Video Clips for Mobile

Tips for making a good quality video clip using your mobile

  • Using your phone is fine – ideally not as a handheld though.
  • Choose somewhere lit by natural light if possible (e.g. sit facing large windows if your home has them, but preferably without direct sunlight on you – overcast skies provide more even lighting)
  • Think about the background; keep it simple if possible and if you have any appropriate visual props relevant to refugees feel free to use
  • The clarity of the sound will be better if you record in a smaller space without hard surfaces, ideally a carpeted space
  • Try to avoid background noise
  • It may be tempting to speak a bit too fast; here’s an example of a good delivery, courtesy of the BBC and Brian Cox on YouTube.
  • Post your clip on your own social media and email the link to us via the ARAN contact form.  We will post it on the Speaking Up for Refugees Facebook page.
  • If you have any queries contact us via the ARAN contact form.