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The Australian Refugee Action Network is a national alliance of refugee action and advocacy groups. ARAN campaigns for Australia to uphold its obligations under international human rights law for people seeking asylum.

You can help right now by taking action:
A new Federal Government
Current issues and Advocacy (July-August 2022)

Read the latest ARAN Update (July 2022).

Actions and Rallies
The dates, times and locations of actions
and rallies right across Australia.
These include actions such as
#9YearsTooLong (July- August 2022).
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room in heart and hone - 2015 get up vigil melbourne
Keep in touch with current campaigns for
refugee and asylum seeker rights and
Letter writing – July/August 2022
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Media Reports
Recent news reports and media releases:
May 2022 Media.

Events and Meetings
Also community awareness,
education events and
vigils across the country.
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Use ARAN’s extensive collection of
campaign and actions resources.
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Reports and Research
Find links to reports, submissions and
research including analysis.
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Photo Galleries
Images from campaigns
around Australia.
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ARAN members
Browse our list of member
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