lambie warns coalition against fast-tracking Medevac repeal bill (SBS News) 2 September 2019

Commissioners call for compassionate approach for Tamil family. AHRC Report, 2 Sept 2019

Manus refugee centre finally closes (The Loop) 2 September 2019

Papua New Guinea cancels Australia migrant camp contract (The Straits Times) 2 September 2019

Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela could be undone by father’s travel history and refugee activism, immigration lawyer says (ABC News) 2 September 2019

Australia intercepts Sri Lankan boat with 13 asylum seekers: government (Yahoo News) 2 September 2019

Tamil asylum seeker family from Biloela ‘terrified’ for children after move to Christmas Island (ABC News) 1 September 2019

Albanese calls on PM to let Biloela Tamil family stay as rallies held across Australia (Guardian Australia) 1 September 2019

Malaysia urges citizens to obey Australian immigration law after report of 33,000 asylum claims (ABC News) 1 September 2019

Australia’s Harsh Immigration Policy (The Diplomat) 1 September 2019

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