July 2020 media stories

New report shows refugees and asylum seekers at risk of homelessness due to COVID-19 (Catholic Outlook) 31 July 2020

Where to shop for face masks that also support indigenous and migrant communities
(Marie Claire) 31 July 2020

Almost 20,000 refugees could lose their jobs in Australia. This mother-of-two is one of them (SBS) 31 July 2020

This family is not ‘playing funny games’, Mr Dutton; you are
(Sydney Morning Herald) 30 July 2020

Coronavirus recession puts thousands of refugees and asylum seekers at risk of job loss, homelessness (ABC News) 29 July 2020

Tamil Biloela mum Priya Murugappan ‘removed from Perth hospital by Border Force guards’ (9News) 29 July 2020

Coronavirus: Senate inquiry hears concerns for visa holders, refugees asylum seekers in pandemic (The Canberra Times) 28 July 2020

Australia’s borders are shut, so where does that leave refugees?
(Pro Bono Australia) 28 July 2020

I left Manus Island but it’s hard to feel free while my refugee brothers and sisters are still detained (The Guardian) 27 July 2020

UNHCR calls for the release of refugees and asylum seekers from detention centres (Ventures Africa) 27 July 2020

Australian Tamil refugee mother denied urgent medical treatment for weeks
(World Socialist Web Site – SWS) 27 July 2020

Behrouz Boochani decision shows respect for international law
(The Age) 26 July 2020

Protesters camp out the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel to free asylum seekers
(Independent Australia) 25 July 2020

Gov’t Putting Immigrant Detainees at COVID-19 Risk
(MedPage Today) 24 July 2020

New Zealand grants asylum to Behrouz Boochani, Kurdish-Iranian refugee who was detained on Manus Island
(ABC News) 24 July 2020

New Zealand Grants Iranian Journalist Refugee Status After 6 Years in Australian Detention Center (Time) 24 July 2020

Behrouz Boochani granted refugee status in New Zealand
(Aljazeera) 24 July 2020

Behrouz Boochani: Refugee author granted asylum in New Zealand
(BBC News) 24 July 2020

NZ extends arms to refugee Boochani
(The Canberra Times) 24 July 2020

A shortlist of Australian fashion brands offering face masks
Not-for-profit organisation Second Stitch have masks available in a fun gingham print and two-tone bold colours. The studio employs women from asylum-seeker and refugee backgrounds and each mask sold is helping to provide work for these women. (Fashion Journal) 24 July 2020

Refugee advocate charged over attempt to visit immigration detainee in Brisbane hospital (SBS) 24 July 2020

Photos: Activists rally for refugee rights
(Green Left Weekly) 23 July 2020

For Sri Lankan refugees, a free and fair Australia is a myth
(Foreign Policy) 21 July 2020

Displaced, disconnected, disregarded: the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of LGBTIQ+ people seeking asylum in Australia (Kaldor Centre) 20 July 2020

Asylum seekers moved from Brisbane hotel to detention centre despite blockade
(SBS) 20 July 2020

‘My only desire is to hold my son’: the grief of indefinite detention
(The Guardian) 19 July 2020

Protesters demand release of asylum seekers after seven years of offshore detention
(SBS) 19 July 2020

Mum of Biloela asylum-seeker family Kokilapathmapriy Nadarasa flown to hospital
(The Australian – paywall) 19 July 2020

Incoming Greens senator Lidia Thorpe wants all asylum seekers to be released as COVID-19 cases soar (Brinkwire) 19 July 2020

Biloela asylum seeker mother flown to Perth from Christmas Island
(The Australian – paywall) 19 July 2020

Mid North Coast Refugee Support Group notes seven year anniversary of “suffering”
(Port Macquarie News) 18 July 2020

Almost 200 asylum seekers and refugees are being held in Australian hotels. What does their future hold? (SBS) 18 July 2020

Border Force commissioner defends handling of coronavirus risk as global report points finger at Australia’s asylum seeker treatment
(SBS ) 17 July 2020

Chief Magistrate rejects Police attempts to prevent refugee protest
(The Westender – Brisbane) 17 July 2020

Seven Years of Suffering for Australia’s Asylum Seekers, Refugees
(Human Rights Watch) 16 July 2020

Impact of ‘cartoon thinking’ far from funny
(Newcastle Herald) 15 July 2020

Coronavirus Victoria: Security guardian’s positive evaluation increases fears for refugees (The News Pocket) 13 July 2020

Infected asylum seeker guard worked for company linked to quarantine hotel outbreak (The Sydney Morning Herald) 13 July 2020

Vic asylum seeker hotel has COVID-19 case
(The Canberra Times) 13 July 2020

‘It’s now time for them to return’, says Alan Tudge
Nearly 200 asylum-seekers and refugees medically evacuated to Australia will remain in detention indefinitely after the government vowed they would not be allowed to live in the community.
(The Australian – paywall) 13 July 2020

Seven years too long: nationwide protests on July 19 to end detention and free the refugees (Green Left Weekly) 10 July 2020

Councillors call for detained refugees to be freed
(Green Left Weekly) 10 July 2020

Morrison’s Hong Kong visa changes fall short of ‘safe haven’ (Brisbane Times) July 10 2020

Asylum or economic opportunity? The mixed messages in Australia’s new
Hong Kong visa options
(The Conversation) July 9 2020

Meet the entrepreneurs using fintech to help refugees
(Thomson Reuters Foundation) 9 July 2020

Australia welcomed my mum so I’m mystified by what’s happening during COVID
(The Sydney Morning Herald) July 9 2020

Stateless on Netflix tries to illuminate the Australian refugee crisis
(Vanity Fair – Review) 8 July 2020

Getting to know Australia’s rigorous immigration process
(SBS) July 8

Amid dramatic lockdowns in Melbourne, the Australian Medical Association calls for a pause in easing of COVID-19 restrictions: residents of the public housing towers, who include refugees, will be vulnerable in the lockdown (Croakey) 6 July 2020

Sam uses ‘scars’ to help empower others
(Fairfield City Champion) 6 July 2020

There is a politics of death in asylum system (The National) 5 July 2020

Brisbane priest speaks out against government plans to cut ‘lifeline’ for refugees and asylum seekers in detention (Catholic Leader) 3 July 2020

The Briefing: Australia as a safe haven for Hong Kong?
(The Mandarin) 3 July 2020

We need a humane policy for refugees now
(Green Left Weekly) 2 July 2020

Qld Labor government’s police arrest refugee protesters
(World Socialist Web) 2 July 2020

Sounding a pandemic alarm over an increase in numbers in detention
(Croakey) 1 July 2020

“No one cares about us”: lives of detainees in alternative places of detention
(Independent Australia) 1 July 2020

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