January 2020 media stories

‘Now we’ll be a leper colony’: Christmas Island, forever a troubled paradise
(The Age) 31 January 2020

Coronavirus ‘shock’: Biloela family knew nothing of Christmas Island evacuation plan (Guardian Australia) 30 January 2020

Biloela family is ‘very worried’ about coronavirus Christmas Island plan
(Crikey – paywall) 30 January 2020

UN ruling could be a game-changer for climate refugees and climate action
(SBS News) 30 January 2020

PNG’s Canberra-built Bomana immgration centre likened to WW2-era camps
(The Bog Smoke) 29 January 2020

Coronavirus: detained Tamils on Christmas Island plead for return to Australia
(The Australian – paywall) 29 January 2020

Home affairs department racked up $6.1m bill transferring refugees and asylum seekers (The Guardian Australia) 29 January 2020

Ex-director of controversial security company Paladin willing to tell all
(The Age) 27 January 2020

Inside Christmas Island: the Australian detention centre with four asylum seekers and a $26m price tag (Guardian Australia) 26 January 2020

Last asylum seekers held in Papua New Guinea detention centre released
(Guardian Australia) 24 January 2020

National security laws threaten freedom of government whistleblowers and journalists (Catholic Leader) 24 January 2020

Peter Dutton’s office was suspected of leaking ‘classified’ medevac information
(ABC News) 23 January 2020

Davos: World needs to prepare for ‘millions’ of climate refugees
(Aljazerra) 22 January 2020

House of Lords votes to reunite lone refugee children with families
(The London Economic) 21 January 2020

‘We owe Australia alot’: Refugee community donates $160,000 to bushfire relief, offers up tradies (SBS News) 21 January 2020

Landmark decision from UN Human Rights Committee paves way for climate refugees (ABC News) 21 January 2020

From toilet-cleaning refugee to orthopaedic surgeon, meet NSW’s Australian of the Year (The New daily) 21 January 2020

‘Australia ruined them’: Asylum seeker ‘torture’ at PNG’s Bomana
(Radio New Zealand) 17 January 2020

Seeking Asylum: A Christian Issue (UCA’s Insight Magazine) 15 January 2020

Dutton slammed for locking up a blind, mentally ill refugee for a decade (Mondaq News Alerts – legal firm) 15 January 2020

“Repealing the medevac law was a cruel political maneuver that makes it more difficult for refugees and asylum seekers with serious illnesses – victims of offshore processing operations – to get the care they need”
(Human Rights Watch World Report 2020) 15 January 2020

Leaked photos of Papua New Guinea prison reveal ‘torture’ of 18 asylum seekers cut off from world (The Guardian) 15 January 2020

Strict character test used to deport thousands from Australia doesn’t apply to refugees: Court (SBS) 15 January 2020

Strict character test used to deport thousands from Australia doesn’t apply to refugees, court rules (SBS News) 14 January 2020

Dutton and Pezzullo’s Asylum Seeker Bungle – November Update
(Pearls and Irritations) 14 January 2020

From one prison to another: Medevac detainees face uncertain future
(Mondaq News Alerts) 11 January 2020

A Blind Refugee With Schizophrenia Was In Detention For The Entire 2010s. He Just Won A Huge Court Case. (BuzzFeed News) 10 January 2019

Journalists punished in Australia for fleeing Saudi regime
(The Socialist) 10 January 2020

The Australian government continues the slow torture of refugees, in our name (Mondaq News Alerts) 8 January 2020

Refugee diaries: 10 years in immigration detention in Australia
(Aljazerra) 8 January 2020

The facts on boat arrivals that the media won’t face (A repost)
(Pearls and Irritations) 6 January 2020 [Originally published 8 March 2019]

Ocean 12 asylum-seeker cricket team embrace sport in Australia to ‘forget past life’ (ABC News) 4 January 2020

Illegal boat arrivals defining issue (The Australian-PW) 1 January 2020

As a refugee detained indefinitely by Australia, I wish you a happy new year
(Guardian Australia) 1 January 2020

Mr Morrison, please do not abandon innocent Aussie children in Syria.
(Repost from 1.11.2019)
(Pearls and Irritations) 1 January 2020

Reflections on the year for people seeking asylum
(Pearls and Irritations) 1 January 2020

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Nov 2019 media stories

More than 5,000 doctors urge Jacqui Lambie to ‘save medevac’ in open letter to Parliament (SBS) 28 November 2019.

