May 2020 media stories

Detained refugee records song with Midnight Oil’s Moginie
(Radio New Zealand) 31 May 2020

Australia’s unwanted refugees are still being resettled in the US
Immigration (Centre for Immigration Studies – CIS – blog) 29 May 2020

Golriz Ghahraman hits back at ‘baseless assertion’ Manus Island refugee Behrouz Boochani won political favour (Newshub NZ) 28 May 2020

The Iranian refugee writing songs of love from his ‘luxury torture cell’
(The Guardian) 28 May 2020

This is how they drive you mad’: refugee turns anguish into art
(Sydney Morning Herald) 29 May 2020

Refugees at increased risk of coronavirus due to barriers to healthcare
(The Conversation) 28 May 2020

Extend JobKeeper & JobSeeker to ensure nobody is left behind
(Mirage News) 25 May 2020

Greens and Labor push to expand JobKeeper payments after $60 billion underspend
(Seven News) 25 May 2020

Frydenberg rules out ‘wholesale changes’ to jobkeeper despite $60bn underspend
(The Guardian) 25 May 2020

Rohingya refugee’s right to protection in Australia recognised
(UNSW Newsroom) 25 May 2020

‘Just a disaster’: Government under pressure to pay spare JobKeeper billions to those overlooked (The New Daily) 24 May 2020

Resettled refugees in Covid-19 lockdown
(Saturday Paper -free signup) 23 May 2020

Dozens of refugees flown from Australia and PNG to US despite coronavirus travel bans (SBS) 22 May 2020

Dozens of refugees in Australian centres transferred to US
(Outlook -news scroll India) 22 May 2020

Will COVID-19 change how we think about migration and migrant workers?
(World Economic Forum) 22 May 2020

A 24-year-old who died mysteriously on Nauru should get an inquest, lawyers say (BuzzFeed) 21 May 2020

Cafe serves up soup kitchen of human kindness
(10 daily) 21 May 2020

Ballina refugee group gets $10000 donation
(Echonetdaily) 21 May 2020

This man lives less than an hour from his wife but they’ve been separated for three years (10 daily) 21 May 2020

Medical professionals: ‘COVID-19 in institutions is a significant risk’
(Green Left Weekly) 21 May 2020

This young man spent his twenties imprisoned on a pacific island before finding safety in Canada (BuzzFeed) 20 May 2020

Australia locked this man up when he asked for safety. Canada set him free.
(BuzzFeed) 20 May 2020

Indonesia, Australia seek refugee crisis solution
(Jakarta Post) 18 May 2020

Coronavirus: Rohingya refugees dying at sea as nations deny entry
(The Australian – paywall) 18 May 2020

The right to protest in Australia: covid protests and obstructing traffic laws in NSW (Lexology) 17 May 2020

Behrouz Boochani. ‘As I learn to live in freedom, Australia is still tormenting refugees’
(SMH) 17 May 2020

Indonesia, Australia explore solution to Rohingya refugee crisis under Bali Process
(Jakarta Post) 17 May 2020

Refugees the world forgot: West Papuans overcoming disadvantage
(Independent Australia) 17 May 2020

Australia dithers over starting Bali Process
(NewAge Bangladesh) 16 May 2020

Australia resisting talks to save Rohingya refugees stranded at sea
(SMH) 14 May 2020

Queensland court blocks protest picnic over plight of refugees, asylum seekers
( 15 May 2020

Federal Government pushing for greater search and seize powers in immigration detention centres (ABC) 14 May 2020

Government pushes for increased Border Force powers inside immigration facilities
(SBS) 14 May 2020

Ignored by COVID-19 responses, refugees face starvation
(Amnesty International) 13 May 2020

Now even the limited support is out of reach (BuzzFeed) 13 May 2020

Working with refugees as a volunteer doctor has made me appreciate my good fortune
(The Guardian) 13 May 2020

Another refugee attempts suicide at Mantra Hotel
(Refugee Action Coalition Sydney) 12 May 2020

Protesters demanding release of Medevac asylum seekers barricade themselves inside Melbourne hotel (The Guardian) 12 May 2020

Refugee activists occupy Preston hotel housing medivac detainees
(The Age) 12 May 2020

The US, Struggling Under The Pressure Of The Coronavirus, Is Still Taking Refugees From Australia (BuzzFeed) 9 May 2020

Nobody behind: summary of NRAAG Consultation Outcomes Report
(National Refugee Community Consultation – NRAAG – Australia) 5 May 2020

Asylum Insight facts & analysis
(Asylum Insight) 5 May 2020

COVID–19 Is No Excuse to Abandon Basic Principles Protecting Refugees
and Asylum Seekers
(The Diplomat) 4 May 2020

Open letter to PM Scott Morrison – nobody left behind
(Refugee Council of Australia) 4 May 2020

Multiculturalism is a strength in rebounding from COVID-19 crisis
(Independent Australia) 3 May 2020

Urgent support call for asylum seekers
(The Catholic Weekly) 2 May 2020

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