December 2020 media

Zaki arrived in Australia and got a temporary protection visa. In 2021 it’s set to expire
(ABC) 30 December 2020

Australian Medical Association calls for release of Biloela Tamil asylum-seeking family
(Tamil Guardian) 27 December 2020

Fatal Shore, the sequel: the fate of Australia’s refugees
CounterPunch 25 December 2020

COVID-19 halts Canadian arrivals for refugees detained for years near Australia
( 21 December 2020

Canada to accept 100 refugees whose claims were denied by Australia
(Yahoo News Canada) 22 December 2020

Grandmothers march in time for refugees
(Mornington Peninsula News) 21 December 2020

Protesters rally outside Park Hotel Carlton where 60 refugees and asylum seekers are being held (The Australian) 21 December 2020

“We are the forgotten people in Australia”: refugee runs for charity
(The Guardian) 20 December 2020

Australia: High Court rules refugees entitled to sue the government for negligence
(Mondaq News Alerts) 19 December 2020

Hope for Australian immigration detainees after men freed under centuries-old legal principle (SBS) 19 December 2020

Fazel Chegeni wanted ‘nothing but peace’. Instead he died alone in Australia’s island prison (The Guardian) 19 December 2020

Asylum seekers on temporary visas left behind in economic recovery from coronavirus
(ABC) 18 December 2020

Australia’s refugee poverty crisis worsens
(The West Australian) 18 December 2020

Two men released from asylum detention at Kangaroo Point hotel
(Brisbane Times) 17 December 2020

‘How was I allowed to stay? It wasn’t fair’: random process the difference between freedom and detention
(The Guardian) 16 December 2020

Christmas card campaign in support of Biloela family from Sir Lanka
(ABC 7.30 Program) 15 December 2020

Refugees detained in Melbourne hotel ‘devastated’ as they await move to another site (The Guardian) 15 December 2020

Mantra Bell City hotel Preston detainees to be moved to another location
(Herald Sun) 15 December 2020

“Playing games with us”: the medevac men languishing in hotel detention
(The Guardian) 15 December 2020

Uncertainty takes deadly toll on Afghan refugees in Indonesia
(The Australian) 14 December 2020

Detainees told they’re going to be moved out of Preston hotel
(The Age) December 14 2020

Australian university offers financial support to student refugees & asylum seekers ( 14 December 2020

Australia Has Engineered New Levels of Border Cruelty — and Exported Them to Europe (Jacobin) 14 December 2020

UQ opens arms to student refugees and asylum seekers
(UQ News) 14 December 2020

Kurdish refugee ‘shocked’ by Australia’s decision to free him after seven years in detention (The Guardian) 12 December 2020

Australia: High Court rules that refugees can hold Dutton to account
(Mondaq News Alerts) 12 December 2020

“I said my last words”: Ghanieh escaped Iran by boat, now she’s helping Australia fight COVID (The New Daily) 12 December 2020

“What about my child?”: children born to refugee parents caught up in harsh offshore policy (The Guardian) 12 December 2020

Australia’s offshore processing policy has made the world less safe, not more
(The Guardian) 12 December 2020

What happened to the asylum seekers medically evacuated to Australia?
(The Guardian podcast) 11 December 2020

“On my birthday I am reborn”: refugee Farhad Bandesh released after seven years’ detention (SMH) 11 December 2020

Australia has spent $12 billion on detaining refugees for eight years
(Happymag) 11 December 2020

Vigil organised for those in indefinite detention at hotel in Melbourne’s north
( 11 December 2020

First asylum seekers brought to Australia from Manus Island, Nauru under medevac law granted visa (ABC News) 11 December 2020

Doctors ask Brisbane hospital not to send refugee back to ‘unsafe’ immigration detention (The Guardian) 11 December 2020

Interactive timeline: what happened to every person caught up in Australia’s offshore processing regime (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

Temporary: Part 5: When the answer is no
(The Guardian podcast) 10 December 2020

Griffith Rural Australians for Refugees want to see more compassion in refugee policy
(Area News) 10 December 2020

Human Rights Day: Isn’t it time to reconsider our mandatory, long-term immigration detention regime? (Mirage News) 10 December 2020

Aus High Court overules attempts to delay justice for refugees
(RNZ) 10 December 2020

Refugees sent to Nauru and PNG win legal victory against Canberra
(RNZ) 10 December 2020

‘Are they just gonna dump us here?’: refugees given a number for a name on Nauru (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

Funded by ‘extraordinary’ ordinary Australians: the people who supported this series (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

‘Fire in front of me and fire behind me’: all hope lost in the ‘green hell’ of Manus
(The Guardian) 10 December 2020

Revealed: 1500 people in limbo under Australia’s ‘bizarre and cruel’ refugee deterrence policy (The Guardian) 10 December 2020

The way refugees are used as political footballs by cardboard hardmen like Peter Dutton is shameful (The Advertiser $-paywall) 9 December 2020

Impact of Australia’s border closures laid bare
(SMH) 9 December 2020

‘Clean up your country’: China’s media attacks ‘ludicrous’ Australia
(Yahoo News Australia) 8 December 2020

Morrison’s outrage over tweet a tried and true tactic
(SMH) 7 December 2020

Labor needs to change policy on refugees
(Green Left) 7 December 2020

Medevac refugees: we face special punishment
(The Saturday Paper $-paywall) 5 December 2020

Outcry as another suburban motel is used to detain refugees
(The Age) 4 December 2020

Outcry as another suburban motel is used to detain refugees
(Brisbane Times) 4 December 2020

Lawyers claim win in detention ruling
(Riverine Herald) 3 December 2020

Immigration detention concerns deepen
(Mirage News) 3 December 2020

Voice of real Australia: when home ownership is beyond a dream
The Australian government resettled the family in Wagga as refugees three years ago.  (The Islander) 3 December 2020

High Court delivers win to asylum seekers in healthcare test case
(Brisbane Times) 2 December 2020

Refugees are settling into Australia well, but barriers to the professional job market remain (SBS) 2 December 2020

High court rejects Peter Dutton’s attempt to stop asylum seekers suing government
for neglect
(The Guardian) 2 December 2020


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