Federal Court throws out government’s Nauru medevac appeal
(SBS News) 28 November 2019.

Catholic religious call for government to protect Medevac bill
(Catholic Leader) 27 November 201.

This is what it’s like to be a refugee transferred to Australia for medical treatment (SBS) 27 November 2019.

No written record of advice that led to Biloela family’s detention on Christmas Island (The Guardian) 27 November 2019.

‘There have been some very protracted delays’: Concerns aired about asylum applications (SBS) 26 November 2019.

Dozens of refugee medical transfers held up by Nauru’s controversial approval system (Guardian Australia) 25 November 2019

Wilson Security settles out of court with refugee who alleges Nauru guard raped her (Guardian Australia) 25 November 2019

Secret refugee settlement report reveals plans to better support migrants
(SBS News) 23 November 2019.

Pope Francis says ‘every nation’ should be fighting to protect rights of migrants and refugees (Newsweek) 22 November 2019.

Inside Australia’s refugee prison camp in PNG
(Green Left Weekly) 21 November, 2019.

A visit among the men of Manus
(Catholic Outlook) 19 November 2019.

‘See the devastation’: Craig Foster pleads for medevac to be preserved (Guardian Australia) 19 November 2019

Peter Dutton says Behrouz Boochani will never be let into Australia
(Junkee) 19 November 2019.

‘People will die’ – Behrouz Boochani’s grim warning to Bomana asylum seekers
(1NewsNow NZ) 18 November 2019.

Conditions in Australian-funded PNG immigration centre ‘worse than prison’
(SBS) 17 November 2019.

Manus Island freedom fighter: I want safety, and a simple life
(Stuff.co.nz) 17 November 2019.

Conditions in Australian-funded PNG immigration centre ‘worse than prison’, human rights groups say (SBS News) 16 November 2019

Newly-freed Behrouz Boochani slams Australian refugee policies
(Aljazeera) 16 November 2019.

This is what it’s like to be an LGBTIQ+ asylum seeker in Australia
(SBS) 16 November 2019.

Defend Medevac to save lives, say protesters
(Green Left Weekly) 15 November 2019.

Please, Jacqui Lambie, it’s down to you: let Medevac go on saving lives
(Sydney Morning Herald) 14 November 2019.

A long flight to freedom: how refugee Behrouz Boochani finally left his island jail behind (Guardian Australia) 14 November 2019.

New policy brief takes an in-depth look at protected entry for refugees
(Newsroom – UNSW) 14 November 2019.

Inside ScoMo’s billion-dollar visa privatisation
(michaelwest.com.au) 14 November 2019.

Behrouz Boochani, voice of Manus Island refugees, is free in New Zealand (Guardian Australia) 14 November 2019.

Papua New Guinea: detainees denied lawyers, family access
(Human Rights Watch) 13 November 2019.

‘Designed to torture’: asylum seeker chooses Iranian prison over PNG
detention centre
(The Guardian ) 11 November 2019.

Medevac supporters take to the streets.
(7NEWS) 9 November 2019.

Canada ‘like a dream’ for refugee who spent 6 years in Australia’s Manus Island camp. (CBC – Canada) 8 November 2019.

PNG visit affirms need for safe, secure pathways for refugees and people seeking asylum. (Catholic Outlook) 8 November 2019.

National Refugee rallies say “hands off Medevac”.
(Scoop NZ) 8 November 2019.

Canadian Aussies save refugees from PNG prison fate.
(Radio New Zealand) 8 November 2019.

Asylum seekers: Armidale residents to hold overnight vigil for Medevac.
(The Armidale Express) 7 November 2019.

Canada welcomes asylum seeker who spent 6 years in Australian detention centre. (CTV News – Canada) 6 November 2019.

Against Our Oath: disturbing doco depicting dark truths for refugee doctors opens in Tasmania. (P) (Hobart Mercury) 6 November 2019.

‘Someone has to do it’: Australians sponsor refugees into Canada
A unique program that allows individuals to privately sponsor refugees.
(9News-SMH) 3 November 2019.

