December 2021 media

‘Confusion, no answers’ as Australia ends offshore asylum seeker processing deal with PNG
(SBS) Dec 31

‘Finally I can buy a candle’: 61-year-old refugee released after nine years in Australian detention
(The Guardian) Dec 28

Refugee who self-immolated still in Australian detention
(Aljazeera) Dec 21

Coalition slashes costs for sponsoring refugees as new resettlement scheme hailed as ‘watershed moment’
(The Guardian) Dec 18

Asylum seekers, families allegedly threatened after Australian immigration data breach
(The Guardian) Dec 13

‘I was squatting’: why asylum seekers so often struggle to find secure housing
(The Guardian) Dec 12

Push for new visa cancellation powers ‘incompatible’ with human rights
(SBS) Dec 11

Healthcare denied: will Australia’s ongoing cruelty towards refugees be an election issue?
(Croakey Health Media) Dec 8

Pensioners to the rescue as Afghan refugees struggle in Canberra
(The Canberra Times) Dec 7

Medevac asylum seekers forced to wait years for medical treatment, report finds
(SBS) Dec 6

UK warned not to replicate Australia’s immigration detention centres
(The Guardian) Dec 5

Didar Ali and his daughter work as a team to serve Naracoorte’s growing migrant population
(ABC) Dec 4

Why this Iranian asylum seeker burst into tears after being released from detention
(SBS) Dec 3

Tampa affair: tracing the fallout on Australia’s refugee policy
(UNSW Newsroom) Dec 2

Six asylum seekers have been offered bridging visas and will be released from detention
(SBS) Dec 1

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