Dec 2019 media stories

‘Looking back, I realise I was naive’: reporting on the refugee crisis (The Guardian) 31 December 2019

China took their parents: the Uighur refugee children of Turkey (Yahoo News) 31 December 2019

Darebin City Council Offers Refugees and Asylum Seekers Free Access to Leisure Services (Australian Leisure Management) 30 December 2019

More asylum seekers arrive on planes amid trafficking fears (SMH) 30 December 2019

This is what happened to Australia’s 12,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq (SBS News) 29 December 2019

From Nauru to limbo: the anguish of Australia’s last asylum seeker in Cambodia (Guardian Australia) 29 December 2019

Coalition loses control of visa system (Independent Australia) 27 December 2019

Melbourne council offers refugees and asylum seekers detained in hotel free access to services (ABC) 25 December 2019

New Zealand would be honoured to take Behrouz Boochani. Australia be damned (Guardian Australia) 24 December 2019

‘They Give Us No Clear Answers’: Medevac Asylum Seeker reportedly Detained in Melbourne Hotel Speaks Out (SBS News) 23 December 2019

The truth about the Medevac ‘four-star’ asylum seekers
(Independent Australia) 23 December 2019

The Canada Project (The Saturday Paper) 21 December 2019

Refugees held inside Melbourne hotel face uncertain future
(ABC Melbourne) 19 December 2019

Refugees and asylum seekers in Australia under medevac laws detained in Melbourne hotel for months (ABC News) 19 December 2019

Refugees in PNG’s Bomana face grim conditions
(RNZ) 19 December 2019

UN targets electrifying all of world’s refugee camps
(SpaceDaily) 19 December 2019

Refugee’s overstay in New Zealand could fuel Aussie tensions
(ABCNews) 19 December 2019

After medevac was scrapped, what now for the sick refugees stranded on Nauru?
(SBS News) 18 December 2019

Australian govt uses comic strips & fake horoscopes to scare off asylum-seeking Sri Lankans (Washington Post) 18 December 2019

Medevac asylum seekers detained in a Melbourne hotel for months
(SMH) 18 December 2019

Australia should lead way on refugees (The Saturday Paper) 14 December 2019

Immigration Minister David Coleman takes indefinite personal leave,
hands over duties
(SBS News) 13 December 2019

Good food was never hard to come by, until I became an asylum seeker in Australia
(SBS News) 12 December 2019

A ‘Fair Share Agreement’ for refugee resettlements (Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation) 11 December 2019

Labor MP calls for Australia to lead global refugee resettlement push
(9 News SMH) 9 December 2019

Asylum-seeker test case ‘even more vital’ after medevac repeal: lawyer
(9 News SMH) 6 December 2019

UNHCR statement on Australia’s repeal of Medevac legislation
(UNHCR) 5 December 2019

‘Ball in Australia’s court’: Jacinda Ardern open to resettling Nauru refugees in NZ
(SBS News) 5 December 2019

Medevac deal with Lambie clears ground for New Zealand solution
(The Age) 5 December 2019

MSF: Medevac repeal entrenches dangerous precedents on denial of medical care (ReliefWeb) 4 December 2019

Scott Morrison leaves door open to New Zealand refugee offer in medevac repeal (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

Medevac repeal gives Morrison a political win, but prompts intense moral discomfort (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

Senate calls on government to expedite asylum claim of two gay Saudi journalists in ‘arbitrary’ detention (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

‘Medevac’ law: Australia denies medical evacuations for refugees
(BBC News) 4 December 2019

Explainer: the medevac repeal and what it means for asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru (The Conversation) 4 December 2019

Medevac: Senate votes blind, Lambie offers no light (The Age) 4 December 2019

Iraqi interpreters who served beside Australians say they’re prevented from applying for visas (Guardian Australia) 4 December 2019

Scott Morrison denies ‘secret deal’ with Jacqui Lambie as Senate votes to overturn medevac laws (SBS News) 4 December 2019

Testimonies after deportation – What happens after Australia deports Tamils
(Tamil Guardian) 4 December 2019

Coalition braces for medevac fight after surprise loss on ‘union-busting’ bill
(SBS) 2 December 2019.

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