Australia flew a refugee with a contaminated cavity from an island detention camp to Taiwan
The details lay bare the incredible and high priced lengths Australia has absent to in order to hold ill detainees absent from its shores.
(GoTechDaily – blog) 3 November 2019.

A hundred twenty five individuals were staffing an empty detention centre
This is what they all did.
(GoTechDaily – blog) 2 November 2019.

Another Labor Of Lies On ‘Plane Arrivals’ And Worker Exploitation
Even on its own terms, the ‘plane arrival’ rhetoric does not hang together.
(New Matilda) 1 November 2019.

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Oct 2019 media stories

The silent struggle of refugees in Indonesia
Registered asylum seekers pitch tents in Central Jakarta; most were previously housed but faced little option following declining support from the Australian government and the Indonesian Organization for Migration.
(Jakarta Post) 31 October 2019.

Queensland coroner orders Nauru refugee death inquest to resume for more evidence (SBS News) 30 October 2019

This mother still doesn’t know how her son died on Nauru, a year after she buried him (SBS News) 30 October 2019

WMA Statement on Medical Age Assessment of Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers (World Medical Association) October 2019

Manus Island has shut – but hundreds of asylum seekers say they’re now stranded (SBS News) 28 October 2019

How #SaveHakeem people power freed refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi ABC News) 28 October 2019

Hundreds of Commonwealth Games athletes and officials ‘have asylum claims rejected’ (SBS News) 29 October 2019

Australia’s immigration detention system is cruel and damaging by its very nature (Guardian Australia) 28 October 2019

Mining company gets $20m contract to maintain Christmas Island detention centre that is holding four people (Guardian Australia) 27 October 2019

Manus Island Refugees’ Lives Of Misery Revealed In New Documentary (10 Daily) 27 October 2019

Bangladeshi asylum seeker dies by suicide at a Lakemba mosque (SBS News) 26 October 2019

Self-harm rates on Nauru, Manus Island ‘exceptionally high’ (RNZ) 25 October 2019

Catholic preschools open doors to asylum seeker children (Catholic Weekly) 25 October 2019

Qantas stares down activists on asylum seeker transportation (SMH) 25 October 2019

Qantas Faces Questions on Asylum Seeker Transfers at AGM (Australianaviation.com.au) 25 October 2019

Medivac sham weakens border (The Australian) 23 October 2019

Australia ‘coercing’ Manus Island asylum seekers to go home (RNZ) 23 October 2019

Australia urged to pay compensation for unjustified use of force in immigration detention (Guardian Australia) 23 October 2019

Scott Morrison’s captain’s call inserts medevac critic Sarah Henderson as chair of human rights committee (ABC News) 23 October 2019

Medevac is about health not migration outcomes (Eureka Street) 23 October 2019

Women honoured at Qantas awards call out CEO Alan Joyce on refugees (7 News) 23 October 2019

Christmas Island detention centre cost $27 million to ‘detain four people’ (SBS News) 22 October 2019

The evidence is clear: the medevac law saves lives. But even this isn’t enough to alleviate refugee suffering (The Conversation) 22 October 2019

Fewer than one in 10 medivac refugees need hospital care (The Australian) 22 October 2019

Dutton lashes ‘back door’ asylum seeker laws allowing medical transfer and says Australians have been ‘conned’ (7 News) 22 October 2019

Bangladeshi asylum seeker dies by suicide at Lakemba mosque (SBS Bews) 22 October 2019

PNG officials making brazen demands for kickbacks from Manus operator (SMH) 21 October 2019

Up to 10 refugees remain in PNG despite Medevac approval (SBS News) 21 October 2019

More refugees in Australia than offshore (9News) 21 October 2019

Men approved for ‘medevac’ transfer detained in Port Moresby prison (SMH) 21 October 2019

From wrecking ball to kingmaker: why all eyes are on Jacqui Lambie (Guardian Australia) 20 October 2019

The challenges of gay asylum seekers (Malta Times) 20 October 2019

Bangladesh says thousands of Rohingya agree relocation to island (Aljazeera) 20 October 2019

Australian police arrest Iraqi man over 350 asylum-seeker deaths (DW) 19 October 2019

