June 2020 media stories

ABC Back Roads visits Biloela
which hit the headlines in its bid to stop a Sri Lankan Tamil family being deported
(ABC TV) 29 June 2020

Australia urged to help Rohingya refugees in limbo
(Sydney Morning Herald) 30 June 2020

Asylum seekers and immigration lawyers say Government officials routinely use social media posts to challenge an applicant’s identity and claim for protection
(ABC Science News) 30 June 2020

Indonesian fishermen praised for rescuing Rohingya travellers as pressure grows on ASEAN (ABC News) 29 June 2020

Protesters march on Brisbane asylum seeker hotel
(9News) 28 June 2020

How an inner-city motel became a detention centre for more than 100 refugees
(The Guardian) 28 June 2020

Asylum seeker rally blocks arterial road
(Brinkwire) 27 June 2020

Facebook to ban ads containing hate speech:
Chief Executive said the company will also be expanding its policies to better protect immigrants, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
(Warrnambool Standard) 27 June 2020

Australia criticised in US human traffic report:
“Immigration authorities forcibly deported some asylum-seekers who may have been vulnerable to traffickers upon their return to their home countries.”
(9News) 26 June 2020

What happens to human rights when borders are closed?
(SBS) 26 June 2020

What happened to Tasmania’s intake of Australia’s 12000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees?
(SBS) 26 June 2020

Australia is failing to meet its basic human rights obligations, report finds
(SBS) 25 June 2020

Protester chains himself inside a cage at refugee detention hotel in Melbourne
(SBS) 24 June 2020

Brisbane asylum seeker protesters block major road in march to demand refugees’ release (9News) 21 June 2020

Fr Frank Brennan’s Homily (Catholic Outlook – Parramatta) 21 June 2020

Refugee advocates flout coronavirus restrictions to protest in Brisbane against detention (ABC News) 21 June 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on asylum seekers
(The Saturday Paper) 20 June 2020

On World Refugee Day, Moz’s message from detention
(Kaldor Centre) 20 June 2020

Settlement Guide: What to do when your visa is cancelled
(SBS) June 20 2020

Every room in this hotel is booked. But the guests are not allowed to leave
(CNN)  19 June 2020

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is asking for support this World Refugee Day
(Junkee) 19 June 2020

Malaysia’s Coronavirus Scapegoats
(Foreign Policy blog) 19 June 2020

We can’t forget about humanity’s most vulnerable
(The Canberra Times) 19 June 2020

The neighbours were always very welcoming and warm: little things count to help refugees belong (The Conversation) 18 June 2020

This is how many people are forcibly displaced worldwide: a total of almost 80 million, nearly double the 2010 figure. An estimated 30-34 million of these were below the age of 18
(World Economic Forum -blog) 18 June 2020

Portugal’s COVID-19 strategy to treat immigrants like citizens is working
(Newsweek) 18 June 2020

Regional centres can help us attract and embrace refugees
(The Australian – paywall) 18 June 2020

Gone from bad to worse: Life of people on the bridging visa during Covid-19
(SBS Audio) 18 June 2020

A human being feels they are on a precipice: COVID-19’s threshold moment
(Kaldor Centre) 16 June 2020

Why this family has been disproportionally affected by the coronavirus pandemic
(Ballarat Courier) 16 June 2020

Protesters maintain resolve to fight for refugees
(The Westender – Brisbane) 16 June 2020

When the borders re-open, let’s increase our intake of asylum seekers and refugees (Newcastle Herald – Opinion) 15 June 2020

World warned to brace for ‘tens of thousands’ of asylum claims as China cracks down on freedoms (news.com.au) 15 June 2020

Australia is being urged to see the world’s 70 million displaced people as a ‘talent pool’
(SBS) 15 June 2020

Australians join Black Lives Matter protests in Perth and Darwin as refugee rallies held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne (ABC News) 14 June 2020

Black Lives Matter, refugee protests underway in Queensland for second weekend as hundreds defy coronavirus restrictions (ABC) 14 June 2020

Brisbane Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri arrested for ignoring police orders during protest demanding refugees be released (Daily Mail) 14 June

Australia protests: thousands take part in Black Lives Matter and pro-refugee events amid Covid-19 warnings (The Guardian) 13 June 2020

Refugee rallies go ahead despite warnings
(The Age) 13 June 2020

The last refugee family on Nauru (The Saturday Paper) 13 June 2020

Black Lives Matter, refugee protests underway in Queensland for second weekend as hundreds defy coronavirus restrictions
(ABC News) 13 June 2020

More than a thousand to protest as PM rules out stripping entitlements
(Brisbane Times) 13 June 2020

Refugee Action Collective protests Melbourne: organisers to spread across city (news.com.au) 13 June 2020

Coronavirus: States plan to ease restrictions further as second wave of protests sweep the nation (9News) 13 June 2020

Protester charged after effort to block refugee transfers
(Brisbane Times) 12 June 2020

Asylum seeker protesters arrested for climbing on vehicle at Brisbane apartment block
(ABC News) 12 June 2020

Young asylum seekers at school speak out about their lives in community detention in Brisbane (Catholic Leader ) 12 June 2020

Reflecting on this Refugee Week (Eureka Street) 11 June 2020

These doctors have slept outside for 300 nights to protest Australia’s refugee detention (SBS) 9 June 2020

Malaysian authorities round up thousands of migrant workers
and refugees using COVID-19 pretext
(Green Left Weekly) 5 June 2020

A Brutal Welcome: Riots and a pandemic greet Manus and Nauru refugees landing in the United States (Kaldor Centre) 4 June 2020

Seeking protection in Australia: challenges for asylum seekers during the COVID-19 crisis (Refugee Law Initiative) 4 June 2020

Refugee rights car cavalcade shows solidarity with Villawood detainees
(Green Left Weekly) 2 June 2020

Australian government put Manus staff at risk of harm in lead-up to deadly riots, court told (Guardian Australia) 1 June 2020

Coronavirus inquiry told of ‘shocking and wilful neglect’ of temporary visa holders in Australia (SBS) 1 June 2020

Organisations fear humanitarian crisis unfolding due to lack of federal support for people seeking asylum (ABC News) June 1 2020

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