February 2020 media stories

Australia’s offshore detention is unlawful, says international criminal court prosecutor (Guardian Australia) 15 February 2020

Government stalling on Howard refugee compo
(The Saturday Paper) 15 February 2020

Refugee scholarship winner calls for more ‘stories empowered by women’
(SBS News) 14 February 2020

Offshore detention conditions may constitute a breach of international law, but Australia won’t be prosecuted (SBS News) 14 February 2020

Nhill is $105m the richer for taking refugees (The Australian) 14 February 2020

Concerns about systemic cruelty and arbitrariness in Australia’s immigration detention system raised with two United Nations bodies ahead of their visits to Australia
(Refugee Council of Australia) 11 February 2020

At least 15 refugees drown after boat sinks off Bangladesh
(Yahoo News) 11 February 2020

‘Creeping normalisation of hate’: Labor calls for national anti-racism campaign
(SMH) 11 February 2020

Indonesians jailed as children in Australia take case to Federal Court
(ABC) 11 February 2020

Iranian-Kurdish metal musician among 80 refugees holed up in Brisbane hotel
(ABC News )  11 February 2020

Rohingya justice: Why the ICJ’s public rebuke of Myanmar matters
(Aljazeera) 8 February 2020

A refugee’s remarkable escape story from war to Australia
(SBS News) 8 February 2020; see People share the one item they brought from their homeland (SBS) 7 March 2018

Christmas Island and the rise of mandatory detention
(The Saturday Paper) 8 February 2020

‘We must do better’: Government plans overhaul of English language courses for refugees (SBS News) 7 February 2020

Aust to trial English classes for refugees (Canberra Times) 7 February 2020

Syrian camp removal needed as trials start (Nine News) 7 February 2020

Refugee Resettlement: ‘Tremendous Gap’ persists between Needs, and Spaces on offer (UN Victoria News) 6 February 2020

Peter Dutton’s trifecta of border protection failures
(Independent Australia) 6 February 2020

Go bush for jobs, humanitarian refugees told (The Australian) 6 February 2020

Reuniting refugee families (Sanctuary Australia Foundation) 5 February 2020

More resettlement needed as only 4.5 per cent of global resettlement needs met in 2019 (UNHCR) 5 February 2020

Keeping the Australian Government accountable: a guide (RCOA) 4 February 2020

2020’s ‘wind of madness’ indicates growing instability: UN chief
(UN News) 4 February 2020

Germany: Half of refugees find jobs within five years (DW News) 4 February 2020

Transforming refugee policies in Indonesia (The Asean Post) 2 February 2020