Migration policy enters uncharted waters (Inside Story) 18 October 2019

Meet the migrants speaking out about wage theft (The Feed – SBS) 18 October 2019

Manus Island refugee dies in Brisbane (RNZ) 18 October 2019

Lambie stays mute on medevac vote after Senate inquiry splits on party lines (The Conversation) 18 October 2019

Labor and the Coalition are arguing about asylum seekers coming by plane. Here are the facts (ABC Fact Check) 18 October 2019

Manus Island refugee doctor dies in Australia (Cora Courier) 18 October 2019

Mentally ill asylum seeker sent away from promised treatment on 5,400km Qantas round trip (Guardian Australia) 17 October 2019

Peter Dutton claims Australian veterans want refugee medevac laws scrapped (SBS News) 17 October 2019

Peter Dutton blocks asylum seeker’s ‘violent’ and ‘criminal’ dad from Australia as daughter seeks medical treatment (7 News) 16 October 2019

Tamil family remain in detention as Australia mulls UN request (Aljazeera) 16 October 2019

Kurdish refugee Behrouz Boochani warns of ‘genocide’ in northern Syria (SBS News) 16 October 2019

Qantas faces mounting pressure to cease assisting government in deporting asylum seekers (7 News) 16 October 2019

These asylum seekers want to give back by teaching others how to cook their food (SBS) 16 October 2019

Iranian refugee Behrouz Boochani may no longer be on Manus Island, but he is not yet free (The National) 15 October 2019

High self-harm rates among detained asylum seekers prompts calls for action (Phys Org) 15 October 2019

Last asylum seekers exiting Manus Island (9 News) 15 October 2019

Asylum seekers in detention 200 times more likely to commit self-harm than Australians, research finds (ABC News) 14 October 2019

Coalition digs in over refugee transfers (The New Daily) 14 October 2019

Asylum seekers have a right to higher education and academics can be powerful advocates (The Conversation) 14 October 2019

‘Lost ability to do basic maths’: Asylum seeker number bungle means ‘plane people’ not a record (SMH) 14 October 2019

There’s no airport border ‘crisis’, only management failure of the Home Affairs department (The Conversation) 14 October 2019

Peak medical authorities issue joint plea to save refugee medevac laws (SBS News) 13 October 2019

Jacqui Lambie rules out horse-trading her vote on bill to repeal medevac (Guardian Australia) 13 October 2019

Experts urge Senate to hold the line on refugee medical help (SMH) 13 October 2019

The invisible people (The Week) 12 October 2019

Australia-PNG need to find a solution for failed asylum seekers: UN (ASBS News) 11 October 2019

MANUS, the film, puts the spotlight on the government’s total absence of respect for the stranger (Newcastle Herald) 11 October 2019

Papers reveal bungles over refugee arrest (Northern Daily Leader) 11 October 2019

Do we really care about ‘plane people’? (Brisbane Times) 11 October 2019

New approach to refugee support is a ‘game changer’ – says UNHCR’s Gillian Triggs (UNHCR News) 10 October 2019

New refugee data centre can inform policies, solutions worldwide: Guterres (UN News) 10 October 2019

Asylum seekers approved for medevac transfers detained in Port Moresby (Guardian Australia) 10 October 2019

Manus Island detention centre to become a school (RNZ) 10 October 2019

UN human rights chief slams Australia for making asylum seekers ‘convenient scapegoats’ (SBS News) 9 October 2019

Asylum seeker processing wait time blows out to two years (SMH) 9 October 2019

Manus Island needs Australian restoration – journalist (RNZ) 9 October 2019

Coalition woos Jacqui Lambie to back migration character test crackdown (Guardian Australia) 9 October 2019

United Nations human rights commissioner criticises Australia’s asylum-seeker policies (ABC News) 9 October 2019

Australia on track for record number of asylum seekers arriving by plane, Labor says (Guardian Australia) 8 October 2019

European Court: Denying journalist access to asylum-seeker centre violated right to freedom of expression (the Spofia Globe) 8 October 2019

‘It’s time to act’: Oscar winner Cate Blanchett gives a passionate speech about refugees at a UNHCR committee meeting in Geneva (Daily Mail) 8 October 2019

