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  • August 2021 media

    The Tampa affair, as it became known, was an incident at sea in 2001 which changed Australia’s policy toward asylum seekers. (Audio) (SBS) 31 August ‘Residual trauma’ of Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban will be ‘among highest levels’ Australia has resettled (The Guardian) 31 August Hieu Van Le uses final day as SA Governor to appeal…

  • July 2021 media

    Parents of murdered asylum seeker sue government, security contractor (Sydney Morning Herald) 25 July Vaccine xenophobia against immigrants and refugees must end (The Hill) 24 July Doubling Down on Deterrence (Just Security) 22 July For eight years, Australia has been taking refugees as hostages. It’s time to ask: who has benefited? (The Guardian) 21 July…

  • June 2021 media

    VIDEO: Asylum seekers rush to meet new interview deadline (ABC) 29 June After years in limbo, more than 1,000 asylum seekers are racing to meet a new deadline (ABC) 29 June The High Court’s surrender to the Morrison-Dutton immigration detention regime (John Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations) 28 June Refugees have fled to Australia seeking a…

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