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Community Awareness & Education Events

Current Submissions

Make a submission to Federal Parliament about refugee, asylum seeker or human rights issues currently under review.

The Combined Refugee Action Group’s Jubilee Letter Campaign – Individuals and faith groups are encouraged to join this Campaign

Rallies & Actions 

Ask your MP #toNZ

In September
Please email or call your federal member and ask them these two questions:

  1. What will it take for Australia to accept the NZ deal?
  2. What will happen to the asylum seekers left in PNG if we don’t accept the deal?

We are seeking to have every MP and Senator in the country be faced with these questions prior to an important meeting taking place next week.

Find your MP’s and your 12 State Senators’ contact details at

This is a high priority campaign.
Please support this campaign to free those in PNG #toNZ.
#toNZ Postcards provided by Rural Australians for Refugees
#toNZ Postcards – use for Prime Minister
#toNZ Postcards
– use for Members of Parliament
#toNZ Postcards – use for Senators

Please share through your networks

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Regular vigils and actions

Regular events you can attend in your part of the world:
New South Wales
South Australia
WA Qld and Territories.

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Past actions

ARAN’s archive of past events across Australia.

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Community Awareness & Education Events

ARAN has an arrangement with Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR) to encourage members to post upcoming actions, events, vigils, rallies and campaigns on the RAR Events Calendar.

Community awareness and community education events are listed on the RAR calendar which can be searched on date, location (state) and key words.

To submit your calendar event via the ARAN website, add the details to the form below and click the ‘send’ button.

Publishing events on the calendar are at the sole discretion of RAR.

Submit details of your upcoming actions,
rallies, vigils and events

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