‘We all feel the shame and guilt’: Aussie Canadians campaign to sponsor refugees detained Down Under (The Star) 7 October 2019

What the Safe Third Country Deals Mean for The Future of Asylum in the U.S. (YubaNet.com) 7 October 2019

Massive wage underpayments at major recycler a ‘national disgrace’ (SMH) 5 October 2019

Acclaimed human rights activist compares Australian incarceration in infamous detention centre to I, Daniel Blake (The London Economy) 4 October 2019

The Fate Of Refugee Families Is In America’s Hands (Cognoscenti) 4 October 2019

Jacqui Lambie should not horse trade on medevac repeal bill (The Conversation) 3 October 2019

Manus refugees in PNG hotel pressured to relocate (RNZ News) 3 October 2019

Public views on asylum and refugee policies similar across European countries (European University Institute) 2 October 2019

‘UN human rights chief must address Manus, Nauru during Australian visit,’ psychologist says (SBS Spanish) 2 October 2019

Australia must stop discriminating against refugees with disabilities (Mirage News) 2 October 2019

Smoke and Mirrors (Harvard Politics) 2 October 2019

UN urges Australia to release Tamil asylum seeker family from offshore detention (The Straits Times) 2 October 2019

Asylum seekers transferred from Manus Island to Port Moresby being ‘forced into poverty’ (SBS News) 2 October 2019

Manus men’s ‘dehumanising’ detention continues (RNZ News) 1 October 2019

Former teacher sues Nauru detention centre operator for ‘devastating’ black mould illness (Guardian Australia) 1 October 2019

Refugee movements in South East Asia decrease, but threats on their journey rise (UNHCR News) 1 October 2019

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July 2019 media stories

$5 million for a piece of paper: Major review of Home Affairs did not produce an actual report (The Age) 31 July 2019

Australia’s Practice of Boat Turnbacks (Asylum Insight) July 2019

A refugee pushed a boy under a train and reignited Germany’s race debate (SMH) 31 July 2019

Kindergarten language lessons provide a home for refugee preschoolers (Education HQ Australia) 31 July 2019

Migrants, refugees encouraged to ‘tell their stories’ to Aged Care Royal Commission (SBS News) 31 July 2019

Home affairs department failed to keep track of those claiming asylum at airports (Guardian Australia) 30 July 2019

Classified ‘medevac’ advice was sent to just a handful of senior officials before it was leaked (SMH) 30 July 2019

Rohingya refugees refusing to return to Myanmar (The Australian) 30 July 2019

Without School, a ‘Lost Generation’ of Rohingya Refugee Children Face Uncertain Future (Sight Magazine) 30 July 2019

Refugee and TPV rally outside Parliament House, Canberra – Canberra Times  – 29 July

Hundreds of refugees protest outside Australian Parliament – MSN News (AAP) – 30 July

The Government wants to Repeal Australia’s Only Humane Refugee Law (GQ Australia) 29 July 2019

Larger ethnic communities help new refugees find work, Stanford research shows (Stanford News Service) 29 July 2019

Unaccompanied asylum seeker children in Australia urgently need an Independent Guardian (UNSW Newsroom) 26 July 2019

One family’s horrific story shows why the medevac regime should stay (Guardian Australia) 25 July 2019

Australia, PNG Agree To Schedule Close Of Detention Camps On Manus Island (Hawaii Public Radio) 23 July 2019

Iraqi asylum seeker sews his lips together amid mounting despair at MITA, lawyer says (Brisbane Times) 23 July 2019

Mental health dominates refugee admissions (7 News) 23 July 2019

Mental health conditions behind most Nauru and Manus refugee medical admissions (Guardian Australia) 22 July 2019

PNG calls for end of offshore processing on Manus Island (SMH) 22 July 2019

Ardern’s refugee resettlement offer still stands (The Saturday Paper) 22 July 2019

Another chance looms to transfer refugees to New Zealand (SMH) 21 July 2019

Australians protest six years of offshore detention (SBS News) 20 July 2019

Australian protesters urge release of refugees detained on Manus Island, Nauru (SBS News) 20 July 2019

Refugee rallies mark six years offshore (Port Lincoln Times) 19/07/19

Senator Nick McKim has been deported from Papua New Guinea after trying to gain access to a detention centre (Blue Mountains Gazette) 19/070/19

