August 2020 media stories

A law to deprive immigration detainees of their only contact: Australia’s shame
before the world
(The Sydney Morning Herald) 31 August 2020

Asylum seeker health care test cases reach High Court
(Mirage News) 31 August 2020

How the Bachelor’s racist post is a flashback to a nation on the edge
(Daily Mail) 30 August 2020

Australia: This is indefinite detention: Councillor Jonathan Sri on the
Kangaroo Point Standoff
  (Mondaq) 24 August 2020

Council calls on state to intervene over hotel detention of asylum seekers
(The Age) 21 August 2020

Peter Dutton’s border wake-up call
(Red Flag) 21 August 2020

Peter Dutton: the logic behind the evil
(Green Left Weekly) 21 August 2020

Leading organisations sign on to add support to new migrants to Australia
It works with all people who have been vulnerable, including refugees, asylum seekers and culturally divers communities to build capacity…
(Neos Kosmos) 20 August 2020

Protesters to march on Immigration Department over Kangaroo Point hotel asylum seekers (Courier Mail – paywall) 17 August 2020

Protesters march on Brisbane hotel where refugees and asylum seekers are
being detained
(ABC News) 16 August 2020

Asylum seeker protesters call for meeting with Scott Morrison outside
Kirribilli House
( 16 August 2020

Refugees taken to high-security facility commit to a hunger strike
(Independent Australia) 16 August 2020

Rethinking regional processing: the comprehensive plan of action for Indochinese refugees as a roadmap for international cooperation
(Asylum Insight) August 2020

From Manus Island to Melbourne: we do not even know what we are being punished for
(The Guardian) 8 August 2020

The Men Australia Detained in a Secretive Detention Camp
(The New York Times) August 7 2020

‘Political propaganda’: Behrouz Boochani slams Christmas Island detention centre reopening (SBS) August 7 2020

Queensland police hopeful refugee protest called off amid heightened concerns of coronavirus outbreak (ABC News) August 7 2020

Temporal variations in the distribution of self-harm episodes and methods across the Australian asylum seeker population: An observational study
(Plos Medicine) 6 August 2020

Refugee-led organizations: the ‘time is now’
(Refugee Law Initiative) 5 August 2020

Urgent Call for Volunteers as the COVID-19 pandemic forces asylum seekers, refugees, temporary visa holders into unemployment and crippling poverty
(The Catholic Weekly) 5 August 2020

Stitching together a community for all
(Pro Bono Australia) 5 August 2020

Refugee moved to high security area after raising COVID concerns, four now on hunger strike (The Big Smoke) 4 August 2020

Behrouz Boochani just wants to be free
(New York Times Australia) 4 August 2020

Claims that Behrouz Boochani jumped the queue are a reminder of the dangers of anti-refugee politics (The Conversation) 4 August 2020

Australian government to reopen Christmas Island detention centre during Covid-19 crisis (The Guardian) 4 August 2020

ICU doctor: ‘Bring Priya, Nades and family back to Bilo’
(Green Left Weekly) 4 August 2020

Kurdish refugee and musician Moz talks detention in Melbourne hotel during COVID-19
(NME) 3 August 2020

Boochani and Collins raise unsettling questions about refugees
(Stuff -NZ) 3 August 2020

Free but restless, Behrouz Boochani takes tentative first steps into new life
(The Guardian) 1 August 2020

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