Six years of my life lost on Manus Island: refugee writes on anniversary of ‘PNG solution’ (SMH) 19/07/19

‘As soon as possible’: PNG PM demands timeline for closing Manus centre (SBS News) 19/07/2019

Greens senator Nick McKim facing deportation from PNG after trying to visit Manus Island asylum seeker camp (ABC News) 18/07/19

Australia’s onshore refugees stuck in legal limbo (Yahoo News) 17/07/19

‘Our world has collapsed’: Asylum seeker’s family demands answers of Australia (SMH) 17/07/19

Refugees on Manus to receive Australian First Nations ‘passports’ from activists aboard sail boat (ABC News) 17/07/19

Fifteen-month-old girl held in immigration detention since birth hospitalised (Guardian Australia) 17/07/19

Living in the shadows: Asylum seekers wait years for protection claims (SMH) 16/07/19

Australia’s Orwellian anti-refugee system hints at what’s to come for climate refugees (Guardian Australia) 16/07/19

Asylum seeker tries to set himself on fire at Melbourne detention facility (SBS News) 16/07/19

Defence chief sounds warning on surge of climate change refugees (SBS News) 15/07/19

Justice is slow in the ‘fast’ asylum regime (Eureka Street) 15/07/19

Nauru refugees still waiting for medical care months after ‘urgent’ warnings about threat to life (Guardian Australia) 15/07/19

The buck stops with you, Peter Dutton, and these secrets aren’t yours to keep (SMH) 15/07/19

Police say death of 23-year-old Afghanistan man in Melbourne detention centre is not suspicious (ABC News) 13/07/19

Manus refugee says most of the remaining detainees don’t want to come to Australia (SBS News) 11 July 2019

Federal Treasury slams PR firm for human rights breach (AFR) 11 July 2019

United Nations to investigate potential human rights abuses in Australia (ABC News) 10/0719

Rohingya People In Australian Visa Red Tape Limbo (Aus Bulletin) 9 July 2019

Two-year-old Tamil girl back in detention and recovering after delayed treatment for head injury (SBS News) 6/07/19

Family say two-year-old detainee ‘recovering’, government denies she was hurt (The Age) 6/07/19

A young man grappled with survivor’s guilt for being resettled in the US from Manus Island (9News) 6/07/19

Judge says Australia putting relations with Nauru ahead of refugee’s medical transfer (SBS) 6/07/19

Dutton’s stance on citizenship laws (The Saturday Paper) 6/07/19

Court raises concerns Australia putting relations with Nauru before health of refugees (ABC News) 6/07/19

Judge accuses Australia of putting relationship with Nauru before the law (Guardian Australia) 6/07/19

Federal court judge pressures Peter Dutton to break Nauru medevac deadlock (SMH) 5/07/19

What it’s like for refugees trying to find work in regional Australia (ABC News) 5/07/19

Australia’s Forgotten Asylum Seekers (IPS) 4/07/19

Border Force says detention of refugees in Brisbane hotel ‘appropriate’ (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

National interest undermined by firms like Palladium, Julie Bishop’s new employer, aid groups say (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

Peter Dutton’s move to abolish medevac regime delayed by Senate inquiry (Guardian Australia) 4/07/19

Dutton ready to repeal asylum seeker medevac laws (SBS News) 3/07/17

Dozens more Manus Island refugees sent to the US, hundreds remain (RNZ) 3/07/19

Australia’s new independent MPs vow to keep pressure on the Morrison government (SBS News) 3/07/19

Manus security contract extension ‘recognises the professionalism of Paladin,’ company says (SBS News) 2/07/19

‘The boats are coming’ is one of the greatest lies told to the Australian people (Guardian Australia) 2/07/19

Julie Bishop joins Palladium board (AFR) 2/07/19

Paladin’s contract extension may be worth $100m (AFR) 1/07/19

Coalition accused of ‘cruelty for cruelty’s sake’ over medevac refugees (Guardian Australia) 1/07/19

Refugee advocates ramp up lobbying efforts (SBS) 1/07/19

Australian visas: What’s changing from 1st July 2019 (SBS) 1/07/19

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